The second day, the profile is found in the love for sorrow,

Simrishamnsfödde Bo Hagström is for the general audience of the best-known of the second day of the series ”Sun-eating”, which aired eight seasons, starting in

The second day, the profile is found in the love for sorrow,

Simrishamnsfödde Bo Hagström is for the general audience of the best-known of the second day of the series ”Sun-eating”, which aired eight seasons, starting in 2002.

it was to go to Bo Hagström, and the photographer Per-Anders Rudelius, culinary trips all over Italy. The idea came from a ledsnad on the ”food program where you are able to make a cook to stand and chop onions,” he said.

" Food is so much more to it, of experiences, of pleasure, of stories, of people's identity. Then, I came up with the idea of having their food, " said Bo Hagström.

in 2010, his then-wife, the journalist Mary Ståhlnacke away from cancer. At the same time, was the second day of the series is a thing of the past.

It was the start of several intense years of work. In addition to writing a number of books on Italian food, and health, and he began to travel and preach.

the Tv personality tells us that he was the life of the job, in order to cope with the loss of that life partner for more than 30 years, has passed away.

" When you put yourself in this situation, it is the only thing you can do is to look to the future and trying to find a new lease of life. I did this by working very, very, very much. It was a very intense year, " says Bo Hagström.
Found love again
stammisstället restaurant A in Malmö, sweden, he found love again-this time in the form of the artist, Ludmilla Hagstrom, 63, and they were married in the year 2012.

" I was, as usual, at the heart of the old stammisställe, and had a glass of wine. The girl next door, and we began to talk. Those are the words of the clicks, which the king said, say to the Bo Hagström.

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He tells me that he often gets stopped on the street, from the viewers, as a thank you for the program.

" It's really at the heart of it, I'll tell you. That even now, ten years after the final application, people will come up no matter where I am in the north of sweden or in Stockholm, sweden, " says Bo Hagström.

Bo Hagström, and his wife, Ludmilla share a love of Italy.Photo by: < / b> LUDVIG THUNMAN / LUDVIG THUNMAN EXPRESS

In his lectures on food and health, he was frequently asked about the program. In particular, it is an issue that constantly comes up, ”what happened to the donkey?”, according to Bo Hagström with a laugh.

It is a program that was filmed on the island of Ponza. An old man showed off his vegetable garden and his vineyard is on the top of a mountain.

He rode on a donkey that suddenly stumbles. Both the donkey and the old man fell to the ground. in each and every lecture have all been asking what happened to the donkey. It was a good trip for both of them, but it was a very special experience, " says Bo Hagström.

the Trips are sold out
in Addition to that, among other things, writing books, and lecturing, Bo Hagström, in the past ten years, been arranging trips to Italy.

My first trip was to Tuscany, in co-operation with the daily newspaper. They put out an ad, and three days later, I was told that it was fully booked, with up to 700 people on a waiting list, " said Bo Hagström.

Bo Hagström has also been the Italian consul in Malmö, sweden.Photo by: < / b> LUDVIG THUNMAN / LUDVIG THUNMAN EXPRESS
Also, the number of trips has been something of a success, " he says.

" In the beginning, I made two to three trips a year. I have five or six. They are jättepopulära. I make special trips with a focus on food and wine. I want people to be able to experience the real and authentic.

He lives in the Hököpinge, Vellinge, sweden, a municipality, together with his wife, Ludmilla, which he refers to as her ”soulmate”.

" She makes me happy. We work great together and have a lot of fun. She makes it easy to live in, " says Bo Hagström.

a Couple of thoughts that end up working are not on the map.

" a Little quieter, it is certainly that, but I would have a hard time to be a pensioner on a full time basis. I always have a lot of ideas for new projects. I can think of is to just sit down in a rocking chair and reading a newspaper, " says Bo Hagström.

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