The trailblazer Married and the battering judicial

it Is proverbial fame of ladino of the venetians, as well as her business acumen. Know tighten up to the limit without risking what is right for them, for "the

The trailblazer Married and the battering judicial

it Is proverbial fame of ladino of the venetians, as well as her business acumen. Know tighten up to the limit without risking what is right for them, for "the merchant that his treatment is not understood, close the shop". A few anecdotes so illustrative as the trailblazer Bartholomew Colleoni. He bequeathed his fortune to Venice in exchange for the Serenissima we were to erect a statue "in the square that opens up to San Marcos." Remisa to any hint of a cult of personality -the Doge only appeared of fennel on the coin, the authority of the doge agreed to by the bankruptcy of the State.

With shrewdness and cunning, the Republic managed to, without breaking the given word, not to mortgage or single out the Big Piazza in the that ruleth the patriarchal basilica of this dominant power until Constantinople fell to muslim hands in 1453. Skilled in protocols, not tempted by the clothes and commissioned the sculpture which, according to the deed, they lifted up their "on the square that opens up to San Marcos." Clear that not in front of the golden temple which was the ancient chapel of the Doge, as boasted by the trailblazer, but also of the school of the same name. There, in the field of San Zanipolo, is the only sculpture outside, which existed until 1866 in the fabled city of canals. "Noi siamo calculatori" (We are"calculators"), supported without sling a few venetians with the spirit mercantile always.

Mutatis mutandis, all notices that the chairman of the PP, Paul Married, you can acaecerle what the soldier of ventura Colleoni after he delivered the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to the majority who sponsored the motion of censure against Rajoy to change appoint their president, Manuel Marchena, who was called to preside over the trial of the coup of the 1-Or in Catalonia. With the occasion pintiparada to mark their own profile, a confident Married has loaded lead their wings. Without ballasts or mortgages, could be heading to a meeting with some voters orphans of the match after the erratic stage of Mariano Rajoy. To make the policy a survival exercise and give up to raise the ideological battle, the former president left the straight way to the populism of the left and the pro-independence rampant.

instead of dusting with energy the flag of the politicization of the Justice, Married has fallen sickle and coz in the trap of a cambalache court that makes him backtrack a little walked and returns you to the past. Nobody is going to put to negotiate to a former minister as Catalá that personifies the disastrous management of Rajoy in a matter as to the main root of Ruiz-Gallardón betraying his word and kill him symbolically to his father. From people's Alliance, his father fought a hard battle against the judicial reform of the PSOE who decreed the death of Montesquieu in 1985.

If it was a mistake the choice of Catalan -as well as what has been done to Ignacio Cosidó speaker of the Senate, having been a senior official of the Interior is compromised by the sewer police, there has been less support as a partner to a minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, that the PP had failed. Precisely what else, after uncover the phone-hacking on their collusion and complacency with the mafia police to the ignominy of applauding the network of information "vaginal" of its leader, the former commissioner Villarejo -"guaranteed Success", she exclaimed happily, to blackmail politicians and businessmen, in addition to supplying you with confidences criminal to a seasoned extortionist. Two politicians reprehensible could only light a CGPJ reprehensible.

not to renounce to the comforts that they did a PP worse, Married, has surprised friends and strangers by giving this false step that paves your understanding with those who can swallow it without saying even this mouth is mine. Please add to this his compromise with the election of judge Ricardo de Prada, the architect of the compromise political-judicial defenestró to an inadvertent Rajoy to question his testimony as a witness in a piece of the case Gürtel. Does anyone imagine that the PSOE had condescendido with the PP I would have applied for instructors, causes socialists of illegal funding as Filesa or of institutionalized corruption as the ERE, when the first, Marino Barbero, cost him his life, and the second, the judge Alaya, the health? Obviously, the PSOE has been planted. In contrast, to the outrage of his, the PP is consoled by saying that Prada no longer dictate sentences, when you have been authorized to access the cockpit of the Justice. With zero sense of timing, this dire maneuver deserves to join the Manual del perfecto idiota latinoamericano... and Spanish, of Pliny, Apuleius ' Mendoza, Carlos Alberto Montaner and Alvaro Vargas Llosa.

But is that, in addition, you must be very blind or have a access of blindness voluntary to pretend that Marchena, with a label of conservative as his friend Marlaska before becoming a socialist with Sanchez, is going to muster a majority in the orbit of the conjunction of socialists, podemitas and independence that catch the estoconazo to Rajoy and maquinará to ruin the process at 1-Or instructed by the judge Llarena. Dragging pitifully feet, the president Sanchez already does not speak of the crime of rebellion, when before it was something clear to the citizen Sanchez, while the tornadizo Miquel Iceta, advance of the slip socialist, is amended to himself, and no longer see even the crime of sedition, when before they doubted between the first and second.

Since the coup, singularly the ayatollah Junqueras, are not willing to apply for the pardon that the secretary-general of the PSC were anticipated, without waiting for the judgment, Iceta must walk quickly to devalue the process to a mere trial of faults. According to their condition of herald, the Government middle school in order to preserve the vested interests arranged to unseat Rajoy. To this end, Iceta has a cast of rondon as a member of the CGPJ to the magistrate of the social in Barcelona, Mar Sena, minister of Labour in the tripartite Catalan (PSC, ERC and ICV), which he chaired Montilla between 2006 and 2010.

For a lot of capacity and disposition that could have Marchena, freed from the judgment of the 1 -, Or, your paper may not go beyond the exercise of the queen mother in a CGPJ who has lost the character of a presidential led Lesmes in the reform of 2013 that was not a kind of Parliament, Judicial discipline, voting included. Will have to see if the organ of government of the judges does not become a field of Agramante where the gladiators of the policy to prolong the combat support arm party in Parliament. Too much for a Marchena with a CGPJ dominated by the left that you will need to renew two-thirds of the key positions of the courts.

As things are, and above the righteousness of their principles and conduct, hovering lto suspicion that the judges are subjected to the temptation of knowing that "the flexibility -as is said in the explanatory memorandum of a famous royal decree of the year 1893 - in the line of duty can serve their own merit to achieve advances in the career ( ... ), thus becoming a protector of the underdog in the ward of the influential character", in this case the political shift.

If the alleged excesses of corporatism court was the excuse for the politicization of the Justice by the PSOE in 1985, transforming the spirit of the Magna Carta with a willing Constitutional Court, to provide for the election of the CGPJ "between judges", but not by judges, we now have the decision of the Justice of the left and their next of independence.

The PSOE argued -and well recorded in their Program to 2,000 - that, despite having obtained an absolute majority in 1982, the right retained the pre-eminence of the judiciary, both by the composition sociological perception of the judiciary as the system of election of the General Council, being instrumentalized by judges and magistrates "as a spearhead against the Government and against the parliamentary majority, socialist". Subjected to the Justice of the empire of the political, Felipe González could ask, in case of trouble, his friend and president of the National court, Clement Auger: "What Is that to these judges, no one is going to tell you what to do?", question to the air that caught the cameras of Telecinco. As if there were three independent powers in democracy, was a reminder of what we said Alejandro Rodríguez de Valcárcel, president of the Cortes of franco, when it was examined on the characteristics of the democracy of organic: "In the Regime there are three functions and a single power: that of Franco".

Each time it exacerbates the illness and perverts Justice. If 10 years ago, by these dates, Zapatero announced, who was going to preside over (Carlos Dívar) the body in charge of defending the independence of the judges before the appointment, much has happened now with the proclamation of Marchena without getting to the completion of the electoral body. With this climate of opinion, inevitably, the decision of these directors togados and their appointments are examined in the light of the party you gave him your vote, sowing seeds of suspicion and moving to the distrust. This is so that the citizens come to think that even the signatories of the statements are terminals of parties that have invaded the third of the powers of the State. A socialist mp French -André Laignel - concluded: "You are wrong legally because his party is politically a minority".

however, assess the integrity of many judges who face a suffocating partitocracia that is intended to occupy all levers of power. In representation of them, it is praiseworthy to judge Llarena especially mistreated by two ministers, companions of the race, as the prosecutor Delgado and the judge Marlaska, disagreements of the persecution suffered by the independents. Connects with the Knight without the sword, from the movie of Capra. In addition to defending passionately democracy, Llarena evidenced at who the bully, knowing in his solitude of that "lost causes are the only ones that are worth fighting."

in Front of that state of things, it has become customary that the PP, rather than remedy, is limited to consolidate the changes on the left. Unlike the latter, forget the old principle of Gramsci that political success is always preceded by a victory of ideas. That is why your ignorance is to assume that everything is arranged to govern better than the left, but doing substantially the same thing. If Married, admits that the PP can recover without having to remove the foundations of the dominant culture, in the sin, take the penance.

For the moment, leaving shreds of credit in this hack of the judiciary, the leader of the PP, which is beating the copper and none in the electoral campaign of andalusia, be sure to have a symbolic sculpture in front of the headquarters of the Judiciary, like the thrown trailblazer that he bequeathed his heritage to Venice to dispose of statue "in the square that opens up to San Marcos." All to return to the old ways without having gone out of them.

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