California Supreme Court: 1st Latina justice is elected

Officials praised Patricia Guerrero, an appellate judge, for her historic appointment to the California Supreme Court's first Latina member.

California Supreme Court: 1st Latina justice is elected

Chief Justice Tani Cantil - Sakauye stated that "it made history for us, and the future of California." She said that it was a well-deserved and substantive appointment.

Cantil-Sakauy also noted that Guerrero's ascension reestablished the four-female majority of the seven-member court.

Guerrero, the daughter Mexican immigrants, offers a "different viewpoint than what has ever been offered on that court," stated Gov. Before administering the oath, Gavin Newsom met Guerrero.

Newsom stated that his appointment as Guerrero was "not just about the first, but it is also about the best."

Guerrero, 50, from San Diego, , who was raised in the agricultural Imperial Valley said briefly that she is the result of the "courage, sacrifices, and the struggles of both my parents and my grandparents."

She said, "They came here knowing it would be difficult for them." "But, like many others, they came to this country with hope -- the hope of a brighter tomorrow for their children and the pursuit of the American Dream.

Guerrero will fill the October vacancy created by the resignation of Associate Justice MarianoFlorentino Cuellar.


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