Deportation of Sami A.: City of Bochum submits a complaint against return of danger

In the case of the deported Sami a. The city of Bochum fights against the court order to retrieve the man. He is currently in Tunisia.

Deportation of Sami A.: City of Bochum submits a complaint against return of danger

In case of Sami A., which was deported to Tunisia, city of Bochum appealed against decision of Administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen to return man. The complaint went on this Wednesday to Upper administrative Court of Münster, as this one of m. The appeal did not yet contain a justification. For this, city of Bochum has time until 13th of August. The OVG Münster does not want to decide until it is present.

The last Friday morning, Tunisians who had been staying in Bochum had been deported to ir country of origin, although Administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen confirmed a deportation ban day before. The Court of Gelsenkirchen decided on late Friday afternoon that deportation was "grossly unlawful" and violated "fundamental principles of rule of law". It must refore be "reversed by Foreigners ' authority".

The court had sent decision of a deportation ban on Friday morning when charter machine with a. On board was already on its way to Tunisia. The judges had assumed that a deportation was not imminent because flight originally scheduled for July 12 had been cancelled.

Sami A. Signed up 2005 in Bochum

Sami A. Is presumed ex-bodyguard of long-time al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. It is classified as a danger in Germany. In years 1999 and 2000, he was supposed to have completed military training at an al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan and worked at times for bin Laden. However, this information is not secured. Sami A. denies both accusations. 2007, federal prosecutor's Office presented a lawsuit against him for suspicion of membership of a terrorist group.

Already 1997 A. came to Germany to study, 2005 he registered in Bochum. He also lived re with his family. His wife and four children have dual citizenship and are both German and Tunisian nationals.

Seehofer did not know details of case

For days, case and question of who is responsible for potentially illegal deportation of Tunesiers are discussed. The federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) was also under pressure because question arose as to how far he was informed about proceedings.

Seehofer said on Wednesday in Berlin that he had not taken any influence on deportation of Tunesiers. The case is important to him "politically": "I have never taken an influence on an authority." At same time, federal interior minister made it clear that it supported position of North Rhine-Westphalian provincial government in this case. In his view, " country has ruled according to law and law". However, due to current procedure he does not want to comment on details of operation. He also spoke to no one of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees personally, "who was involved when and how."

Furr, Seehofer said that on Wednesday 11 July he had a note on desk that a deportation of Tunesiers for following day had been cancelled. "Then I was informed after starting airplane." That deportation was planned for 13th, was perhaps known in his ministry, said Seehofer. "Anyway, I wasn't aware of it."

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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