Discrimination: What do you see as a world without racism?

No one finds racism well, but the world is full of racism. How would a daily life be with less violence and better jokes? Write to us.

Discrimination: What do you see as a world without racism?

Racism ranks our thinking and living toger. With series "Everyday racism" we want to find out why this is what this means for society and how this could be changed. Discuss with.

What would your life be like without racism?

Would it be anor? What would you do first, what would you experience – or not experience?

This thought experiment is inspired by MeToo debate, in which thousands of women around world answered question of a Twitteruserin: "Ladies, what would you do if all men had curfew from 9 o'clock?" A woman wrote that she would jog in park alone at night, anor she would not guard her drink so severely at club.

What if?

And if re was no racism? Perhaps she would talk to strangers about her interests in Smalltalk, instead of her family history. You could easily travel with German passports without being awakened in proximity by federal Police and being asked for your identity card. You might have to share a quad seat on bus with or people, because no one would avoid m anymore. Maybe you would wear a headscarf, have anor partner or a different job. Perhaps your surroundings would look different, your street and your children's daycare.

Tell us.

You can describe your thoughts in form or in comments section. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to leserartikel-community@zeit.de. We would like to publish selected testimonials anonymously.

Only answers to above questions will be published in this comment section. Please use comment areas under corresponding or texts on time online to discuss related topics.

Date Of Update: 14 June 2018, 12:02

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