Elections in Turkey: Almost every second Turk in Germany voted

Participation in the Turkish elections in Germany varies greatly from region to country. In Essen, the majority of people gave their vote.

Elections in Turkey: Almost every second Turk in Germany voted

In Germany, Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections were attended by almost every second Turk who was eligible to vote. According to Turkish Electoral Commission, stake was 49.7 percent. As a result, quota is slightly higher than in Turkish constitutional referendum last year. At that time, 48.8 percent of voters registered here had cast ir vote. The polling venues set up for ongoing vote in Germany closed on Tuesday evening. In Turkey will be voted on this Sunday.

The turnout among Turks in Germany is likely to increase slightly, as foreign Turks can still vote at border crossing points and airports of Turkey until election day.

In Germany it was possible to choose between 7th and 19th June. Exactly 717,992 of 1,443,585 registered voters in Germany gave ir vote during this period. 660,183 elected in polling places that had established 13 Turkish consulates in Germany. 57,809 voted on border crossing points and airports.

In catchment area of consulate in Essen, voter turnout was highest: 67.4 percent of voters registered re made use of ir voting rights. In second place was Cologne (56.3), followed by Düsseldorf (55.7), Stuttgart (55.3), Hamburg (51.8), Mainz (50.4), Munich (48.5), Frankfurt (47.5), Nuremberg (44.9), Hannover (44.8), Karlsruhe (44.6), Berlin (44.2) and Münster (29.1).

In total, 60 countries outside Turkey were able to vote. Worldwide, voter turnout until end of election abroad on Tuesday was 48.8 percent, slightly higher than in referendum (47.9 percent). With a narrow result, voices of well over three million foreign Turks could be decisive. The ballots are counted in Turkey, results are only announced toger with those on spot.

Date Of Update: 20 June 2018, 12:02

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