Ex-professional cyclist: Jan Ullrich in psychiatry

After an interrogation, the Frankfurt police will be forced to deliver Ullrich. His 34; mental and physical state 34; have left no choice.

Ex-professional cyclist: Jan Ullrich in psychiatry

The former professional cyclist Jan Ullrich was forced into a psychiatric institution on Friday evening. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for police in Frankfurt am Main. Because of "mental and physical condition" of 44-year-old, re was no or choice, she said. How long Ullrich stays in clinic is unclear.

Jan Ullrich was temporarily detained on Friday in Frankfurt/main because he is supposed to have attacked and injured a prostitute in a hotel. Against him is determined for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury, as police and prosecutor's office. Ullrich should have been in dispute with woman and n attacked and choked. According to prosecutor's office, he was under "significant alcohol and drug influence" for Tatzeit. Ullrich's law firm has not yet taken a position on incident.

Ullrich denied statement

The former professional cyclist, because of his condition, could not be heard at first, police spokeswoman reported. After he had improved, he made use of his privilege practitioners right. The 31-year-old prostitute, however, made extensive information on attacks in her interrogation.

Since conditions for a detention at Jan Ullrich were not available, he was supposed to leave bureau on Friday. However, according to spokeswoman, incident was not described in detail, so that officials had no choice but to be forced into a psychiatric hospital because of physical condition. He was brought to clinic with an ambulance.

Ulrich had won Tour de France 1997 as only German cyclist to date, 2000 he became Olympic champion in Sydney. Later he faced doping accusations and was expelled from Tour de France in 2006. 2007 he finished his career.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2018, 12:00

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