On Wednesday, Sen. Manchin will meet Judge Ketanji brown Jackson.

Manchin told NBC News that she has a "very credible track record" and has not seen any red flags.

On Wednesday, Sen. Manchin will meet Judge Ketanji brown Jackson.

WASHINGTON -- Senator Joe Manchin said to NBC News that he will meet Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Jackson on Wednesday.

In an interview, the West Virginia Democrat stated that she has a very credible track record. He also said that while his team is still vetting him, he has not seen anything of concern. "So, we hope it goes smoothly."


Manchin is a centrist, who sometimes strays from his party. He holds a pivotal voting vote in the Senate. It is 50-50 split between the two parties. The top priority of Democratic leaders is to keep the caucus united to confirm President Joe Biden’s first nominee for the high court.
Jackson, who is currently a judge at the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., said that he has not yet seen any alarming signs that Jackson might be out of the mainstream. Circuit.

Manchin voted for her confirmation to this powerful court. She received 53 votes, three of which were from Republicans. On Tuesday, Susan Collins, a senator from Maine, met Jackson.

Manchin stated that he will talk to Jackson Wednesday, and then watch the vetting process take place before making a decision. The hearing of her Judiciary Committee is and will begin on March 21. To confirm a Supreme Court justice, it takes a simple majority.


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