Sweden: D He biggest fires we won't be able to extinguish

50 fires counts Sweden at the moment. The Chief of civil Protection says that it is the most difficult situation in which the rescue service has ever been found.

Sweden:  D He biggest fires we won't be able to extinguish

Sweden's rescue forces are alarmed: In meantime, more than 50 fires have spread in country, and y are no longer lagging behind in ir work. The Chief of civil Protection, Dan Eliasson, said: "We will not be able to extinguish biggest fires. Here, rescue service is working on minimizing spread and waiting for wear to strike. " However, this could take several weeks. It is probably most difficult situation in which Swedish rescue service has ever been found. Such large and complex fires are not prepared for human and technical reasons.

Several European countries now support Swedish forces: with fire-fighting aircraft from Italy and France as well as Norwegian helicopters, y are trying to get fires under control. In meantime, according to TV channel SVT, Sweden has also asked for help in Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Norway.

Head of government Stefan Löfven spoke of a "still very serious situation". "We have an extreme situation," he said. If forest fires were over, it would strengn Sweden's civil protection. The country must prepare itself better for extreme wear.

The conservative opposition party Christian Democrats criticized that Sweden had 70 percent of forest, but did not have its own extinguishing aircraft. Löfven said it was not important who owned aircraft, but that Sweden could use it in an emergency. "Let us lead this discussion later, we will thoroughly evaluate it. Now my focus is on erasing se fires here and now. "

Many people have to leave homes

The worst fire blaze is currently a few hundred kilometres north of Stockholm in central Sweden. More villages are to be evacuated here on Friday. Already on Thursday many people had to leave ir homes.

The village of Kårböle about 380 kilometers north of Stockholm was included on Thursday on three sides of flames. Within a few hours, burning area had doubled, as a rescue service spokesman of newspaper Aftonbladet said. The fire can spread rapidly in places because it is very dry.

Forest fires extend to Lapland

The consequences of heat of last few weeks have also become threatening for Sweden's farmers. The Farmers ' Association has already turned to people and asked for help: "We ask Swedes to buy Swedish products," says a spokesman of association.

Since beginning of May, Sweden has enjoyed almost no rain, drought mainly affects provinces of Dalarna, Jämtland and Gävleborg in norrn and central Sweden. Denmark, sourn Norway and norrn Finland also suffer from unusual drought. Forest fires even erupted in Swedish part of Lapland at Arctic Circle.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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