Car industry: 157 gigabyte data released by Volkswagen, Toyota and Tesla

More than 47,000 partially sensitive company files had temporarily appeared publicly on the internet. Various car companies such as Ford, Fiat and VW are affected.

Car industry: 157 gigabyte data released by Volkswagen, Toyota and Tesla

ZehntausendeDokumente with sensitive data from large car manufacturers have been temporarily accessible on Internet. The 157Gigabyte comprehensive leak was discovered this month by a security researcher and has affected various companies such as Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler and Tesla, reports The New York Times.

The data were technical information zuProduktionsabläufen, but also sensitive trade secrets. Contracts, work plans and confidentiality obligations were freely accessible on Internet. Overall, it was about nearly 47,000 files of more than 100Unternehmen, all of which had to do with small Canadian company level one robotics AndControls.

According to report in New York Times, it is unclear wher unauthorized persons have downloaded information that auchpersönliche data, such as scanned driver's licenses and passports from employees, Gesehenoder.

The researcher who discovered data on a back-up server had informed companies last week. Seidas material was removed from network.

Level one and affected car builders did not want to comment on New York Times or left questions unanswered.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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