Instagram: Hey, how are you??? Say Quick!!!

On Instagram, you can't even watch other people's lives in peace: Now you can see who's online. Why don't they let you be unsocial and stare dumb?

Instagram: Hey, how are you??? Say Quick!!!

DasLeben could be so beautiful. It could be, interrupted only by gelegentlichenunvermeidbaren acts such as food intake and body cleansing, actually good to spend quiet and please undisturbed sit re and indie world to stare. In many places it is quite pretty, you notice in holiday season just once again, if this sogenannteWirklichkeit times can be temporarily hidden, on beach or on peaks.

Sofantastisch sees world all year round on Instagram, modernenPostkartenautomaten that is in phone: everything beautiful re, beautiful people, beautiful places, nice plate dishes, nicely decorated still thanks to voreingestelltenFotofilter. Someone's always on vacation. Or leads an existence that looks permanent afterwards. One scrolls through life of or, is totally enthusiastic undmanchmal only briefly envious that it does not always look so chic in a self. No vacation and your own view does not go out to Pacific, but backyard. But orwise, well, go on, must, yes, everything is okay.

Now worst possible idea

Companies like Instagram would not always come up with new ideas. Instead of making a product like your own app easy to find what it is – perfect, definitive –, it is being screwed up all time, here's what it weggeschmirgelt. The employees of such a company must always have something to Tunhaben. They may not just sit still and ask undisturbed in IhrenBüros in Menlo Park (where by way it is very ugly) and look at healing RSB Instagram.

After task of chronological sorting dergeposteten images, invention of Insta-stories (which is actually bloßeine copy of Snapchat) and addition of quasi-TV channel IGTVsind The Instagram people now come to worst possible idea: Appzeigt now in chat area who is currently online. Nicely with a toxic green dot on profile picture.

As well as on Facebook or WhatsApp long ago, you can hardly hide even on Instagram now. With undisturbed peeping around is esvorbei. The last quiet corner, which still existed on smartphone, can be yelled at once, everyone can simply chat with one without warning on Instagram: "Hey, how are you??? Say Quick!!! "

Just don't talk to me

No, Einemgar doesn't want to go, neir good nor bad. And for chatting you really have no time, it just waits on Facebook and WhatsApp already a bunch of or people answer, which one does not have or does not want to have.

Warumzur hell do all se social media platforms just assume that you want to be permanently responsive, want to talk, find a connection? Why Lassendie not be unsocial and dumb-eyed? Is it not even in existential solitude of photo-gazing?

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Undist Instagram not exactly app that most closely appeals to tensioner in all of us? One would like to remain unobserved to observe ors: 500besten follower-friends, who Sonnenuntergängeposten around clock from all parts of whole of because, until one as a viewer from eyes of blood runs out of eye, tears glands long ago Have cried empty; All influencers who are eineKörperposition to find a break even after millennial selfie, in which y have not already photographed mselves (and so that products for which y advertise are still gutim image); The user, who is always somewhat cramped and socially phobic, who is unknowingly following, and who at some point have chosen Instagram to Ablageortfür strange photo series of infinitely many variations of cloud formations, oldtimers, Lift-selfies.

Want to talk to influencer at all?

Paper you'd rar not talk to m. And y certainly don't have a self. We want to look at Instagram all just staring at each or. Undliken. Much like.

But Instagram is obviously not enough. It is not enough for people to watch photos and videos or to post m mselves, y should also talk about ir time on app fritter away. And it's best not to get out of it.

Selbstverständlichkann You can also turn off green point of presence when you find "Activity status" item in Instagram settings. If Manso is unrecognizable when you last opened app, you will not see allerdingsauch in all people you follow. If you hide, werdenzur punishment is hidden from you. Bit asocial, this social network. Almost like you do.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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