Pension: The great fear of pensions

Even today, every second pension is under 800 euros. Will the majority soon be threatened by old age poverty? For many, this will also depend on the partner's income.

Pension: The great fear of pensions
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    At end of a month, Ingrid Gruber wonders more often how long she actually manages to do so in DieserStadt. She lives in Munich in district of Schwabing, for more than 40 years already. Because your landlord has not increased rent for years, it pays just under 700 euros warm. "Only", one has to say here by now. Dochdamit is almost your entire pension already at beginning of month. "With next increase in rent I probably have to move," says 75-year-old. "But where? It's janirgends cheaper here. What am I supposed to do somewhere else? I wouldn't have any friends over my head. " In a total of 40 years she has "made office" in a small company, which is what y called at time. Today one would say: She was Officemanagerin and assistant to management. The reward for this is 950 EuroRente.

    Ingrid Gruber is thus one of Gutgestellten retired women. Neverless, she is considered a person who lives at poverty threshold. The depending on calculation is between 950 and 1,050 euro. Consult does not perceive it to be right arm, but Mrs Gruber really cannot afford much. Not in this big prize metropolis. That is ashamed of her, so she does not want to have a proper name in this text. After all, she worked her life long, even when she was married. Perhaps she should not have divorced, n she would at least have a widow's pension now. But it is futile to think about it, finds it.

    According to current figures, it could go to many people in Germany as Mrs Gruber: almost jedezweite statutory pension is currently at only 800 euro, Jüngstdas Federal Ministry of Law. And in future, pension level will continue to fall, so it will not be any better. Such numbers frighten many. Two out of three federal citizens say in surveys of institute Allensbach, Siehätten fear of age poverty. In large cities, mini-pensions could soon become a huge problem, left-wing politicians are reminding. But does it really have to be feared that every second, from 67nicht, to get more out of rounds and slide into poverty?

    Women are often poorer pensioners

    The average number of pensions paid is currently 1,050 euros – so it is about as high as poverty threshold. However, as always, in such average calculations a few Gutverdiener value for alone height.  In addition, gender differences are great: while men receive an average of 1,171 euros, women are only 685 euros, i.e. almost 60 percent of m.

    Currently, re are two Drittelaller of low-income women. Because Oftarbeiten women are less long than ir partners, so y have kürzereBeitragszeiten and also mostly lower incomes. It EineStudie by Martin Brussig, professor at University of Duisburg-Essen UndLeiter The research department at Institute for Work and qualification. Thus, it is not surprising that women's pensions are so often under DerArmutsschwelle if y "only" pay 30 or 35 years in GesetzlicheRentenkasse. Future generations would have to stop Kontinuierlicherarbeiten, one could argue.

    But frightening thing is, according to Belegtdie study, that even with 40, 45 or more years of contributions, Dievielen pensioners do not manage to zuüberspringen poverty threshold with ir pensions. The median of ir pensions is even below jenenrund 1,000 euros, which are considered a threshold. Men create this in DerRegel already at 35 deposit years. From 40 years of work, you will be sure to get your pensions across border. That is why almost half of all women have low pensions. In men, it's only six percent.

    How much money comes toger for budget?

    Now, of course, not every woman or man with a small pension is equally poor. Because many live with partners who ebenfallsRenten. There are also income from occupational pensions, privatenVersicherungen or utilities. or saved. So you have to look at DasHaushaltseinkommen, only that gives information about actual living conditions. The crucial question is: How VieleNiedrigrentner may live toger with income partners? DASERFASST no statistics, but re are clues.

    Martin Brussig has a hint: by balancing pension after a divorce, risk of a low pension in women is significantly reduced. That means: Many married women with low pension rights had earned EinenEhemann by ir side (or at least until divorce), deroer well deserved, says Brussig. Just under a third of divorced women, Esaktuell creates a low-pension by means of marriages. The, however, still works in future, is questionable in view of NeuerUnterhaltsgesetze.

    Date Of Update: 24 July 2018, 12:02

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