Dustin Johnson insists he will continue to support the PGA Tour

The proposed Saudi-financed rival league for golf took a huge hit Sunday. Dustin Johnson stated that he was "fully committed” to the PGA Tour and Bryson deChambeau said he would remain where the stars were playing.

Dustin Johnson insists he will continue to support the PGA Tour

Johnson joined a growing number of top golfers who said that they don't want to be guaranteed rich from the "Super Golf League", Greg Norman and LIV Golf Investments.

Rory McIlroy was the first to voice his disapproval of a rival league's guaranteed riches two-years ago. He said that Sunday's development had left the concept "dead"

"Who's left? McIlroy stated, "Who's left?" "I can't see why anyone would go," McIlroy said.

Johnson, a two time major champion who has spent more times at No. Johnson, a two-time major champion who has spent more time at No. 1 than any other player in the world -- he is now at No. 6 -- He had been keeping his intentions a secret for the past few months, which led to speculation that he would be joining.

"I believe it is time to end all speculation. He stated that he was fully committed to the PGA Tour. "I am thankful for the chance to play on the greatest tour in the world, and for all it has given me and my family.

Johnson, like other players, said that there are areas in which the PGA Tour could "improve and develop."

DeChambeau posted an statement to Twitter hours later. This seemed to calm his enthusiasm.

DeChambeau stated, "While there has been a lot speculation surrounding my support of another tour, I want it to be very clear that as long the best players in world golf are playing the PGA Tour,"

Johnson stated that no one among the top 10 world players has expressed interest in joining the league. DeChambeau, at No. 12 or marquee names such as Brooks Koepka or Jordan Spieth.

McIlroy stated, "It's nice that we can all sit down now and say, ‘Look, we are all on the same page here. McIlroy said, "Are there areas the tour could improve upon and they are working on them?" Yes, it's true, but the same applies to any business or any sport league anywhere in the world.

McIlroy and Koepka are the world No. McIlroy, Koepka, and world No.1 were the first to reject a tour rival at the COVID-19 pandemic's onset two years ago. They doubled their support at the Genesis Invitational where there was much talk about the proposed league moving closer to 20 players.

It has been gaining momentum over the past two weeks due to Phil Mickelson. He is believed to be the leading player in a new league, but has made comments which make it unclear what six-time major champion is actually pursuing.

Mickelson, a former member of the PGA Tour, accused the PGA Tour "obnoxious greed" during a interview with Golf Digest. He was there for a seven-figure appearance.

Alan Shipnuck published a portion of Mickelson's biography based on a November telephone interview. In which Mickelson called Saudis "scary", and referred to PGA Tour as a dictatorship,

Mickelson stated that three players paid lawyers to draft the operating agreement for a new league. He said he didn’t care if the new league was successful, so long as it gave players greater leverage when dealing with the PGA Tour.

McIlroy stated that McIlroy was certain McIlroy is at home rethinking his position, and where he wants to go from here.

Agents who saw the proposal have mentioned some details, including a schedule with as many as 10 events in America, and the new league that targets courses owned by former President Donald Trump.

British media reported that DeChambeau was offered $130million to join. DeChambeau responded to this claim on social media, saying only it was "wrong". Ian Poulter was offered $30MM.

Johnson was asked by the Saudi International, where Johnson was the defending champion of the event, if he had been offered something similar.

Johnson laughed and said, "No, not like," indicating that it was much greater.

Viktor Hovland stated earlier this week that he wanted to play on the PGA Tour. All that would change is if the top players from around the world were invited to the new league.

Norway's 24-year-old is No. The world's No. 4 ranked athlete didn't see it happening at the moment.

Hovland stated that it seemed like a lot of players were supporting the PGA Tour. "That's going to be a tough task for other leagues if some of the best players don’t want to go," Hovland added.

Xander Schauffele is the world's No. The No. 7 player in the world, Xander Schauffele, agreed with this thinking during a Saturday interview. He said that he wanted to be on the best tour possible, and compete against the best players around the world.

Although he was at the Saudi International which is not part the proposed league, he was not inclined sign up for Norman's group.

Schauffele stated that he hopes that the threat of a new league will lead to the PGA Tour improving their product and possibly making concessions on items such as media rights.

He said, "At the end the day all I want to do is be part of the greatest product possible."

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