Hall of Fame NFL GM on Aaron Rodgers, Packers rift:'A lot of divas playing in the league right now'

Ron Wolf says he considers fans come to matches to encourage their group, not a single player

Hall of Fame NFL GM on Aaron Rodgers, Packers rift:'A lot of divas playing in the league right now'

Former Green Bay Packers general manager and Hall of Famer Ron Wolf is shocked by how far the team has changed since he had been in it, calling those players that try and display command outside of their ranks"divas."

Wolf, 82, talked to"The Big Show Radio Network" on Monday to talk about the recent controversy surrounding his former company and veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who reportedly wants out.

"There's been a massive change and it started using Russell Wilson subsequently went to [Deshaun] Watson and now we obtained Rodgers," Wolf said. "It seems that today's quarterbacks wish to be more than quarterbacks. They're hired to play with the position . That is what they're being compensated for, and that's what they're being paid to perform. These guys, they wish to pick the coach, pick the players. It is an interesting dilemma."

Recent reports state the critical moment for Rodgers was general manager Brian Gutekunst released recipient Jake Kumerow after the 2019 season shortly after the veteran quarterback shared his praise for its wideout.

Now it's been reported that Rodgers is going to be eager to sit out offseason activities or even retire if Gutekunst stays as GM.

"All three of these men have signed long-term contracts and they're under contract," Wolf stated. "So I'm sure at that time there wasn't any holding a gun to their head saying you must sign but now they are unhappy. They're unhappy with the team they signed a contract "

He continued:"We have a lot of divas playing in the league at this time. I fail to understand that all these guys have long-term deals. I can not feel the game has changed that remarkably."

When asked about high-profile players in any game who attempt to leverage their standing, Wolf explained:"I never believed that anyone comes to a soccer game to watch a single participant. They come to a pro football game to root for their team."

Wolf served as GM for the Packers from 1991 to 2000 and is credited with turning the franchise around. He famously traded for Brett Favre at 1992 and oversaw a Super Bowl victory in 1997. The Packers' record was 92-52 beneath Wolf.

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