NFL cornerback Richard Sherman pleads guilty and avoids additional jail time

Sherman was taken into custody in July by police after he tried to enter his suburban Seattle home and crashed his SUV in a zone of construction.

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman pleads guilty and avoids additional jail time

SEATTLE -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cornerback Richard Sherman pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors stemming out of a drunken driving incident and domestic disturbance last summer. This was part of an agreement that will spare him from further jail time.

Sherman was taken into custody July 14 by police after he crashed his SUV through a construction zone, and attempted to enter his in-laws' suburban Seattle house. Raymond Moss, his father-in law, said that Sherman armed himself with a gun and used pepper spray to harm Sherman.


The burglary attempt was caught on the surveillance camera of the house, which was released later by the court.

Sherman, who stated that he was deeply sorry for the arrest, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges in King County Superior Court Monday, first-degree negligent driver and second-degree criminal. Sherman also admitted to speeding in a construction zone, a criminal offense.

Sherman said that Sherman was grateful for the support and community he has and how people accept him even though he is flawed and made mistakes.

Sherman, who was a former star of the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco 49ers, will be responsible for paying $825 in legal fees and $500 for speeding in construction zones. He will also be subject to court supervision for two-years. Sherman will have to pay a restitution amount for the damage done to his parents' house and the state transportation department.

Sherman was given credit by the judge for the two days that he was held in custody at the time of his first arrest. The sentence had 88 days left. Sherman will not be required to serve additional time behind bars if the court gives him the chance to avoid trouble.

The King County prosecutor's Office stated in an email that the resolution was consistent with similar cases.

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