SF Giants activate Brandon Belt and cut reliever to prepare for roster expansion

Brandon Belt, the first baseman of the SF Giants, was activated on Sunday in Atlanta from the bereavement roster

SF Giants activate Brandon Belt and cut reliever to prepare for roster expansion

On Sunday, two key players in the Giants' 2021 success returned to the active roster. Right-hander Anthony DeSclafani will start the series finale against Braves while Brandon Belt will be first baseman.

DeSclafani was unable to continue his start at Oracle Park on Wednesday, August 18, after only 1 1/3 innings due to right ankle inflammation. He spent the week on the 10-day injury list. Sammy Long, a rookie left-hander, filled in for DeSclafani in the 8-0 Giants victory over the Mets on Tuesday. Long will continue to be active for San Francisco because the club designated Tyler Chatwood as an assignment Sunday to clear DeSclafani's roster spot.

Chatwood pitched in only two games for the Giants. He took the loss against the Mets in extra innings. DeSclafani was forced to leave early and then threw two shutout innings in that matchup. Long started in the spot.

Chatwood was cut by the Giants, leaving them with 39 players on their roster. However, Donovan Solano will be added back to the Giants roster once he is eligible to return to the COVID-19 injured roster. Solano was fully vaccinated at the time he contracted COVID-19 and was placed on the injured roster on Thursday. He will need to miss at most 10 days before he can be allowed to return to the team.

Belt was put on the bereavement waiting list on Thursday to allow him to return to Texas to attend the funeral services of his maternal grandmother Margaret Peterson. Belt scored two home runs Tuesday after learning of his grandmother's death. He also dedicated the rest of the 2021 season entirely to her.

The Giants traded infielder Thairo Esterada to Triple A Sacramento to make room for Belt. The Giants are now shorthanded at the shortstop position, as Kris Bryant and Wilmer Flores are the primary backups for Brandon Crawford.

Bryant will be out of the lineup for the second day in a row due to right side tightness. However, Gabe Kapler stated that he may be available from the bench. Kapler stated that Austin Slater, the Giants' outfielder, would be the first choice if they need an extra infielder for an emergency.

The Giants are three days away now from September 1st, when the rosters increase from 26 to 28 players. While the club almost certainly will keep an additional bullpen arm for the final month, the Giants may also be able to add another position player to their lineup.

Evan Longoria, third baseman, is the obvious candidate for one of the additional roster spots. He'll be eligible for a return from the 10-day injury list before Thursday's series finale against Milwaukee Brewers. Longoria was injured in August 18 when a Mets reliever Edwin Diaz fastball clipped his right index finger. This caused swelling which eventually forced Longoria onto the injured list.

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