U.K.'s Tom Daley won the Olympic diving gold medal, adding to his Oscar award

Tom Daley's husband has an impressive prize already displayed at their home. Daley now has the opportunity to add an Olympic gold medal.

U.K.'s Tom Daley won the Olympic diving gold medal, adding to his Oscar award

Daley and Matty Lee of Britain narrowly won the 10-meter synchronized diving on Monday at the Tokyo Olympics, upsetting favored China and keeping the diving powerhouse from any chance of a golden sweep.

Daley and Lee combined for 471.81 points in final. They edged the Chinese duo Cao Yuan & Chen Aisen by 1.23 point. With 470.58, Chen and Cao settled for silver.

Dustin Lance Black, Daley's American husband, won an Oscar for screenwriting in 2008 for his movie "Milk." Black keeps it downstairs in the bathroom, which leads people to mistakenly think it is a toilet brush.

Daley stated, "I don’t know why he does this." "He claims it's because he doesn’t want it to have more power than it requires."

The couple married in 2017 and had their first child, a son, the following year. Black shared his win with social media.

Daley stated, "The fact that my son could watch me become an Olympic Champion, even though it was on TV, is such great feeling."

He credits his "massive turning point in my career" to marriage and fatherhood.

Daley stated, "I know that regardless of how I do in the pool, I can return home to a husband or son who love me." "Knowing that unconditional love is my strength, I can ease the pressure on myself. It is possible to enjoy it.

Daley, long the face of British diving was awarded his first gold medal at his fourth Olympics as a partner with Lee. This is his first Games. Five years ago, Daley won bronze in 10-meter synchro in Rio de Janeiro with a different partner and bronze in individual 10-meter at the London Games in 2012.

Daley stated, "I have dreamt of this medal since I began diving 20 years ago."

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