How Amazon Echo, HomePod and Google Home? Duel speakers smart

The main speakers smart have already arrived in Spain: first Google Home, then the HomePod and this week, the Amazon Echo The duel between virtual assistant

How Amazon Echo, HomePod and Google Home? Duel speakers smart

The main speakers smart have already arrived in Spain: first Google Home, then the HomePod and this week, the Amazon Echo

The duel between virtual assistants, Alexa with Amazon, Siri on the Apple and the Wizard of Google is served

The war for the market of the speakers smart has begun in Spain and is expected to become the regalosestrella during the Christmas holidays and Black Friday. The landing of Google Home a few months ago, you have been added to the range Echo from Amazon and the HomePod Apple, thus completing the triplet that from years ago, struggle for the leadership of this sector in the north american market, where they carry years of operation.

The speakers smart have managed to settle in the north american market in a short period of time. In 2015, the year that they debuted in the market, to 800,000 homes already had one of these devices. Two years later, in 207, the number grew to 15.3 million households in the united States.

A good indicator about the expectations of growth of Amazon, Google and Apple with these terminals for the home market is the sales-to-voice. A market that currently moves 2,000 million dollars and is expected to reach 40,000 million in the year 2022.

Regardless of manufacturer, all of these terminals have a similar performance. All the speakers come with several built-in microphones capturing ambient sound and, to be able to interact with them, it is necessary to call your attention with a voice command: Ok Google in the case Google Home; Hey Siri, in case of the HomePod and Alexa, in the case of Amazon.

once activated with the voice command, all of them may be asked to carry out tasks of different nature: they read the newspapers, to inform us of sports scores, that they respond to our questions by consulting Google or Wikipedia, put to music, read recipes, and, in most cases, operate electronic devices domotizados, or have a plug smart.

being a new product and given the large amount of similarities in all of them, below we show a comparison of the pros and cons of each of the brands.

HomePod and Syria favor of the HomePodEs the more power you have and the best reproduced músicaSi you have an iPhone, it will be understood perfectly with their serviciosSu design is less 'technological', and combines mejorApple do not want your data to spy on you or sell you nadaEn against the HomePodEs very caroSi using Android, only serves as a bluetooth speaker normal and corrienteSiri is quite clumsy at times and does not recognize different users by their vozPrecio and disponibilidadEl HomePod Apple costs no more and no less than 349 euros and is available in white and black in any official store of Apple and in their online store.Family Echo and AlexaA favor of the EchoAlexa is the service that best speech and the most natural resultaHay variety of devices: smaller, more powerful, with screen, with options of home automation...Prices for all the bolsillosUtiliza an app that works on both iPhone and Android Many own services and those of third parties to read news, look up recipes, to notify the time, order food to your home...against the EchoAlgunos models leave much to be desired in quality of sonidoNo ends to recognize each person of the casaSolo the more expensive model (Echo Plus) has integrated controls domóticaPrecio and disponibilidadEcho Dot for 59,99 euros in AmazonEcho for 99,99 euros in AmazonEcho Plus for 149,99 euros in AmazonEcho Spot for 129,99 euros in AmazonGoogle Home and Google Wizard fdsfdsfdsfds In favor of Google HomeEl Wizard of Google is in all the mobile AndroidBuena compatibility with third-party services, like Spotify for the músicaMuchas options to manage thermostats and other devices domóticaEl that best recognizes each user by their vozEn against Google Home Do you Want to give more data to Google about your day-to-day?If you have an iPhone, doesn't work as well as deberíaLa Mini-version is almost a toy, need more potenciaPrecio and disponibilidadEl Google Home Mini it costs 59 euros, while the Google Home is worth 149 euros. They are available in stores, large supermarkets and also in the Google Store online

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 26 November 2018, 20:00