DoItRightGiftCards on PUBG: Why Is It So Popular?

DoItRightGiftCards on PUBG: Why Is It So Popular?

Battle Royale is one of the newest game genres on the scene. However, it managed to overtake the popularity trone from the multiplayer online battle arena and first-person shooter video games. Over the last couple of years, game developers released dozens of battle royale titles. However, gamers picked up only a couple of them.

One of those games is PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, famous by its acronym PUBG. What does PIBG have that other battle royale titled don’t? Why does it attract millions of players worldwide? If you want to find the answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Here is why PUBG is so popular, according to DoItRightGiftCards.

The Previous Experience

In the gaming industry, it is really rare to see brand new developers succeeding at making a hit title. PUBG comes from savvy developers and creative artists. Did you know that the creative director of PUBG is Brendan Greene? As DoItRightGiftCards finds out, he used to work on the Battle Royale mode for Arma II and III. He also spent some time on H1Z1.

His resume got him into the BlueHole team, tasked to help create PUBG from the ground up. The final product is so much more than a first-person shooter. It is realistic, packs a lot of action and adrenaline, and invites quick thinking. Thanks to the experienced team, PUBG broke out of battle royale and FPS boundaries to put some real pressure onto players.

Tactics and Resource Management

When it appeared for the first time, PUBG attracted many new players because it offered a unique blend. It had elements of FPS, battle royale, resource management, and horror. It managed to put players into a position to think, take action, strategize, or go all in. Whether you enjoy the role of a cat or a mouse, PUBG delivers it to you.

As the game closes to an end, players need to think even faster to ensure their survival. The thrill of making it to the end is great.

Co-op PVP is Really Engaging

There are three modes players can choose from before queuing for a PUBG match - solo, duo, and squad. Giving players more options to choose from is always a good option. According to DoItRightGiftCards, duo and squad game modes are extremely fun and helped PUBG reach millions of players worldwide. What is it all about?

Players can queue up with 1 and up to 3 of their friends to enter the PUBG survival field.  To outsmart the other players, those playing in co-op have to communicate constantly. They can even revive downed teammates as well, which makes the game even more engaging.

It’s Highly Competitive

PUBG attracts some of the top FPS players, making the game highly competitive. Making it as a final survivor is extremely hard and can happen only once in a while, even to the best of the best. For DoItRightGiftCards, PUBG is as competitive as it gets. It adds a very specific flavor to the game. Players are used to being winners all the time.

PUBG puts them in a scene that depicts the possible real-world survival. You never know what hides around the next corner or lies behind the bush. Knowing how to shoot well won’t get you far unless you become a master tactician and learn where to anticipate the enemies.

Fast Games and Queue Times

One of the main problems popular games face is scaling. As soon as there are millions of players playing the game, it starts crashing and lagging. It’s not something uncommon in the world of gaming. At least that’s how DoItRightGiftCards sees it. Not to mention the queue times, which can go from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. PUBG outmaneuvers these common battle royale pitfalls.

The wait times are minimal even in the evening when millions of players logged into the game. There are no latency issues with the game, making it more convenient for players from all over to join the shootout.

Final Thoughts

PUBG entered its 9th season, and it’s still very popular, especially among battle royale fans. Meanwhile, the game was released for mobile platforms to deliver even more convenience to its player base. Finally, DoItRightGiftCards finds streamers responsible for PUBG popularity as well.

There are always several popular streamers playing PUBG with tens of thousands of viewers on their channels. At this point, it is safe to assume that PUBG will remain one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.

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