How to download and install a betting application on your smartphone or tablet?

How to download and install a betting application on your smartphone or tablet?

We are lucky to live in a world where we can do all kinds of things using our handheld devices. Some of us use them for work, whereas others utilize their gaming capabilities.

One of the hobbies that are getting really popular lately is mobile betting. Thanks to the different applications and mobile websites, we can play using our smartphones and tablets and enjoy our favorite sports and casino games. 

However, downloading and installing an app on some handheld devices could be a problem, especially for people who’ve never done it before. Hence, we’ve decided to show you how to do that.

Downloading an app for Android

Android is the most used mobile OS in the last couple of years. Almost every major smartphone manufacturer uses Android because it is an open-source OS.

Even though Android has many benefits, when it comes down to mobile betting applications, things are a little bit different. Due to Google’s strict rules, only a handful of betting websites have an app on Google Play.

Most of them have decided to create apk files, which players can download and install on their devices. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because this process consists of a few steps.

First, you need to download the apk file, which is usually easy because the given operator will provide you with a download link. Once you’re ready, you have to go to your device’s settings and allow it to install apps from unknown sources. The next step is to go back to the place where you’ve downloaded the apk file and begin the installation process.

When you’re ready, open the app and either create an account or use your login details.

Mobile betting apps for iOS

In addition to Android, there are also millions of iOS users out there. If you are one of the people who use an iPhone or an iPad and want to download the 22bet app, all you need to do is visit the App Store. It will allow you to enjoy everything from the palm of your hands.

Unlike Google, Apple allows most gambling operators to upload their apps to the App Store. Hence, bettors have to use their Apple ID, open the App Store, and find the specific app that they want to download.

Usually, this process will take just a few seconds, but the installation could take longer, depending on your iPhone/iPad.

Other mobile OS

Despite the fact that almost everyone uses Android and iOS, some people don’t like either of them. Unfortunately, if you are one of the punters who prefer to use something else, you probably won’t find a stand-alone betting application for that platform.

If you still want to have an “app-like” experience, you can open the given gambling operator’s mobile website version and create something called a web app. This is a shortcut that will be automatically added to your home screen, and it will allow you to have one-click access to the specific website.