How to Grab Your Followers’ Attention With Instagram Stories

If you’re looking for a way to boost brand awareness on Instagram and drive new followers to your page, it’s time to get on board with Instagram stories

How to Grab Your Followers’ Attention With Instagram Stories

If you’re looking for a way to boost brand awareness on Instagram and drive new followers to your page, it’s time to get on board with Instagram stories. Your business’s ads can easily get lost in a sea of increasing competition, especially if you’re a startup or local small business trying to get on your feet.

Instagram provides a powerful and versatile platform for businesses to increase their brand awareness, but there are some things to consider before you start posting your stories. Here’s how to grab your followers’ attention with Instagram stories.

Short and Sweet

An Instagram story ad is usually about fifteen seconds long. This is just long enough to capture the viewers’ attention, but not so long that they disengage. Fifteen seconds might not seem like a lot, but with video content, you can pack a lot in just fifteen seconds. Sometimes, you won’t even need that much time to get your point across.

Your ad will run for about 24 hours, so you’ve got ample time to appeal to a new audience. However, if your content isn’t engaging, is too information-rich, or is downright boring, you won’t convince anyone to follow your page.

Always Include a Call to Action

If your video content doesn’t include a CTA, you’re missing the point. With a short attention span, the customer isn’t going to stay engaged for long. Within that window of focused attention, you want to give them the opportunity to follow your page, share your products, or even better, purchase something from you.

Your video content can start or end with a CTA, or even have one somewhere in the middle, but you must include it.

Even if you buy Instagram followers who are already looking at your type of content, you can’t ride on that alone. A customer needs to feel compelled to follow your page or buy your products, and they don’t want to have to go searching for the link to do so.

Don’t Information Dump

Great storytelling begins and ends with detail, but including too much detail can be nothing less than an information dump. You can bet that viewers will grow bored with your content if you’re just dumping facts about your products or statistics about your industry. The content should be just informational enough and entertaining enough to inform and engage the viewer.

Companies in the CBD space have a particularly difficult uphill climb when it comes to appealing to new customers, as the misinformation in the industry is abundant. However, by using short, sweet Instagram stories, CBD companies are engaging people who may never have considered using their products. That’s the power of Instagram stories at work!

So whether you’re selling the best CBD oil on the market, the greatest burger this side of the Mississippi, or a clothing line that’s going to shake up the fashion world, you must utilize your Instagram stories correctly for maximum exposure.

Don’t Forget Your Logo

Your logo is essentially the face of your brand. Without it, you’re just another brand with another name in a sea of brands and names. It can be difficult to remember the name of a company without a visual representation, and that’s where the logo comes in. Logos should always be simple but representative of the brand and they should definitely be included in your IG stories.

Let’s say a potential customer comes across your IG story ad, but you haven’t included a logo. They log off of Instagram, and a few days later, they’re trying to remember your brand and product, but there’s no visual representation of the brand to recall. You’ve just lost a customer from a simple but rectifiable mistake.

Truthfully, your logo should be included in any kind of video marketing. You can use it as a watermark in the corner of your videos, or simply include it at the end of every video, but it needs to be present.

Keep it Short

You’ve only got about fifteen seconds to get your message across, but most experts say that you have only six to capture the viewer’s attention. Within those six seconds, you should establish a message. From there, the viewer will decide whether to watch the rest or not.

That being said, don’t take up all fifteen seconds for the sake of filling time. You can get enough information across in under ten seconds to compel potential customers to follow your page or try your products. It’s all about how you go about appealing to the audience.


If you’re using IG for marketing, IGA stories are an essential component of your overall strategy. Keep them short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t forget your logo or a call to action, and be sure not to info-dump on the viewers. Good luck!

Updated Date: 20 March 2020, 09:34

John Thunberbold

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