Antonio David Flores will go to the end to be restored from his parallel judgment

There are flowers that have spines. A Rocío Carrasco has just nailed one. But 'Sálvame' and the producer of him, the factory of the TV, have begun to blee

Antonio David Flores will go to the end to be restored from his parallel judgment

There are flowers that have spines. A Rocío Carrasco has just nailed one. But 'Sálvame' and the producer of him, the factory of the TV, have begun to bleed. In accordance with the judgment of the Social Court number 42 of Madrid on September 20 to which the world has had exclusively (published yesterday, by our Companion Rebeca Yanke), Antonio David has already gotten them, At the moment, a goal. "The dismissal of the worker is null by violation of his fundamental right to honor, condemning the defendant [the Tele factory] to the fertilizer of the salaries left to perceive until the date on which the temporary contract had finished -32,361 Euros-, [...] as well as the additional compensation for the damage caused by the violation of its right to honor in the amount of 50,000 euros ". The judge slopes the fact that the presumption of innocence does not appear by (almost) any side.

Yesterday, in the radio program 'is the morning of Federico', the Malaga entered live to show his pride: "It is the first blow. From here are many more. I will never forgive them. Scandalized with the money they have in their current accounts based on making money and blood. " In fact, Antonio David refers to the program not as "telebases", but as "telesangre". As expected, his daughter dew did not take long to react through a story on his Instagram: "Congratulations boss. Those who have lived with you all this know how important this news is for you. Obviously, it is also a victory for his lawyers, Ivan Hernández and Isabel Cruz.

If the former civil guard refers to the creative, we must not forget that since I met Rocío Carrasco Mohedano in 1995, both have worked with exclusive and independent in press, as well as with the assistance to a multitude of Saraos. Even after its separation and annulment of marriage by the Tribunal of La Rota, the crossing of poisoned darts between them increased in a few zeros their own bank accounts. Even Rocío Flores has been benefiting thanks to the case. Some Social Networking Experts ensure that this could be pampers between 3,000 and 4,000 euros per post, also due in large part to the participation of it in survivors, which made it increase the followers of it from almost 20,000 to the 783,000 that she has in The present

At the moment, we are attending the first minutes of the first part of a multimedia match that is being played in the hallways of the courts. The ball is in terrain from Antonio David, "the impusing Father," as it calls him flowers in the DocuSerie Rocío, telling the truth to continue alive, although the opposite team has the right to resort the judgment of Judge BTH, in which The forensic analysis was reflected on how the fulminating dismissal of the former jury dewbero dew is reflected.

Specifically, it is referred to the Save Me program issued last Monday, March 22, just as the next day of the broadcast of the two chapters of the overexposure of Roci-milestone (Maruja Torres Dixit) in which Carlota Slidera notified the audience that Antonio David was no longer part of the great family of television afternoons. As a collaborator he was about to sit in his chair, as he had been confirmed on Friday, but an hour before the direct, he became uncovered as a result of the confession of the former woman from him. He had already been popularly sentenced. You have to keep in mind that in December 2020 the contract of Him was extended until June of this year.

This strategy is not understood since the content of the DocuSerie was known because it was recorded in an industrial ship for four weeks after the summer of 2020. It was the best kept secret of Mediaset. To protect it, the dome of the Tele and Mediaset factory referred to production as "The Olivia Project". LOC has tried to talk to some of the Members of Sálvame, as a sliding Carlota, who at the time of the call was recording an advertisement for the chain: "I can not talk to the press if I do not have authorization from the TV factory," he admits She calmly.

Antonio David was judged and sentenced at the popular level. "Baler", many (known and not known) said. A word highly sensitive for everything that implies. In fact, in the sentence, the judge emphasizes that "the GEMA collaborator says that what seems a risk is to point to Antonio David with the word abuse because there is no sentence." In this regard, the journalist serves Loc while she is engulfed in the works of her house: "What I think I already told him live during all the months that the documentary lasted. I gave my opinion free."

Alonso Caparrós also appointed in the statement of more than 20 pages. When Loc calls him he is on vacation on the beach. After drying, he sends a whatsapp to whom he writes these lines: "I think his legal battle has acquired dimensions that cover many other people and areas. And with respect to Rocío, the only big question is: Why precisely she does not the demand?". For Jesús Manuel, a collaborator also of the Tele factory, in addition to a degree in Law and Psychology, affirms that the sentence is "a slap to two hands of Justice to Irene Montero, Adriana Lastra and Pedro Sánchez", in clear reference to What published on his official Twitter the Minister of Equality: "The testimony of Rocío Carrasco is that of a victim of gender violence" followed by Hashtag #Rocioyositecreo. For the part of it, the Vice-secretary General of the PSOE was publicly manifested as follows: "Rocío Carrasco is a brave woman, a survivor".

As Jesus Manuel repeats, "The judicial truth is well above the testimonial. The sentence was totally foreseeable because it came out of the channels of the rule".

To say that Antonio David is a mistreaker is out of place because at the time he could not judge because he had not made a casual. The first victory in this drama of Lorchian dyes is an appetizer to everything that will come since it has been a sentence in the field of work. For now, the Tele factory has to pay Antonio David all the arrears, which will undoubtedly shake the finances of him because, in tenor of what he has affirmed in recent months, he is below zero. Another matter will be the civil and criminal issue.

At the moment, on May 23, 2022, Rocío and Fidel will find themselves in the Courts of Alcobendas with Antonio David and Rocío Flores because the daughter of the interpreter of how I love you sued his ex-husband for violating his intimacy and honor because of An exclusive one that granted five years ago. In this interview, Flores accused the former woman from him from not being a progenitor of his children in common, not having invited them to the act of presentation of a seal dedicated to the grandmother of these, jury dew. All this, although, in statements to Vanity Fair magazine, Carrasco announced that he had invited his entire family: "It's a very important and very beautiful day. Of course I have told everyone and I imagine that they will come" . In response to the allegations of the EX of it for this exclusive, she has claimed the amount of 120,000 euros as moral damage. Definitely, love was broken.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2021, 19:26

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