Carvajal undo the knot of Madrid in El Villamarín

Carlo Ancelotti appeals in the previous maturity of a professional dressing room, but, coinciding or not, Madrid added his second victory of the season after ca

Carvajal undo the knot of Madrid in El Villamarín

Carlo Ancelotti appeals in the previous maturity of a professional dressing room, but, coinciding or not, Madrid added his second victory of the season after causing the worst minutes of these first three dates. Only one goal of Carvajal defined the scale in the always difficult square of Benito Villamarín.

In the stand was Florentino Pérez, mobile at times in hand, surely thinking messages with Paris destination. Repeat the economic experts that the signing of MBappé would strengthen several levels the exterior image of Real Madrid regardless of too much short-term sporting results. Not at the level of the Galactic or Christian Ronaldo, but above the step that the Madridista group currently pisses. A star for a decade and a golden ball on the feet. But while the negotiation remains frozen and the economic potential can only imagine, the football reality is that the painting of Ancelotti has added seven points in three games, all away from home in a month with more shadows than lights. The team shone in Vitoria, survived before the Levante more at least and yesterday was somewhat insubstantial for many minutes in Seville. Win, yes, but do not convince.

Vinicius appeared for the first time at eleven starting thanks to the electricity downloads he offered in the previous two weeks. The Brazilian is pure spark, an open-field hurricane that becomes loose wind when it has few spaces. The first part of him, and with it that of Madrid, was summed up in that. He galloped in the first moments to leave a dead ball in the area that Benzema did not know how to take advantage of 0-1 and evaporated with the passage of the minutes, like his team. Militao could score with a volley after a rejection, but he failed and Madrid began his slowdown.

In the first half, the Ancelotti's painting suffered and completed his worst minutes of the championship. Slow with ball and ballast by the excessive seconds to think that I needed Casemiro and the touches of more than Isco, circumstances that no longer have a place in modern football. Without Kroos or Modric the attack was a desert without water, and with Alaba de Central, and not lateral, the team lost organization, rapidly at the exit of the ball and promised too many plays. Only the ripped of Vinicius and Fede Valverde managed to break lines, so German and Croatian showed himself again indispensable despite watching the game on television.

In those circumstances, Betis grew guided by channel and fekir wands. The Spanish was made master and Lord of the rest of minutes before the intermediate and ruled the center of the field before a broken and messy team. Carvajal saw the seams of the lack of parties, Miguel Gutiérrez had a hard duel with Ruibal and Bale was lost on the right, waiting to make that diagonal towards a shot that never arrived.

After the break, Madrid rose several meters the lines of pressure and possession and felt more comfortable in a rival field, without the need to start played so far. And occasions appeared. He created danger near the Betis goal with several centers by Miguel and Bale and found the goal against a counter. The young Canterano saved two against one before the front verdiblacos and began a transition that ended with the ball on Benzema's feet. The Frenchman waited for the arrival of his colleagues, saw Carvajal on the second stick and put a ball measured so that the side was redeemed from his irregular first time and scored crossed against Silva.

The goal caused Madrid to stepped back the meters that had advanced after the intermediate, allowing several dangerous approaches of Betis but throwing against it. Ancelotti insisted again with Asensio in Media Department and Mallorcan could sentence, but the shot of him, in a career and with the interior, left touching the stick. Nor did he hit the Hazard, who was twenty minutes on the lawn. The absence of that second goal made whites suffer, even more after Miguel's muscle injury, the best of the meeting, who forced Carvajal to play on the left and complete the whole meeting. That tactical disorder starred a thicker end than desired. A hillhole in which Madrid came out unscathed thanks to Courtois.

Date Of Update: 28 August 2021, 18:25

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