Esther Doña: the ñoño tale of the bride of Pedraz with the Marquis of messages uploaded tone

"To you, my love, for making me the light of your life." With this dedication, Judge Pedraz's girlfriend, Esther Doña (43), also widow of the Marqués de Gr

Esther Doña: the ñoño tale of the bride of Pedraz with the Marquis of messages uploaded tone

"To you, my love, for making me the light of your life." With this dedication, Judge Pedraz's girlfriend, Esther Doña (43), also widow of the Marqués de Griñón, begins the book he dedicates him, worth the redundancy, to her husband, the life of a great man through my Eyes (planet). On the nearly 300 pages of her, she reveals and displease the ins and out of her love story, which she began, like that of two crazy adolescents in love, via whatsapp.

The couple met at a dinner organized by Dona's cousin. According to account, he remained at once. "With a dress of Zara fell in love, can you believe it?" Remember the model about what I used to say Falcó. Apparently, the clothes were one of the points that paid attention and, according to the Esther itself, he "boasted had been the one who chose the outfits of one of his wives, particularly famous for his elegance at the time To wear". Would Isabel preysler be? Or maybe Jeannine Girod?

Until the transformation of Esther Doña to Marquesa occurred, there were many previous steps. Specifically, many previous messages. The model has decided to publish whatsapp's messages that exchanged for weeks and that they did from it that she will fall in love with him. In fact, the first time they were said "I love you" was through the mobile.

The messages are all the carics. From flattering: "Esther, I just woke up and I've seen your profile picture. Uau! You remind me of Madame Butterfly. Precisely, the previous weekend I went with my son Duarte to Paris to see the work. After, we dined with the soprano . He sings wonderfully. I do not know how you sing, but you're much prettier. " Until, let's say, picantones: "Go Cuerpazo you have in profile photography, I do not know if I'll sleep. Do you mean 'desad me'? Because it gets it." Doña recognizes that this special one did not sit well, but the Marquis deployed all the weapons of him and, even, wrote a poem. "Oh, Bella Vestal Malagueña! And slowly travel your arms, thin and elegantly turning from Madone Andaluza, or your hair of Musa with my fingers ...". And, so, a virtual Shakespeare blow, Carlos Falcó conquered Esther Doña.

The model admits that the age difference was something that thrown him back. There were forty years of difference between them. "Daughter, you're not going to be her woman, you're going to be her nurse," she came to say her mother, but she gave her the same. She was fascinated by a man who had lived so much and that she had such impressive friendships. Of course, if the daughter of Aristotle Onassis was in love with your boyfriend, the history of the rest of suitors you can have is quite average ...

It also fell surrendered to the details I had with her, like that of that time she went to pick her up to take her to Malaga and start her life together in Madrid. "It was a memorable trip. Carlos traveled with his son Duarte, who had decided to spend those first days of the year with his father, and the three of us enjoyed me together, did not arrive with empty hands, but he brought a gift for me, A beautiful Hermès pashmina. At that time, he decided that every season would give me a ". For readers alien to the world of luxury fashion, a brand shawl around 965 euros. Everything is little in the name of love.

Esther Doña and Carlos Falcó passed twice by the altar. First there was a secret wedding, they wanted to feel, as it says, a "naughty couple in love". Later, they officialized their union in a ceremony who celebrated everything high in which it was their home, the palace of El Rincón. "I was already Marquesa de Griñón: I was equally, but facing the legitimacy that some, before, had resisted to give me."

Who? She leaves him in the air; She has to show that she is a thin and elegant lady. This is like the story of "The Prince and the Plebeia". Being marquise is not easy and the world of aristocracy embodies the intrinogulis of it. Doña She illustrates it with an anecdote: the day she came down to dinner with a robe and a pajamas. "It seemed authentically scandalized. For a moment, I was tempted to laugh at him and sit down to dinner with my pajamas and my robe. But, then, as a chill I could feel the decades of Marquises and Marquesas who had inhabited those corridors judging me, the Ancestors of Carlos, the royal blood and even the great captain condemning me with his eyes, so I turned around, I went up to my room and I put on the first dress I found. "

Carlos also forced her to get rid of all her jeans, it will not be that Fernández de Córdoba declared war from the beyond. The only thing that allowed her was to give the button of her Nespresso machine to prepare her coffee in the morning, "as a lady, and less a marquise, should not take care of cleaning, cooking or any other daily task."

The fairy tale ended on March 20, 2020. That day, Carlos Falcó died from Coronavirus. "The Lord has died," he remembers him that he said at the service at that time. This is how the book begins, full of lights, but without a trace of the shadows that hovered on the relationship, like the exclusive sound of this supplement on the discussion in the Eurobuilding by which He finished in a police station. There is also some contradiction with what, until now, has been published in the media. For example, in the book, Doña she explains that one day she, suddenly, she felt the impulse to leave the corner: "Without Carlos, that was a home without soul". However, this supplement published that the sons of the Marquis, after a few months, decided not to continue paying the cost of maintaining the palace.

Nor is Doña's relationship in depth with the family, from which she has always been rumored that she is not very good. LOC has been able to know about sources close to Los Falcó who are not interested in entering the book. In fact, even question that they will read it. "If there is a publication dedicated to the father of him and speaks well of him, because he is already".

María Eugenia Yagüe published an interview with Esther Doña in Loc in which she let him get on that things were, the less, cold with the failed: "I was with who was married was with the father and my relationship was with him, not with his children . The father from above will be seeing everything. "

What will also be observing is his relationship with Judge Pedraz, although he counted herself in Hi! Carlos Falcó came to comment that, the day he was not, she would like both to end up together. Doña, as a faithful lover of her, it seems that she has followed feet together the wishes of her husband. Less in the cowboys, that she recently walked with them and some converse through the streets of Madrid. Will she then do she now something more than giving to the Nespresso button?

The news of the publication of Esther Doña's book about his relationship with Carlos Falcó was a bomb. At first it was because of what she could count, but the expectation increased when, in September of this year, she was officially learned about the relationship of her with Judge Santiago Pedraz. Both developed pretty well as protagonists of the role of couch, although he is bringing him problems. Recall that Loc published that the judge of the National Hearing José Ramón Navarro suggested to him who reduced the media exhibition of him, since he was causing discomfort within the court.

Dona, instead, he was fine. Up to now. The book has come out for sale without the Florituras and great presentations that usually surround this type of release. The reasons are a mystery, although after reading the different episodes of the work, it may be that planet was expected more than a history of sweetened love.

Meanwhile, Tamara Falcó presented his book this same October, 'the recipes of my mother's house', in which, through the kitchen, displease family details of her parents and brothers. The daughter of the daughter of the Marquis of Griñón did he had a great presentation. In addition, at the close of this edition, it is placed in the ranking of best-selling platforms as Amazon or planet of books. Neither Dona's trace. The same needs time.

Updated Date: 30 October 2021, 11:31

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