Feijóo claims Felipe González against the worst political generation we have lived in 40 years

I played talking about new and old enemies of democracy and Alberto Núñez Feijóo did not hesitate to carry inks against the current political class and affirm t

Feijóo claims Felipe González against the worst political generation we have lived in 40 years

I played talking about new and old enemies of democracy and Alberto Núñez Feijóo did not hesitate to carry inks against the current political class and affirm that at present Spain has "probably from the worst political generations that we have lived in 40 years", the four decades of democracy in the country. He did not put any name or acronyms to those examples of bad praxis, but neither did he hide them, because the main enemy he finds is populism and places it within the government.

"Very solid political parties and very serious that have brought democracy to our country are mixed with populist elements," he warned, and added that "between a serious match that mixes with a populist, he always wins the populist." Once the "enemy" is located, a veiled allusion, but unmistakable to the United States, a government partner of the PSOE, continued to feed the criticism by saying that populism is "defeat", "waiver" and "flight".

The forum in which he expressed himself without hairs in the tongue still feeds the criticism, since he did it surrounded by former presidents of the Government of Spain, Uruguay and Chile, Felipe González, Julio María Sanguinetti and Ricardo Lagos; And of the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, at a discussion table within the framework of the Montevideo Circle, which held in Santiago de Compostela his annual plenary and cited politicians, businessmen and Latin American intellectuals to analyze 'the world in pandemic'.

"When a populist party is mixed with a party that is not, much care, because we are going to have a short-term problem," warned the president of the Xunta de Galicia, who showed her concern for the "institutional discredit" because " On discredit you can not build anything positive. "

Feijóo considers that "now the objective is not to overthrow democracy, it is to undermine democracy, leave it without content" and drew a political moment in which "govern networks and frivolity" and a political class of "sloganes" and "occurrences" And in which the danger comes from populism as "a defeat to politics" because it is "a defeat at reason and arguments," besides "a defeat for governance".

While he criticized the current political class, he put into value to the pass. From Felipe González stressed that he continues to be "a president to all Spanish politicians, regardless of the ideological ascription of him, listen" and that, in addition, listen to him "in 90% of the cases, to coincide." He not only defined him as "political heritage of Spain", but also questioned that "González PSOE" is quite blurred today.

Already before this forum, during a previous intervention, the Galician leader had praised the role of the former president of the Government in front of the "exercise presidents who know with difficulty what happened before, who do not know much about his presidency and not They know nothing, logically, of what can happen after their presidency. "

Felipe González did not fall behind in drawing a detailed political panorama and, during his speech, he made an X-ray of a political moment of "crisis of representative democracy" in which "authoritarian" and "saviors of the homeland" arise that they put The danger "The only democracy that exists." He alerted, in addition, the dangers of "rampant authoritarianism", which he placed in any political color, then, break the rules of the game "of democracy and the rules of coexistence.

In the case of Feijóo, despite criticism and affirming that "the main problem we have is a political problem," he said not being pessimistic, but can not be silent that "we are not up to height." In this same forum of Montevideo, but at its inauguration, he had given a positive vision, that of Galicia, as an example of quiet reformism, "unstoppable change engine during these four decades."

The Galician leader defended that European Galicia "exceeded the myth of delay", the constitutional Galicia "neglected the populist and divisory temptations" from other territories to focus their efforts on economic, social and institutional development and autonomic Galicia "managed to pass from Being a land of emigrants to a host and return land. "

Faced with the new current scenario, after the crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, he advocated the adaptation of governance models. "We must know how to take advantage of the opportunities that the future gives us, even if it is uncertain". And the solution and the "antidote" for the new world is in forums like this, through the peaceful analysis and reflection, help build a future of progress, justice and freedom.

The great absence of the Montevideo Circle Meeting was King Felipe VI, who alleged "previous commitments", but wanted to be present through an official message of the royal house that read the former Justice Minister and Ex Mayor of Madrid Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and who highlighted the "Solidarity" and the "Commitment" of Spain in the international donation of 30 million doses of vaccines to the Multilateral Covax mechanism. Monarca insisted on the "need for international collaboration" to address the pandemic and highlighted That Spain is among the most solidarity countries, "mainly to our sister region of Ibero-America and the Caribbean." He highlighted his role as "first and main donor of the European Union and second worldwide". The message of the royal house also put the focus on post-pandemic recovery, which "must be just, transparent and sustainable" and congratulated the Montevideo's circle for its 25th anniversary and for this forum for "intellectual reflection and debate", offering "responses to debates from a broad and inclusive vision." "The proposals that will come out of this day will be of interest to world leaders and civil society," he added.

Updated Date: 30 November 2021, 12:19

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