Infanta Cristina and Urdangarin are separated: The obsession that put in jaca to the crown

At one afternoon of this Monday a statement distributed by the EFE agency announced that the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin had decided by common agreeme

Infanta Cristina and Urdangarin are separated: The obsession that put in jaca to the crown

At one afternoon of this Monday a statement distributed by the EFE agency announced that the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin had decided by common agreement "interrupting their marriage relationship". No obntegantubracted that the commitment to the four children of it "remains intact" and asked, given that it is a private scope, "the maximum respect for all those around us." It was the point and end expected to a separation that seemed inevitablely unavoidable. The image that last week published the magazine on the cover, where Urdangarin appeared, giving a romantic walk from the French beach of Hossegor with Ainhoa Armentia, his companion of the IMaz and Associates firm, was the blow of death to his marriage with his marriage The infanta Dilate the communiqué could only suppose to feed speculation, mediatic harassment and above all drowned even more in the deep wound that this scandal has caused in a woman who sacrificed everything for love: he confronted his family, put in checking the crown He followed her husband at exile, the bench of the defendants and even looked at the other hand when they reached their ears of developed echoes alien to the conjugal bed.

And is that if it had to be title to the feelings of Infanta Cristina by Iñaki Urdangarin, it could be defined as "the story of an obsession" since in 1996, in the Atlanta JJOO, he contemplated for the first time since the gradient balloonist Rubio almost two meters tall. He was the incarnation of him from the "ideal man" in tenor of what the infanta commented in the circle of her. "Cristina does not marry her with a strait of chest or tied," he assured his friend. Don Felipe's sister had to fight from the beginning against Current for Iñaki's love: first to get her girlfriend then, Carmen Camí, with whom he lived, and then with his own Father, King Juan Carlos, That was opposed to the wedding and even tried to make a media campaign to prevent commitment. The demolished phrase of her in the request of her daughter "I think it's good if she thinks it well," reflected that the monarch swallowed more that he was held on October 4 at the Barcelona Cathedral.

The next challenge was to fit the institutional role of the already Duke of Palma, a title that the couple received from the king after his wedding. He gave rise to situations such surrealists as to see the escorts in Tracksuit following the husband of the infanta in his workouts, which pushed him to leave the handball ahead of time. Don Juan Carlos intended for the son-in-law an institutional position, such as the Presidency of the COE, but Urdangarin began to devote himself to business, founding in 2003 with his ex-Professor Diego Torres the Instituto Nóos, something that the woman of him seconded . "He feared that he would fall apart from her without handball and blame her," says an allegate to the couple.

On paper, they gave the perfect family image on their four offering, Juan Valentín, Pablo Nicolás, Miguel and Irene, all handsome, blond and perfectly educated. But the reality is that Iñaki was not the perfect son-in-law who painted the chronicles, because it was soon accustomed to the Baato that surrounded the royal family, he loved the money and began to circulate a Run Run on "Duke's businesses" and His very high train of life. He not only accumulated companies like a sausage rist, but also in 2004 he convinced the infanta to acquire a palace in Pedralbes, the most exclusive area of the city, for six million euros. A dispenser that caused the rupture of him with his brother-in-law, Don Felipe, with which he had initially made good friends, when he asked him for help to pay for the mortgage. "Not having bought it," said the prince. Two years later, in 2006, the alarms in the royal house jumped after publishing the world the unjustifiable expenses assumed for the Balear government the congresses on tourism and sports organized by the Nóos Institute. He was required from the count of Fontao, Advisor to Don Juan Carlos, to assess the situation and he advised that immediately Urdangarin abandoned his business and put land through.

Washington was in 2009 the first stage of its preventive exile, with the position of Telefónica International Director, destination that followed by the infanta with its four children, innocent victims of this stick. Cristina de Borbón lived there hard moments, because she was struggling among her feelings by Iñaki and the longing she felt for her life in Spain. Something that when Judge Castro began in 2011 to pull the blanket on the business of Duke, who ended him the imputation of him that December, made King Juan Carlos and Don Felipe caressing the idea of a separation. "They trusted that the Infanta will not support the pressure and return to Spain with their children, the Prince did not understand how his sister did not reconsider before the darkening of his existence and the immense damage he was suffering from the monarchy. His only explanation is that he was abducted By her husband, "he says a source close to the royal family.

Don Felipe was the architect of the punishment operation that held Zarzuela against Urdangarin on the eve of his imputation, in which he was separated from the institutional agenda for his "little exemplary" behavior. A humiliation that the Infanta Cristina leaned by supporting her husband, who refused to ask for forgiveness publicly. There were several more attempts to separate it from Iñaki before being charged in nodes, taking advantage of the circumstances that circulated some offered by the infidelity of the Duke with the wife of an intimate friend of his friend. When the Infanta seemed convinced, she repented, as it happened in the summer of 2012 when she was announced that she would go to Marivent alone with her children, but she looked up and remained with Urdangarin in Barcelona, where she lived a year I am welcomed . There was another more attempt in 2013, the year when she was charged, although she withdrew her charges from her, to send her alone to Geneva and even announced that her husband would stay in Barcelona preparing her defense. But against all odds, she met in Switzerland with the infanta, leaving once again Zarzuela at the foot of the horses.

The case, apart from ending the infanta on the bench in January 2016, was above all the spit by which the impeccable image of Don Juan Carlos monarchy began to be bleeding, which in 2014 abdicated in his son, cornered too By the Botswana Elephant crisis, the Affair with Corinna Larsen and its health ailments. When Don Felipe was proclaimed king, little could be done by the Infanta Cristina that in January was charged again, only the crown remained protected, so it established a firewall eliminating her and by the Elena of the royal family. But before the Tiezudez de Cristina not to make any gesture before sitting on the bench, like giving up the rights of her to her throne, she also revoked the duchy of Palma in 2015, producing her definitive rupture.

The Infanta got rid of prison, but not Urdangarin, who was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison, entering the female jail of Brieva on June 18, 2018. At such humiliation, the only consolation for Infanta, He continued living in Geneva with his children, was getting rid of that photo of shame visiting her husband in jail. Last January, when Urdangarin achieved the third degree and decided to go to Vitoria with her mother, surely the infanta still had hope that she could take her family reunification that she had so dreamed. And that in doors of probation, Urdangarin will get in May, the separation statement of it has definitely truncated.

Date Of Update: 24 January 2022, 13:37

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