Madrid takes a step forward to the one who only answers Falcao

A step forward needed Madrid, because it is not a team for the rearguard. The nobility, even Ajada, is nobility. It is necessary to consolidate it with effi

Madrid takes a step forward to the one who only answers Falcao

A step forward needed Madrid, because it is not a team for the rearguard. The nobility, even Ajada, is nobility. It is necessary to consolidate it with efficiency, but not even the tremors of the last minutes before the lightning would justify going back, except as circumstantial strategy. Doing that custom just about making a team feel small. The Bernabéu who returns between canvas and smell of wet concrete would not tolerate it. Good place, then, to change the step, although this did not prevent the suspense that always exists if a type like falcao, the goal and bone is appears. (Narration and Statistics)

The visitor was also a rival to which the line should be marked, before which it is necessary to define rapid authority, because if this ray takes the ball is capable of doing their party, for possession and by rhythm. His was the end, poorly managed by Ancelotti, but the rest of the time Madrid said no longer and barely allowed him anything else.

Italian had gone back to his people in the classic in search of pragmatism that gave him results. He had them, but continue on that path was like doing it because of the cornice of a precipice. The Shakhtar warned and put Carletto more colorful than usual. In the following appearance, this time in the league, he changed some piece, but above all changed the place where he wanted to play and the time he wanted to do it. Running when there is space is in the blood of Madrid, but this is not incompatible with having more party control than the opposite.

Asensio was one of those who appeared among the headlines and turned the right, together with Carvajal, in the lane of more offensive flow for Madrid. Ancelotti also aligned Camavinga at eleven, with the mission of tactically offsetting the arrivals of the lateral, whose back was looking for Álvaro, one of the fastest ray players. Vinicius, in the opposite band, started less active, but from the awakening of him, on a ball robbery, the goal was born, when traveling to the right and passing to Alensio, who looked up and put the auction for Kroos. In accurate, the German is unique. The var gave the goal suspense, nothing more.

Camavinga's physical ability was positive for Kroos, although French will subtract him arrival. The three tenors of the center of the field need staganovist aid to dose, whether they are Camavinga or Valverde, the two most indicated. Before the lightning was no modric. Madrid had steamy and had more balance, although this did not prevent him from counterattack, because the intentions of the ray, with the advanced defense, were like a nursery for whites. Benzema hunted the second one against, when going to space to finish a directing center straight to the meeting point. It was the tenth of him in the league, who could be more, in two other arrivals in the first half that the Frenchman threw out.

The rest came with an amazing authority by the background of one another, since the Irale team has been distinguished by being aggressive before the great ones. They ask Koeman. Vinicius, in a personal play that provoked the astonishment of the respectable and even the witnesses of the benches, could close the shock, the same as the Brazilian next to Mendy and Benzema just later. They did not do it and that delayed the changes that Ancelotti thought. It was slow the Italian in giving relay and perhaps it is a sign that he does not think he could improve much what he has in the field. Before the Shakhtar he did only two and for obligation.

Iraola had no other remedy, and in that bay the Vasco was winning. Drink and Falcao entered. The first threatened and the second fulfilled the trade of him, seeking the site of the auction. Sum and five in moments in this league. Falcao, who already scored before Barça, offered unexpected minutes of life at the ray and nervousness to a Madrid who finished with false nine Hazard and whom he only lacked to close a great act, but not a complete act. It is a first step.

Updated Date: 06 November 2021, 18:45

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