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Agents of the National Police have stopped during the morning of this Wednesday in Valencia to one under 16 years of age in relation to the aggression transfoba

News today, October 13 |
 Last hour of today, live

Agents of the National Police have stopped during the morning of this Wednesday in Valencia to one under 16 years of age in relation to the aggression transfoba to two young girls that occurred on Blasco Ibáñez de Valencia on October 2.

The smaller has been arrested as an alleged author of a crime of robbery with aggravated violence for hate reasons and a slight crime of injuries. The National Police has realized all this to the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, which has decreed that the minor is given to the legal guardians of it once he heard the declaration of it, as reported by the headquarters in a statement.

The lava leaving the Old Summit Volcano, on the Island of La Palma, has affected 656 hectares and has destroyed in its passage through the territory 1,458 buildings, according to the latest Copernicus update, the Observation Program of the European Union.

Specifically, this radar update corresponds to that carried out on October 12 at 06.50 hours. In this way, the hectares affected by the eruption of the volcano have increased by 86.4 in relation to 43 previous hours.

An escort agency in Berlin and an expenditure of 900 euros under the concept of "Catalan Expenses" appears in Puigdemont's accounting. Everything happened during the visit of almost a thirty JXCAT members with a towers

The note, advanced by the new Digital Diario The debate, which cites as a source to various European intelligence agencies, would have occurred in May 2018. Puigdemont had just spent a few days in prison after having been arrested on a German highway, and I expected In Berlin the ruling of the Schleswing-Holstein court on the Euroorden issued by the Judge of the Supreme Pablo Llarena.

An investigation from Edith Cowan University (ECU), in Australia, has shown that exercise can be a key weapon in the battle of cancer patients, as the researchers publish in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Exercise makes the muscles segregate proteins called myoquinos, and researchers at the Medical Research Institute for the ECU exercise have discovered that these myocinies can suppress the growth of tumors and even help to actively fight cancer cells .

The Government assumes a commitment to science and investment in R & D + i in this legislature. This has been assured by María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance, at a press conference in which she has underlined that the commitment to innovation is one of the vertebrate axes of the new state budgets (PGE).

The Ministry of Equality has been broken for the first time the barrier of the 500 million euros financing in the general budgets of the State. You will receive this record number in the year 2022, as it consists of the project presented by the Government in Congress.

The monetary package deployed by Elbanco Central European (ECB) to help countries before the pandemic allows the paradox that the volume of Spanish debt climbs but the interests paid for it. The government predicts that are reduced by 1,480 million euros with respect to the previous year "as a consequence of the decline in interest rates of new emissions, in line with the evolution of interest rates in the market."

The Government promotes this 2022 the budget of the Ministry of Consumerization that leads Alberto Garzón. Although it remains the department with less money, its departure increases 46%, up to 60 million euros, compared to the 41 million last year.

The General Budgets of the State for the year 2022 will allocate 12,550 million euros in direct or indirectly related measures with young people, especially in terms of education. More than 15% of spending programs for next year will finance actions aimed at supporting youth.

For more than three months a pair of Vilanova i La Geltru suffered the harassment of one of its neighbors for its sexual orientation. They received continuous insults, spit, launch of stones and other actions such as leaving them without electricity when booting the fuses from their home. That is why the criminal court number 2 of Vilanova I La Geltrú has sentenced this neighbor to three years in prison for threats with the aggravating discrimination by the sexual orientation of the victims.

Pablo C., the driver Kamikaze of the 25-year-old who drunk and drugged a man in December 2019, has accepted seven years today and a month of prison avoiding the celebration of judgment that was going to start The provincial audience of Madrid. The defendant's defense and the deceased family's lawyer have agreed that Paul be convicted of a crime of dolosure homicide, a crime of driving under the effects of alcohol and a crime of harmful driving with severe contempt for the lives of others.

The Onubense Antonio Rodríguez Ramos, 48, had a double-sided, in the opinion of the researchers of the Civil Guard who stopped him in the past spring. On the one hand, the Rubicante entrepreneur of the strawberry in Huelva that hardly brought out benefits from his farm in Villablanca, a small town that does not reach 3,000 inhabitants one step away with Portugal and the Guadiana River, the natural border with The neighboring country. On the other, the violent drug trafficker capable of attacking a molotov cocktail against a Benemérita barracks or throwing it to shots against who to do it competition, and who did not hesitate to exploit his African and South American day laborers to get off the bales Haves that brought at dawn from Morocco.

The General Budgets of the State for the year 2022 establish an increase in the expenditure of 1.2% in the Chapter of Energy and Industry, which will have an endowment of 11,316 million euros. A part of this increase is linked to the greater compensation to the Great Electrointensive Industry to cope with the increase in the price of light. The increase will be 100 million euros if compared to the amount stipulated in 2021, which will place it at 277 million euros in the year.

The PP of Madrid has launched a campaign to record motions in all municipalities in the region against the decentralization of institutions and demand Pedro Sánchez to support Madrid as the capital of the State. With this initiative - the details have not been specified - the party wants to show its "absolute rejection" to the statements in this regard who have done in the last days both members of the central executive, with the president at the head, as leaders of the PSOE .

Several people turned out on Walld Wednesday, one of them of gravity, in clashes between the special police of Kosovo and the Serbian demonstrators in North Kosovar, during protests against the confiscation of goods by the authorities, informed sources of Belgrade.

The defense budget will have an increase of 7.89% in 2022, which will allow you to overcome the barrier of 10,000 million euros, according to the figures of the General Budgets of the State that has presented this Wednesday the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Huntsman.

Romania will move to Hungary 50 Covid patients in a serious state, since the hospitals of the Balkan country are saturated, the Foreign Minister Magiar, Péter Szijjartó, has reported on Wednesday. "In the next few days we will welcome 50 Covid patients in serious state for treatment with intensive therapies," he announced on the social network Facebook.

The trial to José Manuel Villarejo has begun delayed, though not in the extension and the scope that the defense of the retired commissioner intended. The Court of the National Hearing chaired by Angela Murillo has rejected suspending the trial, but has reviewed the dates foreseen for the holding of oral hearing to partially access the request for suspension of several defendants.

The monetary package deployed by the European Central Bank (ECB) to help countries before the pandemic allows the paradox that the volume of Spanish debt climbs but the interests paid for it. The government predicts that are reduced by 1,480 million euros with respect to the previous year "as a consequence of the decline in interest rates of new emissions, in line with the evolution of interest rates in the market."

Trade, tourism and SME policies increase their endowment by 2022, up to 2,932 million euros, as reflected by the State's general budgets presented today in Congress. Of this figure, 1,970 million correspond to actions financed through the recovery and resilience mechanism (MRR).

The Government has foreseen a total of 8,431,150 euros for the King's house in the state's general budget project for 2022. This figure implies a freeze with respect to that of 2021 fiscal year and as found in section 01 of accounts From the State and publishes the house of your Majesty the king on its website.

Year and a half after the start of the Covid pandemic, the money of the Ministry of Health grow by 20.3%. The total budget is placed at 6,6606 million euros, 888 more than in the budgets of last year, when Anticovid vaccines still did not exist. And is that investment grows, fundamentally, to finance vaccines, primary care, oral assistance services and mental health plan, which includes items for the prevention of suicide, the first non-natural death house in Spain.

If last year the Ministry of Culture has already had its largest economic contingent in a decade, Miquel Iceta will have a 38.4% more than its predecessor José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes for next year. The budget of the Department of Him will go by 2022 of 1,148 million euros to 1,589. Of these, 356 come from European recovery funds.

The total credits assigned to the policy of resilient infrastructures and ecosystems, discounted the recovery and resilience mechanism (MRR), amount to 7,040 million euros, 3.9% more investment in infrastructures than in 2021. MRR funds will contribute To this policy 4,801 million euros, which represents total credits for 2022 of 11,841 million euros, a figure practically similar to 11,527 million euros last year.

Income from tax collection will be triggered next year in just over 17,000 million, until you exceed 232,000 million. It will be a notable increase of 8%, and all of them are, according to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, "prudent" estimates. Montero has delivered this Wednesday in the Congress the draft general budgets of the State (PGE) of 2022,

The draft general budgets presented on Wednesday by the Government at the Congress of Deputies raises 5.1% the departure destined for the Ministry of the Interior, which reaches 9,362. The increase is 456 million compared to the budget in force of 8,906, according to the summary of the public accounts that seek to be approved that it has facilitated by the Executive. The draft general budgets, whose details have been made known this morning, is in full processing phase.

The Government has reduced its allocation to the RTVE Corporation by 6.3% to leave it at 443 million euros, 30 million less than the previous state's previous budgets. This budget item, which includes the Orchestra and the RTVE choir, is 0.3% of the total PGE, as detailed in the Yellow Book presented on Wednesday by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Jesús Montero.

The Kenyan Athletics Federation has reported on Wednesday of the death at 25 years of Agnes Jebet Thirop, a 10-kilometer world capitalist on a route that has appeared stabbed at home. "Thirop was found dead at home in iten after allegedly be stabbed by her husband, we are still working to discover more details about her disappearance. Kenya has lost a jewel and one of the fastest athletics giants in the International Scenario ", lamented Athletics Kenya in a statement.

The total number of earthquakes located in La Palma "has fallen to a large extent" in the last 24 hours, according to the last report of the National Geographic Institute, which has accounted for 66 Seamos in the area affected by Volcanic Eruption of Old Summit . Six earthquakes have been sensed by the population, with maximum intensity in the epicentral area of III. The earthquake located with greater magnitude has taken place at 03.22 hours of this Wednesday, with a value of 3.9 MBLG at 37 kilometers deep.

The American Fondist Mary Cain, whose career failed after what he has called four miserable years at the Nike Oregon Project, presented a claim of 20 million dollars (17.3 million euros) against his former coach, Alberto Salazar, and his Employer, Nike.

The crisis of semiconductors whipped the manufacture of new vehicles, but its consequences also splash and leave a considerable footprint in the occasional vehicle market, which goes from poorly worse according to the latest figures contributed by the sector employers, faconuto and Ganvam

The Government of Urkullu and the Basque employers reject the changes in the electric bill promoted by Pedro Sánchez and hope that the Spanish President will take a step back. An opposition that includes proposals such as the suppression of the taxes and taxes of light invoice, which would involve a reduction of 40% of the current price. The Basque Government will move in the coming days in writing the Vice-Chairperson Teresa Ribera this request that would be able to eliminate concepts such as premiums to renewables or the payment of the accumulated deficit. Euskadi fears that, as Sidenor has already announced, other Basque steels stop their production before the unbocked increase in electricity.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States have withdrawn Spain from the list with countries with very high risk by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is no longer discouraging travel in general but simply recommends having completed The vaccination pattern. Spain listed until Tuesday at the 'level four', reserved for countries with an incidence of 28 days of more than 500 cases of Coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants. It passes to the 'level three', high risk, where the United States includes those territories with incidence rates of between 100 and 500 positive.

Isa Serra: condemned 19 months in prison in a firm sentence of the Supreme Court for attacking police. Carlos Sánchez Mato and Celia Mayer: sent to trial imputed by embezzlement and prevarication in the Open Tennis case. The three were announced yesterday as new advisers from the Ministry of Equality despite their judicial situation. The Minister, Irene Montero, has given them on Wednesday all its support and has argued against the work of the judges that the three are "persecuted political, media and judicial

More than 4,000 people and groups are part of a 'black list' internal moderation prepared by Facebook, which collects the movements that are forbidden to use their platforms because they are related to terrorism or other forms of violent groups. The Pixel Section tells you the names, among which there are 8 Neonazi music groups and 38 ETA members

The Circle of Economy has issued this Wednesday a very young note of opinion in which it considers that Barcelona and Catalonia are on track to "be trapped in a spiral of economic irrelevance". Facked, adds the institution directed by Javier Faus, a "Slow but inexorable decadence".

The former strategist of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, has thrown the fire of the Ireland Protocol alleging that the objective of the "Premier" was always "renouncing" the Brexit Agreement. In a series of messages on Twitter, while the European Union was preparing to present its proposals to "improve" the Protocol, Cummings assured that the British Government reserved the right to "break the agreements, as any other state" .

The Real Teatro de Madrida decided to suspend the premiere of this night of the centenary show Antonio Ruiz Soler in charge of the National Ballet of Spain, before the Call for Partial Paros on the artistic units of INAEM. Faced with the Call for Partial Paros by the artistic units of INAEM for October 13 between 18.30 and 8.30 pm, the function planned at 7:30 pm at the Royal Theater is canceled.

Minimum package and just what Spain has warning weeks that I did not want, it is not enough and it would be disappointing. The European Commission has presented its Toolbox on Wednesday, a battery of ideas, suggestions, basic proposals and reminders of what can be done or should be done to try to fight against the rise of receipt of light. Or, perhaps rather, to alleviate its effects because short-term ideas go through household support rents, state aid to affected companies or surgical taxes.

Agents of the National Police have arrested two young people of 19 and 20 years accused of violating a woman, known from one of them, who allegedly manifold and put a pillow in his head to prevent him from crying on a floor of Valencia, As reported by the superior headquarters in a statement.

Juan José Cortés, former national deputy of the PP and father of Mari Luz - the girl murdered by the Pedrast Santiago del Valle in 2008 in Huelva - has indicated on Wednesday that her encounter with the woman who has denounced it for an alleged crime of injuries It was "fortuitous" and that he does not remember "what could happen".

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has submitted on Wednesday at the Congress of the Deputies The draft General Budgets of the State for 2022, the first step of a parliamentary processing in which the Government aims to seek maximum possible support. It is about budgets with the highest public spending in history, 240,000 million euros.

A new method developed by Spanish researchers allows to detect the transmission of SARS-COV-2 responsible for the COVID-19 in the air of hospitals, where the concentration of the virus may be higher in the hallways that in the own rooms where the sick. Researchers from the Institute of Environmental Diagnostics of Water Studies (IDAA) of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University Hospital are spasses of Palma.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has assured this Wednesday that his Government does not plan to eliminate restrictions against the Covid-19, because "there are very few" and now it is time to analyze "how the virus evolves after the Return to normal in numerous sectors.

President Gallego, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced this Wednesday that the presidents of Galicia, Asturias, Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, La Rioja, Cantabria and Extremadura to address The new autonomic financing model and prevent it from being decided on "a bilateral table" between the central government and Catalonia.

In an increasingly complex economy, the Spaniards stand out for their null training in money affairs. And the consequences we pay them among all with bubbles, debt mountains and failed reforms. Experts detail this situation and the dangers it entails in this paper history.

The young Italiana Lagreca, who supposedly committed suicide from a fourth floor of the city of Potenza (Italy) could have grabbed the balcony railing before joining her emptiness, perhaps in a last attempt to save her life. It is one of the hypotheses with which the prosecutor of the case works.

"Do not come to go out in the photo or mount a gathering," it has been the warning launched to world leaders by the President of COP26, Alok Sharma, in a speech at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Sharma has claimed for the November event in Glasgow the same spirit of "hope, fraternity and ambition" that allowed the historical agreement of climate change signed by 196 countries in French capital in 2015.

The Cabildo dela Palma reports that on Wednesday, access by the South to the evacuated neighbors will be allowed before the advance of the casting of the volcano that have properties outside the security perimeter to collect clothing and appresses. In addition, farmers in the area can water and cut fruit as long as it has been arranged hour and access with its community of irrigators. The Cabildo de la Palma accurate in social networks that this access will be controlled and will be carried out with the accompaniment of security personnel, prior coordination with its City Council.

José Manuel Villarejo has arrived on Wednesday in his judgment at the national audience declaring "innocent" of some facts for which the prosecution asks for more than 100 years in prison. "At all," he said, he used the means at the scope of him in the police to offer particular services, as the Public Prosecutor holds. At the gates of the Court, the Retired Commissioner has said that she trusted that she does not make "a folk justice" and lamented that she has not been treated as a presumed delinquent, but "as an enemy to annihilate."

The squid game has become a massive success. The series, premiered on September 17 at Netflix, has become the most view of the 'Streaming' platform in its first 28 days, surpassing the record that boasts the Bridgerton. It is not surprising that the company is assessing the development of a possible second season.

The PNV, Priority Partner of the Executive, essential to carry out the general budgets of the State that arrived this morning to the Chamber, has warned Pedro Sánchez that the Government is "playing their future" pouted by the price of electricity that It has impacted fully not only in domestic consumers but also, and ultimately, in large energy consuming companies that, as SIDENOR, already announced paralysis in production to try to weather the exempted increase of their costs.

The 24-hour monitoring volcanic surveillance network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located a total of 20 earthquakes in the surroundings of the Old Summit Eruption, six of them of magnitudes greater than 3 (MBLG). The maximum registered magnitude was 3.9 (MBLG) corresponding to the earthquake located southwest of the municipality of Villa de Mazo at 04.22 hours. With intensity III EMS and a depth of 37 km, it was felt in the plains, El Paso, Breña Alta, Tazacorte, Tijarafe, Breña Low, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Garafía and Tipagorda.

In the middle of the crossroads of each Wednesday, Pablo Married has set the Government hand to reach three agreements: those of the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman and the Court of Auditors. The President of the PP has offered Pedro Sánchez renovar "and" all the constitutional organs that remain, except the CGPJ, for whose unlocking requests a legal reform of the judiciary in return, so that the judges choose among them at least half of The vocalities of the Council.

The authorities of Medellín, northwest of Colombia, asked to deport a Dutch for a walk with a woman without clothes while holding her with a chain in a tourist area of the city, scene that was failed and went around the world in social networks . "We are asking migration to expel the Dutch who came to harm the image to Medellín and who came to mistreat women in Medellín," said the Mayor of the second most important city in Colombia, Daniel Quintero.

Drones, satellites or surface sensors are part of the deployment that helps researchers better understand volcanic systems. However, a large part of the active volcanoes in the world do not have the necessary surveillance. For situation sample, this button: The morning of April 9 The Soufrière volcano aroused suddenly. A first eruption raised a column of gas and ash of 8 km high to the sky of the Caribbean island of San Vicente. In the following days the situation accelerated and thirty explosions followed, causing several pyroclastic castings. However, there were no victims; Vulcanologists had anticipated the possibility of rapid change in the eruptive regime and thousands of people around the volcano had been evacuated. The Soufrière ended up throwing the atmosphere a volume of material similar to that of its eruption of 1902, which caused death to more than 1,500 people.

Instagram has eliminated from its platform a photograph hanging by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, where she appears next to Taurino Journalist David Casas Ramos in the Torro Plaza de las Sales, according to autonomous sources.

After achieving on September 8, the reopening of the case, the Family of Yéremi Vargas - the child disappeared in 2007 Neighborhood (Canary Islands) while playing in a breakdown with his cousins - has returned to plant battle to the instructor judge. Through his lawyer, Marcos García Montes, has presented an appeal against the judge's decision not to quote as a witness to Antonio Ojeda the Rubio, the main suspect of the child's disappearance after, according to the researchers, he revealed details to his Prison colleagues when he fulfilled conviction for a crime of sexual abuse to a minor.

General Raúl Baduel, considered one of the most emblematic political prisoners in Venezuela for having been Expretory Defense of Hugo Chávez, has died of Covid-19 complications. The death of the retired officer occurred "while applying the corresponding medical care" and after having "received the first dose of the vaccine". Baduel, who has died 66 years, helped to restitute Chávez after the coup d'état of April 2002 that briefly pulled him out of power

The parade for the day of the armed forces returned after a year without celebration due to the pandemic of Coronavirus with thousands of citizens gathered on the streets applauding the armed forces, with the kings presiding over and with anecdotes that have almost become a tradition. In addition to the usual beeps and boots to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the problem with the colors of the Spanish flag that deploys the Eagle patrol at the beginning and closing of the parade.

The Court of Justice Room will meet this Thursday to resolve the resources presented by the independence leaders against the settlement acts where the bond claimed by the public resources assigned to the execution of policies is fixed by 5.4 million of external action of the Generalitat between the years 2011 and 2017.

Scientists from the University Hospital of Lausanne and the Federal Polytechnic School of that Swiss city (EPFL) today announced the discovery of a monoclonal antibody capable of neutralizing all the variants of COVID-19, including the Delta. The scientific finding, published in the specialized magazine "Cell Reports", has been achieved by isolating lymphocytes of patients with COVID-19.

A total of 11,442 people died between mid-July and mid-September during the worst weeks of the Fifth Wave of Covid-19, which means almost the triple of victims than those officially registered by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain, which It limits that figure to 4,355.

The lava wash of the Palm Volcano that has forced about 800 people today in the plains of Aridane move slowly but inexorably threatening urban elements, and the technicians of the volcanic emergency hope to monitor a map of danger over the course I could Take the lava. In addition, the scientific spokeswoman for the pevolca, María José Blanco, has indicated that in the last hours the volcanic tremor signal has increased, which in principle points out that there is a greater gas content in the magma that is coming out of the eruptive center.

The new audiovisual law preparing the Government suppresses the obligation to finance the public chain that have been assuming telecommunications operators such as Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone, companies that dedicate to that cause 0.9% of its operating income. In return, the next regulations endorse those commitments to prosperous streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO. The difference is notorious, according to the calculations made by the financial managers of the Corporation and have known the world: it would be more than 120 million euros per year to enter only 7 in the RTVE coffers.

The average price of electricity in the wholesale market (POOL) announces 0.8% for today, Wednesday, and is situated at 185.74 euros / megawatt hour (MWh), after yesterday, Tuesday, which was festive, It remained virtually invariable. Despite this slight rise, the price of electricity is maintained below 200 euros / mwh for fourth consecutive day, after what is going from October the light has beat three historical records and for six days it has been Above all 200 euros / MWh daily.

This is how the chronicle of Lucía Méndez of 12-O begins: "All families have a ghost that appears in family celebrations. Nations have many and one, from time to time, it always appears coinciding with the dates in which the Absent shone with splendor in the halls and decided on the lives and destinies of each member of the family. It is the case of King Juan Carlos I, that every few months, reminds us - his son and all of us- that continues in Abu Dhabi, and wants to return. On October 12 it was and is, since the National Festival was established, the king's Day. Don Juan Carlos presided over the parade and the official reception until 2013. And, at best by chance, he wanted appear -no in deadly meat, but in alive meat, so to speak- on the eve of October 12th. That now is King Felipe Vi's Day, his son, who has remembered him that in Abu Dabi gets bored ".

The former Spanish Basketball Selector, Lucas Mondelo, breaks his silence in the world to deny the serious accusations of harassment of Marta Xargay and Anna Cruz, two of his former players, against which a lawsuit has filed. "Socially I have already been judged," he says.

An investigation from Edith Cowan University (ECU), in Australia, has shown that exercise can be a key weapon in the battle of cancer patients against the disease, as the researchers publish in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. . Exercise makes the muscles segregate proteins called myoquinos, and researchers at the Medical Research Institute for the ECU exercise have discovered that these myocinies can suppress the growth of tumors and even help to actively fight cancer cells .

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