October 12, live | Thousands of people march through the center of Barcelona in defense of constitutional values

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been received with whistles upon arrival at the parade for the day of the Armed Forces and the day of the Na

October 12, live |
 Thousands of people march through the center of Barcelona in defense of constitutional values

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been received with whistles upon arrival at the parade for the day of the Armed Forces and the day of the National Festival, accompanied by shouts of "Given!" And of insults despite the distance that separates the public from the presidential stands and their late arrival, almost at the same time as the official car of the kings. The Kings preside over the parade for the day of the armed forces that travels the center of Madrid for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Pope Francis has sent a message to King Felipe Vi on the occasion of the Day of Hispanidad in which he expresses his "affection" to the royal family, the government and all the Spanish people and asks the country to have "strength" to face the Consequences of the pandemic of the COVID-19 "with a solidarity and fraternal spirit."

"In commemoration of the National Festival of Spain, I can reach your Majesty, the Queen, the royal family, as well as the government and all the Spanish people, my best votes and my affection, while I implore the Lord, for intercession Of Our Lady of the Pillar and the Apostle Santiago, which grants them the necessary strength to face the consequences of the pandemic with a solidarity and fraternal spirit ", emphasizes the pontiff in its message, to which Europe Press has had access.

Likewise, Pope Francisa praises "that the whole society is committed to the search for the common good." He then transmits him in a communication sent, through the Apostolic Nunciature in Spain, on the occasion of the Day of Hispanicity, which is celebrated this October 12.

The Government has maintained on Tuesday normally the usual meeting of the EXECUTIU Consell and the subsequent press conference, despite being festive throughout Spain for the day of Hispanicity.

"Today there is nothing to celebrate," the Government spokesman, Patrícia Raja, was defended at a press conference, and has emphasized that the Generalitat does not share the significance of this national festival that, according to her, does not represent the majority of Catalans. .

He has assured that the day of Hispanicity is "the ephemeride of a genocide, a more than questioned celebration" that does not justify the date of that weekly meeting.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has celebrated that this year, after the pandemic, the National Festival returns to the streets of Madrid, which proves that "Little by little it is once again" and the people It is "increasingly happy", as evidenced that this bridge the region has been full of visitors and tourists "from all corners."

"It fills us with pride," he has continued saying, because Madrid "is everyone's house, everyone's capital, and whoever wants it and visits it is a great pride."

Regarding the celebration of the Day of Hispanidad, Ayuso (dressed in red for the occasion, being the color that represents Madrid, the flag of Spain and Hispanidad, has said) has underlined "what they have meant so many centuries of miscegenation and union on both sides of the Atlantic ".

Some 400 people have manifested itself on Tuesday at the center of Barcelona against the Day of Hispanidad and under the motto 'October 12, RES to celebrate' (nothing to celebrate).

The demonstration, convened by the Som Antifeixists group, has elapsed without incident from the Universitat Square to Aragó Street (next to Vilamarí and Entença streets), through roads from the Eixample district.

The Mossos d'esquadra have prevented them from being able to find this demonstration and what has been made in favor of October 12 from the Paseo de Gràcia to Plaza Cataluña - Muy close to the Universitat Square.

The protesters had 'stelated' flags, placards with messages such as 'fascism advances if it is not combated' and clarged 'you, fascists, you are the terrorists', 'Hispanidad is genocide' and 'Visca Catalunya'.

The Swimmer Mireia Belmonte, in his abandoning condition in the past Olympic Games in Tokyo, has represented athletes in the traditional reception offered by the Kings at the Royal Palace of Madrid on the occasion of the National Festival.

Belmonte has participated in the Besamanos with Don Felipe and Doña Letizia at the Hall of the Throne in the company of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alexander Blanco.

He was also invited the other flanger in Tokyo, the Canoeist Saul Craviotto, but he has not attended the appointment.

Due to sanitary restrictions, the Royal House has significantly reduced the number of guests at this year's reception, after 2020 it was not celebrated by the pandemic.

The three United Ministers have been released on Tuesday in the traditional reception offered by the Kings in the Royal Palace on the occasion of the National Festival, while the other two representatives of the purple training, Alberto Garzón and Manuel Castells have been absent.

The second vice president and minister of work, Yolanda Díaz; Equality, Irene Montero, who was wearing a mask with the Trans, and social rights and welfare leader, Ione Belarra, with his hand in the heart, have greeted Don Felipe and Doña Letizia in the Besamanos held in the Hall of the throne, who have attended about 150 people, when it was around 1,300 for two years.

Thousands of people have filled the GRÀCIA Paseo de Barcelona in the manifestation of Catalan civic coexistence and Catalonia sum for Spain on the occasion of the Day of Hispanicity, and in which slogans have been heard for the unity of Spain and the anthem has been heard Spanish.

The demonstration has begun at the junction of the GRÀCIA Paseo and Provença Street, with the headland banner 'together so that it unites us: Spain and Hispanidad, and also waved Spanish flags and Latin American countries.

The headboard has had political representatives of PP and VOX, but not with those of CS, which this year have preferred to celebrate their own act on Monday and participate in tents in Plaza Cataluña.

The attendees, who have waved Spanish flags and have heartsed as 'I am Spanish', 'This is the youth of Spain' and 'Puigdemont to prison', have come down by the Paseo de Gràcia in the direction of Plaza Cataluña, where they foresee End the march with speeches from members of entities linked to Constitutionalism and Hispanic American culture and with the reading of a manifesto.

Vox leader at Parlament, Ignacio Garriga, has affirmed, after knowing the absence of citizens in the manifestation of 12-o, which oranges carry "decades lowering the head" in Catalonia.

In statements to the press at the beginning of the march, Garriga has claimed VOX as "the first national reaction force" in the Parllament.

This morning, the CS leader in the Catalan Chamber, Carlos Carrizosa, has announced that his training will not participate in the demonstration convened by the Entity Catalonia Suma by Spain in Barcelona.

In this regard, Garriga has said that he is not surprised by the absence of CS since, under his point of view, the party does not have "the firm will to plant face to separatism."

The president of Catalan Civil Societat (SCC), Fernando Sánchez Costa, and the president of Catalonia Suma, Javier Mejino, have expressed his "surprise" for the fact that in the last minute citizens has decided not to join the demonstration, in whose head he He was waiting for them next to PPC and Vox.

In statements to the media, Sánchez Costa has recognized that it has felt "some surprise" before the announcement of the oranges not to participate in the concentration in which they were, with the same political companions, in 2019.

All in all, it has said "Respect" the decision, although SCC president has opted that "it is always good to add, go together" and that "it is not a moment of small calculations, but about arrimaring the shoulder to turn around Catalonia ".

For its part, the President of Catalonia Suma, Javier Mejino, the Association that brings together SCC and other Constitutionalist entities convened this 12-O, has recognized journalists who "did not know" that CS was not to be present as expected.

The reception that the Kings of Spain offer at the Royal Palace of Madrid on the occasion of the National Festival began at 12.37 hours with the reduced presence of barely 200 guests as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This reception was not held last year by the sanitary crisis of the Coronavirus and a simple outdoor act was organized in the courtyard of the Palace of Orient.

To the Besamanos de Hoy, in the Hall of Throne, Zarzuela has invited representatives of the institutional and political sphere, the powers of the State, the Government, Parliament, presidents of the Autonomous Communities, the opposition leader, Government Expresses and presidents of Other institutions such as the Council of State, Court of Auditors, Advocate of the State People and Attorney General.

Some 150 people, according to figures from the Urban Guard, have manifested since 11.00 in the Plaza España de Barcelona convened by several organizations on the occasion of the day of Hispanicity.

Some ultra participants have hearted 'Catalonia is Spain' and 'Puigdemont to prison' and have waved the flag of Spain and others with yoke and arrows.

The concentration has begun in Plaza España and the attendees have left the Avenida Maria Cristina showing the banner 'Defender Spain is not a crime. Blanquerna absolution '.

Thousands of people march through the center of Barcelona in defense of the "constitutional values" in Catalonia. There is also a large group of dancers from Latin American countries.

The demonstration, which has begun on the Paseo de Gràcia, has convened the platform "Catalonia Suma by Spain", which brings together various entities for the Unity of Spain, including Espanya i Catalans, Catalan civil society, citizen impulse or assembly by A bilingual school.

At the forefront of the demonstration, a header has been located under the motto "Together for what unites us, Spain and Hispanidad," a cover banner, among others, by the leader of Vox in Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, the president of CIVIL SOCIETAT Catalan, Fernando Sánchez-Costa, the councilor of PPC Josep Bou and the general secretary of the PPC, Santi Rodríguez.

The former Second Vice President of the Government and former Secretary General of We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has interpreted the applause to the King and the boosters to the Government on the Day of the National Festival as the confirmation of his thesis that the monarchy is a symbol only for the right.

Churches took little to pronounce on Twitter about the contrast between the reception that some attendees of the National Festival Military Parade made King Felipe and who gave the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez.

"The applause to the head of the state and the boosters to the government only express a novity: the monarchy is a political symbol on the right and the ultraraderecha, of no one else. An institution that only generates adhesion in that part of the country has its future very Committed, "tweeted the Exlíder of We can.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has celebrated that "finally" the Madrid have been able to go to the streets of the capital to enjoy the national holiday parade, after suspending last year by the Covid pandemic -19

In Declarations to Telemadrid, the Madrid regidor called this day as "the Day of Spain, the National Festival" and aimed that we must claim that "we are a nation of free and equal citizens."

The Madrid regidor remarked that "from Madrid we do not want to be more, but we do not want us to be less." "It's the only thing we ask," he said.

The parade for the day of the armed forces has ended with the passage of the aircraft of the Eagle patrol by the Sky of Madrid. The kings have abandoned the rostrum and came to greet the military and again the beeps and boos were repeated to Pedro Sánchez accompanied by insults as "traitor" or "parasite", which have been intermingled with the president of The Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the King.

The President of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has claimed on the day of Hispanicity, which is held on Tuesday, October 12: "What pride to feel heirs of those who discovered the new world".

Likewise, Abascal has been proud to be heirs of "those who put an end to the genocide of Indian peoples, of those who invented the empire of human rights, of those who gave the world the greatest work of universal brotherhood that has contributed any People, of the intrepid who slowed the Turkish in the Mediterranean and those who regretted the fields of half Europe with their blood to make an Spain according to the size of their dream! ".

With these words, Vox leader has claimed, in a statement, the importance of Hispanicity as "universal twinning work and the role of Iberosthera".

In this context, VOX has remembered the parliamentary initiatives promoted in this area since it reached the Congress of the Deputies, as the proposal not law aimed at strengthening the IBERSPhere through the configuration and articulation of a multinational space of Spanish languages and Portuguese of all continents.

Vox and the Constitutionalist Entity "Catalonia Suma by Spain" have celebrated the morning of this Wednesday a floral offering in the Monument to Colón in Barcelona on the occasion of the day of Hispanicity.

At the foot of the Statue to Columbus, at the foot of the Ramblas of Barcelona, around 200 people have gathered, in an offering called by the Extreme Right Somatemps, Hispanic Unit and the Denaeales Foundation.

On the part of Vox they have attended their leader at Parlament, Ignacio Garriga, his two spokesmen in the Catalan Chamber, Juan Garriga and Antonio Gallego, as well as the deputy Andrés Bello.

Unusual image of Gracia Paseo in Barcelona full of Spanish flags after the Catalonia platform sums by Spain placed them in the journey of the demonstration.

The leader of citizens in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, has announced that his training will not finally participate in the manifestation of 12-or convened by the constitutionalist entities and that they have the presence of PPC and VOX.

Carrizosa has denied that the decision is due to differences with the unitary platform "Catalonia Suma by Spain", which brings together various entities for the unity of Spain, respect for law and coexistence.

He has pointed out that his decision "has nothing to do" with the presence of Vox because the training does not make "sanitary cords", but who have "elected" to join only the constitutional manifesto and meet citizenship in the tents and entities They have placed in Plaza Catalonia.

Strong police deployment of Mossos and Urban Guard to avoid incidents in central Barcelona since they are summoned at the same time the manifestation of the Constitutionalist Platform for 12-O and another of the Independentist Left and the CDRs against the 'Expolio Spanish ' from America.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been received with sound boos at the beginning of the parade held in the center of Madrid for the day of the national holiday, despite the distance that separates the public from the presidential stands and his late arrival , almost at the same time as the official car of the kings.

Screams of "traitor" and "resignation" accompanied his presence in the act, where thousands of people were quoted at the military stop held on the Paseo de la Castellana de Madrid.

The former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont has interpreted, the day of the Spanish national holiday, that "Hispanidad" has become "synonymous with genocide, violent domination and denial of languages and cultures."

In a message published in his social networks, Puigdemont prosecuted: "The decline that Spain has made of 'Hispanidad' over the years has consolidated it as synonymous with genocide, violent domination and denial of languages and cultures that perpetrated, In his name, an empire based on war, theft and widespread crime ".

The Maranitat'sian president added the 'hashtag' #resacelebrar ('nothing to celebrate', in Catalan), who probably use throughout the day all the Independence Catalans who want to censor or criticize the historical background of the Spanish National Festival.

The Army Inspector General, Lieutenant General Fernando Aznar Robber de Guevara, has urged in Barcelona to "Avivate the Fatherland Concept" so that "patriotism" can "feel in all sectors of society", and has asked to "defend the Spanish nation and its indissoluble unit ".

This has been pointed out during the speech that has pronounced on the occasion of the traditional flagship act to commemorate the day of Hispanidad, an event that has chaired on the Barcelona BRUC barracks and the one who has not attended any Government representative But yes the greatest of the Mossos d'esquadra, Josep Lluís trapero.

"I sincerely believe that we must recover and defend the national character of Spain," said Aznar Thief of Guevara, who has warned that the nation "is not the heritage of a part of society, but of all Spaniards."

"There was, there is and will continue to have a Spanish nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, in which our Constitution is based on which, which establishes Spain as a democratic and law", has underlined.

ERC spokesman at the Congress of Deputies, Gabriel Rufián, has wanted to contrast on the day of the National Festival and anniversary of the arrival of Cristóbal Colón to America that what Spain calls "discovery" the Spanish-American countries consider it, according to him , an "invasion".

Rufián published, taking advantage of the ephemeride, one of its usual Twitter messages in which it contrasts various ways to see the same reality in several countries juxtapoon their respective flags and different words.

On this occasion, he inserted the teachers from 17 Hispanic-American countries, beginning with Argentina and ending that of Venezuela, and next to them the word "invasion". And, finally, next to the Spanish flag, she wrote: "Discovery"

The Second Vice President of the Government and the informal leader of the United Space, Yolanda Díaz, has expressed its "respect" and "gratitude" to the armed forces and called the Spaniards to reflect on the shared past and "reconcile as the Pope said" .

He did it in a message through his Twitter profile, a few minutes from the beginning of the military parade on the occasion of the day of the National Festival, who come to her and the rest of the United Ministers can (Ione Belarra, Irene Montero, Alberto Garzón and Manuel Castells), in addition to three deputies of the parliamentary group (Elizo Gloria, Martina Velarde and Ismael Cortés), the greatest representation that the confederal space has ever sent to a day like today.

"Today our armed forces parade and I want to show them respect and gratitude," said Diaz in a tone that would never have employed his predecessor as a leader of the United States. Pablo Iglesias. And he added: "A new country progresses: one that protects, is plural and looks in the future. It is also a day to reflect on our shared past and work for reconciling us as the Pope said." He did not congratulate the day, but he did inserted the 'hashtag'. # 12th.

Felipe VI has reached the parade for the day of the Armed Forces and has been received by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. It has been at the time that it was announced by megaffonia that Sánchez received the king when a Sonora whistle has been heard on the part of the citizens gathered in the Castella to see the parade. A few seconds before the national anthem sounded some screams of "resignation!" Against the president.

The king has passed to the troops before starting the parade while they were heard screams of "to your house!", "Out!", Screams that have been increasing during the king's greeting to political representatives. "Sánchez, Okupa" and other screams have mixed with insults to the president.

The President of Citizens, Francadas, has toned a "Viva Spain" to celebrate the party of "one of the best nations in the world" and also declared proud of the Civil Guard, on the day he also commemorates his patron , the virgin of the pillar.

He did it in two messages of Twitter, in the first of which, after a flag of Spain, wished: "Happy day of the national holiday to all! We celebrate the great luck of living in one of the best nations in the world. A Free country, full of natural and artistic jewels and with a decisive role in the history of humanity. We build together the best future. Viva Spain! "

In the second, echoing the Titit of the Official Profile of the Benemérita to celebrate the festival of his patron, array said: "Happy Virgin Day of the Pilar to our agents of the Civil Guard! Expose their lives to protect freedoms Of all, in many places they suffer the harassment of the nationalists and make a great service to the Spaniards. We are proud of you. "

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has congratulated Spanish troops deployed abroad, which has expressed his pride for the important work they do in defense of peace and freedom in the world and has assured them that they are carrying "The Pavilion of Spain very high"

Robles has maintained, as is traditional, a videoconference meeting with those responsible for the missions of the armed forces abroad to congratulate the national festival, which this year recovers its usual format and scenario, after the year had to be suspended.

The owner of Defense has initiated his address wishing all troops and their families a happy day of the national holiday and has told them that although they are "far physically, today they are closer than ever."

In this sense, he has expressed his gratitude for the work they are doing in their different missions defending peace, security and freedom in the world, and by bringing the name of Spain tall.

The fear that Pedro Sánchez is booed was fulfilled. The President of the Government was received with whistles upon arrival at the parade for the day of the national holiday. He has not been the first president of the sonorously criticized executive. But the first military act, with public, that is celebrated after the pandemic.

Vox has deployed08.00 in the morning at the Pont de Pedra de Girona a banner of more than 100 square meters in which October 12 could be read. National Festival ', on the occasion of the Day of Hispanidad.

In a statement, the Vox deputy at Parlament Alberto Tarradas has assured that Girona has thus recovered "the pride of belonging to Spain" and considers that they have shown it with the deployment of this banner.

"We are not going to claudicate in the defense of the values and ties that bind us to all," he said, who has added that this would not be possible without the social support of the gerunans of the formation of Santiago Abascal.

The Royal Palace will welcome on Tuesday the traditional reception on the day of the National Festival, chaired by the Kings of Spain, which this year will be "reduced by health reasons," according to the Casa del Real.

Last year, by the pandemic, an act was held in the courtyard of the Armory of the Royal Palace, outdoors, very reduced, in which the members of the Government, the dome of the Armed Forces and the authorities of the Community were of Madrid and the City Council. However, there was no traditional reception to representatives of civil society for the restrictions of the pandemic.

This year, with more than 70% of the vaccinated population, Zarzuela returns to organize the traditional 'Besamanos' in the throne room, in which the guests, many less than the usual ones (before the pandemic were about 500 people) To the kings.

Sources of the King's house needed to avoid "high concentrations of people in interior spaces", which "will be mandatory the use of the mask and will not serve drinks."

The Five Ministers of the Government appointed at the proposal of the United States and three deputies of its parliamentary group attend the military parade on Tuesday on Tuesday on the day of the national holiday and the subsequent reception of the king at the Royal Palace, in which he will be the More numerous representation of the confederal space since it entered the institutions.

As they have confirmed, the second vice president of the government and minister of work and social economy, Yolanda Díaz; The Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and General Secretary of Can, Ione Belarra; Equality and also leader of this match, Irene Montero; the minister of consumption and federal coordinator of the United Left, Alberto Garzón; And the Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, who does not militate in any party but was appointed to a proposal of Comú Pod.

In addition to these five ministers, they will attend the parade and the subsequent audience in the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom Group, we can: The third Vice President of Congress, Elizo Glory; The parliamentarian of Comú Podim Ismael Cortés, and the Andalusian deputy of we can watch Martina.

Even though last week the University of Autumn of We can renewed its commitment to a Republican system, the confederal space will send the most nourished representation of its history to this parade chaired by the king and the later reception at the Royal Palace.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has called this October 12 to claim Spain as a "cozy, open" and "diverse" country, and to celebrate "multilateralism" and "solidarity".

Sánchez has thus pronounced on his official Twitter profile, in which on the occasion of the National Festival he has written: "This October 12 we vindicate what unites us, which is engaged as a society, which makes Spain a cozy country , open, diverse. We celebrate our commitment, solidarity, cooperation, multilateralism. Let's celebrate what we are ".

Also the leader of the PP, Pablo Married, has referred on a Tuit to the commemoration of the Day of Hispanidad and has appealed to celebrate this party in front of the "false black legend" against the history of Spain, in allusion to those who criticize this celebration.

"We proudly celebrated the national holiday and the day of Hispanidad, more this year in front of the false black legend against the history of Spain, which has been fundamental for humanity. Flag of Spain. Happy day of our patron, the Virgin of the Pillar, and the Aragonese and the Civil Guard, "has underlined married.

As every October 12 in Barcelona, constitutional entities go out to claim the day of Hispanidad and to remember that the "full validity of the legal framework that delimits the" constitutional legality despite the fact that the independence process has lost strength in the last years. However, these entities urge to respect in Catalonia "the symbols, institutions, common language and the current legality" as they consider that Government and other administrations in which the sovereign parties govern it.

Therefore, the Catalonia platform sums by Spain, which brings together entities such as Espanya I Catalans, Catalan civil society, citizen impulse or assembly for a bilingual school, among others, has summoned a demonstration through the center of the city to which they support Vox, citizens and PP parties, while socialists have given freedom to their supporters to come. Along with this march, which will end up in Plaza Catalonia, some entities will make informative tents to explain their work.

Before the demonstration, Catalonia sum for Spain has summoned a floral offering before the Columbus Monument to which some representatives of Parllament and Barcelona City Council of PP, VOX and CS will also attend.

Also as every October 12, the independence left and the CDR have convened several protests against "Spanishism, always of the hand of fascism and the oppression of the peoples, celebrates and glorifies extermination, looting and submission," in reference To the conquest of America. They will first do a concentration in the center of Barcelona at noon and a march in the afternoon, as in other Catalan cities.

It will not be the only act expected since entities and parties of extreme right, such as national democracy, also summoned in the Sant Jordi square of Montjuïc as every year. This time the motto is 'glory and honor to our 1492' heroes.

The presidents of Catalonia, Pere Aragonés; of Euskadi, Iñigo Urkullu, by Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo; And from Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, will be the only autonomous leaders who will not travel on Tuesday to Madrid to participate in the Acts of the Day of the National Festival. While Feijoó and García Page will be attended for reasons for Agenda, Aragonés and Urkullu repeat the seedlings of other years.

The absences of the leaders of Catalonia and Euskadi in the acts of October 12 are habitual. In fact, from the Governan they have advanced that they will not celebrate that day and will gather this Tuesday also to the EXECUTIU Consell.

The novelty is the absence of the presidents of Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha. In the case of Feijóo, he has decided not to travel to Madrid to stay in Galicia preparing the debate on the state of autonomy, which begins the next day, on Wednesday, day 13.

Pages is in Brussels, where he will attend an important vote on Tuesday for his region, as explained by Sources of Executive Castellanoncomgo.

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