Olaf Scholz, the Social Democrat who wants to be Merkel

The Social Democrat OLAF Scholz takes so long carrying out public charges with official car that the co-chairs of his party, Saskia Esken, is not sure he remain

Olaf Scholz, the Social Democrat who wants to be Merkel

The Social Democrat OLAF Scholz takes so long carrying out public charges with official car that the co-chairs of his party, Saskia Esken, is not sure he remains social democratic. Eskeno said it that, in a political debate program of maximum audience and caused such a stir that she was shortly after she received the phone call from his candidate to the German chancellery in the elections of this September 26.

Essen apologized, but some reason he did. Scholz is a late professional politician, but since he obtained his first seat as a deputy in 1998, at age 40, he has always exercised senior charges has been with bodyguards for 23 years, by the way, he does not like the residents of the building in the That now lives, in the city of Postdam. The community tried to judicially prevent them from being armed by stairs, which will review garbage containers or block parking. They did not succeed, because the finance minister and possible future chancellor is a "good" to protect. And so protected is that in a recent debate with public he was caught on a question about the price of gasoline. Scholz did not know it. He explained that by the safety of him does not get off the car to load gas.

Scholz looks at the window from the back seats, but his site is in the treasure safe. He thinks of macro, handles public accounts, calculates in trillions and that forces him to be as pragmatic as the chancellor Angela Merkel, the austere chief of him. It has been mimicked with it that Scholz who already poses before the cameras with his hands forming the Merkelian diamond, as if it were him and not the rival of her conservative of her, Armin Laschet, the legitimate heir of the chancellor.

It has been a constant in the German media articles in which its author wondered how much of Merkel in Scholz or how much SPD was in his candidate. There are no answers because Merkel has not been a conservative for use and SPD is a match in which many currents conclude. The one who currently leads the executive, with Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans at the head, is the most leftist. Against that tandem she competed and lost moderate Scholz the primaries for the co-chair of the party, although the defeat of her sweetened later with an offer to the candidacy.

Scholz never answers whether it would form a coalition with Die Linke (left), party that Walter-.borjans and Esken feel close and either if I would do ministers to the co-presidents of his party. "If SPD wins the elections I will be the chancellor," replies by the minister, attributing an authority for eventual negotiations for the training of government that he does not have.

His campaign, yes, he has been a personalist. The SPD strategists have tried to avoid the flight effect that could cause radical figures such as Eskeno, Borjans and the former Leader of Socialist Youth, Kevin Kühnert. None of them appears on the electoral posters and have not been lavished in the media either. All protagonism has been for Scholz with the difference that Scholz is not Willy Brandt.

Those who are Scholz is a more finance minister who aspires to be chancellor. He is the sixth one who tries it in Germany and in tenor of the demonstrators, he may have him. The first was the Bávaro Conservative, Franz Josef Strauss in 1980.

They followed the Social Democrat Helmut Schmidt, the only one who has achieved it so far, and Oskar Lafontaine. Then Peer Steinbruch tried and the same ambitions came to have the conservative Wolfgang Schaüble,

Scholz's political career has elapsed between Hamburg and Berlin. After a first mandate as a federal deputy, in 2001 he assumed the interior responsibilities of the Hanseatic city and later the General Secretariat of SPD. In 2007 he became part of the first great coalition with Merkel in power with work portfolio and social affairs.

By decking the Christianodemocratic Union (CDU) by the FDP Liberals for a second legislature, Scholz returned to Hamburg, whose mayor conquered for the SPD two years later, in 2011, in coalition with the Greens. As Mayor-Governor of the Hanseatic City until 2018, Scholz, leaves a failed city candidacy to house the 2024 Summer Olympics, a G-7 summit with police violence on the streets, but also a debt restructuring agreement With the European Commission that allowed HSH Nordbank to get rid of 6,200 million euros in assets to avoid closing. He saved 2,500 jobs. Housing Housing Policy is now considered exemplary and he managed to rent in the very expensive Hamburg no longer disparate.

Scholz became militant from SPD at age 17, age in which NATO saw as an aggressive and imperialist arm and almost is an obligation to combat the capitalist economy, although he does not come from the radical wing of SPD. Now, as a minister, it charges 200,000 gross euros a year, to which the salary of his wife and Minister of Education of the Federated State of Brandenburg, Britta Ernst, has been added, Britta Ernst, since 2017. The couple has no children, but both were actively involved in The initiative "More time for children".

Scholz was born on June 14, 1959 in Osnabrück in the midst of a middle class family. He has two brothers. His grandfather worked on the railroads and parents of him in the textile sector. He studied law, specialized in labor and created his own firm, which still exists.

From his childhood and first youth it is known that he hated physical education and that he could jumped that class. He now runs regularly, riding a bicycle and row, without fixed direction, without measuring applications, without music and without thinking about anything, according to the social democratic candidate. He sleeps well and deeply, though like most people, less than what he would like. On weekends, he leaves for it to stick the sheets.

Except for the toupee and crazy mane that looked in his youth and from which only reminder remains, Scholz is the incarnation of continuity, a virtue that can be associated with boredom. Scholz does not raise passions, his voice tone is monotonous, the speeches of him are bruised numbers with words, he never loses the stirrups and does not gesticulate either. But it is bright and he is the only option that SPD has to conquer the chancellery.

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 19:21

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