Pedro Sánchez commits the government with the repeal of labor reform but wants it to be agreement with the CEOE

Key quote in La Moncloa. Meeting of Pedro Sánchez with vice presidenties Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz to address labor reform, set a joint position from the

Pedro Sánchez commits the government with the repeal of labor reform but wants it to be agreement with the CEOE

Key quote in La Moncloa. Meeting of Pedro Sánchez with vice presidenties Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz to address labor reform, set a joint position from the Government, before the different positions on the draft of the same manifested by the two vice presidenties. Without entering deeply in the content, the Executive shows its "commitment" with the "Doping of the 2012 Labor Reform on the terms established by the Coalition Agreement and the Recovery Plan sent to the European Commission." But it adds a key nuance for the PSOE: He wants employers to be part of the covenant that is reached. That is its purpose before a calendar that sets the end of the year as a deadline.

The Government employs the word "repeal" that both Sánchez and Calviño had avoided employing in recent days during the G-20 Summit. To try to redirect the damage that this crisis of labor reform is causing the coalition, the head of the executive was forced to articulate a meeting at the presidential complex, which have also attended the Ministers and Ministers of Finance, Social Security and education.

The position that comes out of the conclave is to keep the government dry, not wet. On the one hand, it ratifies the Government Covenant signed by PSOE and united we can, but the socialist part has introduced a key nuance: "The Government seeks, through social dialogue, an agreement with all the right and balanced parties." That is, prioritize that "repeal" has the approval of the CEOE. That there is agreement with unions, but also with entrepreneurs.

To demonstrate this priority, this "condition of possibility" that Paul Iglesias would say, the Government puts as examples to follow the repeal of Article 52.D that allowed the dismissal of medical low, the Equality Regulations, the Rider Law or The work at a distance. In all, there was agreement with employers and unions. It is the path that Moncloa wants.

United We can achieve that the two part of the government packet speak of "repeal" and that consider it an achievement for them, but the PSOE achieves that the CEOE participation is established as a condition, a priori, for the agreement. The commitment to Brussels is to have a list this reform before the end of the year. It is here to see if the calendar and the position of the entrepreneurs allows this intention of the PSOE or the calendar is imposed on the Covenant.

"It is about approved, before 2021, a modern labor legislation that revises the imbalances of the 2012 reform and leave behind the structural problems of our labor market," they say from the government.

In the socialist sector they succeed that work was not doing everything possible at the table of social dialogue to incorporate the employer. Therefore, the socialist sector pressed to sit at the negotiating table. Sánchez gave the placet and although the leadership of the dialogue is recognized to Yolanda Díaz, she is touched by Economy (Calviño) and Social Security (Escrivá) who come with two general directors.

The meeting that was supposed to reduce the tension of the coalition, has lasted less than an hour. The agreement does not suppose anything other than returning to the exit box. Take as reference the Government Pact and the plan sent to Brussels. It does not detail the letter and how the topics that provoke the most friction arranges in government: temporality, ultraactivity or agreements.

"Temporality and precariousness are, together with unemployment, the main anomalies of the Spanish labor market and we are determined to leave them behind. It is essential to have balanced tools in collective bargaining and at the same time, establish clear conditions for subcontracting," expose In the government, in a joint vision of the agreed meeting between PSOE and united we can.

That is, both partners have agreed a position that allows to gain time and reduce the open gap. Both PSOE and united can we show "satisfied" of the covenant. "The meeting has occurred in a positive climate and a constructive attitude," Government Sources.

We will repeal the labor reform. We will recover the labor rights ranked by the 2012 Labor Reform. We will promote the protection of working people within the framework of social dialogue and we will recover the role of collective agreements.

Specifically and as an urgent basis:

- We will repeal the possibility of dismissal due to absenteeism caused by sick leave.

- We will repeal the limitations to the temporary sphere of the collective agreement, making it reach beyond the forecasts contained therein, after the completion of its validity and until the negotiation of a new one.

- We will repeal the applicable priority of company agreements on sectoral agreements.

In addition,

- We will modify the art. 42.1 of the Statute of Workers on Hiring and Subcontracting Labor In order to limit subcontracting to specialized services outside the company's main activity.

- We will limit the ability to unilateral modification of the conditions of the contract by the company.

- We will review the mechanism of inapplication of collective agreements, facing it to salary descolination linked to serious economic causes.

Updated Date: 02 November 2021, 09:06

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