Rain of chips at the CES

The CES Fair of Las Vegas is usually as protagonists great televisions, all kinds of intelligent objects and incredibly futuristic cars but in this edition of 2

Rain of chips at the CES

The CES Fair of Las Vegas is usually as protagonists great televisions, all kinds of intelligent objects and incredibly futuristic cars but in this edition of 2022 the processors that have also stolen part of the attention.

In a year of logistics crisis and with the main factories suffering the effects of the pandemic, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA have decided to show all their letters and put their most advanced designs on the table.

Intel, for example, has reached the ESC with new chips for the 12th generation of Intel Core processors. The first CPUs, intended for powerful tables, saw the light in 2021 but now the company has ready the rest of the chips of this generation, oriented to portable and mid-range tablets.

In total, the company has brought to the CES 30 new processors. 22 of them are designed for larger machines and include options at a wide range of price that starts in the area of 40 euros and with different calculation core configurations, from the celeron with only two core to the most advanced i7 with 8 High power cores and 4 high efficiency that complement CORE I9 launched last year. Several of them also have integrated GPU.

For portable equipment, Intel has announced the H series chips, designed for high-end equipment focused on intensive graphic tasks. These processors have a consumption of 45W and therefore they dream of being integrated into heavier but also more powerful laptops.

Built with the Intel 7 process, the series is led by the Intel Core I9-12900HK, a processor that is 28% faster and 40% more efficient than the previous processor for the company's most advanced laptop, I9-11980HK . Intel ensures that this new chip is also more powerful than Apple's M1 Max.

In addition to the processors, Intel showed more than 20 new portables of all types of manufacturers equipped with the H series of the Intel Core of 12th generation. These teams will arrive at the market in the spring of this year.

In addition to the H series processors, Intel also showed the technical characteristics of the P and U series processors, which have minors consumption and are designed for fine and lightweight laptops.

Intel's main rival, AMD, has also brought CES new chips. The star of your conference was the Ryzen 6000 series, designed for high performance portable equipment and that will have 10 different models of processor, manufactured with the process of 6 TSMC nanometers and Zen 3+ architecture, more efficient at the time of Regulate the power that consumes the different Chios according to the task to be performed.

The processors have integrated GPU and AMD have devoted much more attention to this section, with much greater cache for graphic tasks and various optimizations to maximize the process capacity.

Although the equipment can still be used an additional graphical card, those laptops that decide to use the integrated processor will be able to move even the most advanced games with relative ease.

According to AMD, more than 200 laptop models that will be presented at 2022 will use these new process centers.

Finally, NVIDIA has also wanted to surprise this CES, although finally it has done it at a completely virtual conference.

The company, leader in the manufacture of graphic process units, has new cards lists to give the most advanced graphic laptops and a more affordable option, also for tables.

In the coming months laptop manufacturers can begin to integrate the new RTX 3080 IT, 3070 IT, and 3090 IT on their teams. The first presume of having 16 GB of integrated GDDR6 memory and would be comparable in graphic power. Alas offers that the company has on tables. The 3070i is somewhat less powerful but it is focused on laptops for somewhat cheaper games. Even so, the company promises a solid performance to 100 tables per second in games that run at 1440p of resolution.

The 3090 IT will be more advanced the year, and NVIDIA has equipped it with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, the fastest memory available today.

For players looking for a desktop PC, the last months have been very hard. There is a great scarcity of graphic cards in the market and resale prices even make even more modest options in a luxury within reach.

NVIDIA expects to change the dynamics with the RTX 3050, which will arrive with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory and a price of $ 250 (approximately same amount in euros). It is the less powerful graphics card of the current generation but will be able to give a solid performance with high quality games running to 60 tables per second even with lighting effects by Ray-Tracing.

The company has also taken advantage of the series to launch a new line of monitors focused on professional videogame competitions. With 1440p resolution and a size of 27 "will support refresh frequencies of up to 360Hz and several nvidia-typical technologies to minimize the delay and ensure a reliable reproduction of colors.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 01:47

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