SECRET STORY, GALA 5: EMMY, expelled from the house of the secrets, reveals that his mother left her

The Fifth Gala of Secret Story, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, leaves Emmy Russ out of the House of Secrets upon receiving more audience votes than the bull

SECRET STORY, GALA 5: EMMY, expelled from the house of the secrets, reveals that his mother left her

The Fifth Gala of Secret Story, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, leaves Emmy Russ out of the House of Secrets upon receiving more audience votes than the bullfighter José Antonio Canales Rivera. The Queen of Realities in Germany confesses that she lived in a minor center after her mother abandoned her in Alicante when she still did not know how to speak Spanish. Isabel Rábago, Adara Molinero and Lucía Relative, the new nominees to leave the program. Thus we have counted the last delivery of this reality of Telecinco:

So far everything that has given the Fifth Gala of Secret Story, the House of Secrets. Until next week!

Luca, Adara and Lucia are the contestants that have received more points to be nominated. However, Luca and Julen use the power of the exchange. Although Julen recognizes that he would like to save Lucia, they finally agree between them that is Luca who leaves the nominees and Isabel, which will be played on expulsion.

Isabel, Adara and Lucia end the night like the three nominees.

The rest of the contestants have continued eating peppers for nominating:

The German reveals his secret (although soon before he had ahead of Luis Rollán): "I lived in a minor center because my mother abandoned me." The German explains that, with 17 newly fulfilled, the mother left her in Alicante. "I still did not speak Spanish, we got sick; One day I got home and was totally empty, including my passport, and I went to Commissioner, from where they took me to a minor center." In addition, she says she, at the center feed the children a lot.

This is how the first five contestants have nominated:

To nominate, each contestant has before them four peppers, ordered from less to more spicy and valued with 1, 2, 3 and 6 points respectively, to assign their nominees. The more peppers eat each contestant in a limited time, more points she is going to have to distribute in her nominations.

Disguised, contestants rush to find the pepper with which to achieve immunity. The winner has been Cristina. The rest of the inhabitants stay with stretched faces.

Life is still without Emmy. To achieve immunity in nominations, contestants should look for a pepper of the size of the "channel tail", as Jorge Javier Vázquez described.

Luis Rollán shares with Emmy the last minutes of the German in the house. She remembers her stage in the boarding school, where she forced him to clean up, to justify her pasotism in cleaning work. "I have a trauma with scrubbing the ground, because it was the first thing that had to be done in the mornings in the minor center."

Emmy's attitude for the hard infancy she had. Meanwhile, Rivera Canales returns triumphant to the dining room, where she receives the congratulations of her companions.

Now yes. "The public has decided with their votes to leave the house of the secrets ... Emmy !!!

"It's very sorry to go because you get used to the house and people," says an excited Emmy. "I'm looking forward to going to set with my head high as the Emmy who entered the house," she adds.

The time of expulsion arrives. One of the two nominees will come out of the house. Who? We will have to wait for the six minutes of advertisements to spend.

Every time less needs to know who expels the audience. Channels and Emmy are together in the room, reviewing their last days at home. Jorge Javier reminds Joseph Antonio that he called the vague and capricious companion of him. Both try to explain their positions and opinions.

Good summary of the olympic tests that Secret Story contestants are carrying out to achieve immunity. Style and attitude to Raudales. And some dose of humor.

Jesus breaks to cry in the room as soon as Jorge Javier Vázquez asks him if he remembers someone and teaches the video of Natalia, his ex-girlfriend, who has just entered the house.

"Go pick it up!" He asks for the presenter. Jesus and Natalia embrace as they can with the screen with holes, measured by the Covid.

Daniel and Jesus remember the sour face to face last Tuesday with Adara, after she discovered through some videos what the Gemeliers said from her behind her. "Your mask has just dropped in a second," she snapped. Jesus reacted, taking out the issue of how little he cleans Adara.

Lucia relative comes into play by giving reason to the Gemeliers. According to her, Adara vague and clean little.

Daniel apologizes for calling her "slut" and "dirty", but he keeps his opinion about her. Adara complains that the two brothers are always talking about her.

The dispute over household chores continues. Adara Echaa faces that the Gemeliers are also not cousins of Don Clean, who only get up to make the food and then go back to bed. Lucia relative accuses him of leaving dirty glasses. "Liar", he writes the winner of GH VIP. Drama.

Emmy observes a summary of his passage through the house to date. His anger for the loss of his toothbrush of 200 euros, his attitude not to do the tests, not want to put on the micro, accuse the program to put everyone against her ... an attitude that has not sitting well or inside or outside the house.

Jorge Javier Vázquez: "Imagine that you have a daughter like that, what would you say?

Emmy: "Mushy, I feel sorry to see these videos, I did not want this, I feel that I can not change the chip, I do not get it. Seeing the videos I feel fatal, a lot of shame and also sorrow".

The presenter reminds him that the votes are very tight: "There is nothing determined, although you think so."

Cynthia and José Antonio Canales are already seeing in the truth the videos the videos with the comments of both on the other. Frozen smiles and long faces of the two. Things of former lovers. "I can not be with a spear and a shield against someone 24 hours," he defends himself on her coldness when she arrived at home.

For his part, Cynthia remembers that she has told him that a cordial relationship of companions could have been created: "I do not know if because of the maturity that we have or for the experiences, this happens from being a friendship. I want to ask for forgiveness If at some point I have caused some pain. " They embrace. Applause on the set.

The presenter shorts a bit the good roll that had just been created by asking for the demand he has presented against her. "I do not think it's time to talk about these things, they are the courts, the lawsuit is ongoing, but I can say that we have a pending conversation and will also talk about that topic ... to see if we can get to A common agreement ".

Cynthia ends by saying that channels is a great support, which "is not a silver" and that feels "the disorder caused". He appreciates her apologies for her and ends up with a "I do not have much to say". Well that.

Adara and Cristina make Pitonisas in the house. "I see a boy and two ways. On a way there is patience ... in two years I see you married and with another son; if you take the other way, you stay alone," Cristina specifies her. Now it is the turn of Adara to decipher the future of Cristina: "You will not be able to control that passion while [that person] will continue on the same place."

The vote is compressed: Right now, 46.3% and 53.7%. It is still unknown who is each percentage. Will Emmy Russ or José Antonio Rivera stay? The sensation in social networks is that the German has more support. Maybe the bullfighting has not been very comfortable until now, nor has it been very dicharacher.

The Bride of Jesus (Gremeliers); Natalia, he will be the one who visits the house as the previous week made the mother of channels. "Jesus and Dani are complementary, not substitute", she leaves her as a starter. They stop the rotary ones.

Channels Rivera and Cynthia will enter the room of truth where they can address how their relationship has been and perhaps what they feel for each other.

And after the last announcements, finally, the curtain of the sixth Gala of Secret Story rises. "It will be a night of infarction," Vaticina Jorge Javier Vázquez.

In the snack of the gala that Telecinco has offered before 10:00 pm, Jorge Javier Vázquez explained that the game to nominate and achieve immunity will consist of eating spicy peppers. He has also connected with Emmy Russ and José Antonio Canales, who play tonight expulsion, and has shown the percentages of current public voting (45.8% and 54.2%). On the other hand, Luca and Julen get the power of the exchange after winning the proof of the fence jump.

To open a mouth, we recover this article from Esther Mucientes in which he explains in detail the row of Alba Carrillo on the set last week and ended with the model coming out of the program as a soul that carries the devil.

Goodnight everyone! Less than an hour is for a new delivery of Secret Story, the House of Secrets. Apurad what you are doing because today is night of expulsions. After Adara, Cynthia, Luca and Cristina have been able to save, Emmy and Rivera Canales are played to continue in the house. Will he regret the German having said that she wanted to leave? Will they be the last hours of José Antonio? The spectators will dictate sentence with their votes.

Date Of Update: 14 October 2021, 20:27

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