Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Folding mobiles are no longer a whim

Since Motorola and Samsung were removed from the sleeve the category of folding mobiles, all its products have had a halo of "caprice" that have not been able

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Folding mobiles are no longer a whim

Since Motorola and Samsung were removed from the sleeve the category of folding mobiles, all its products have had a halo of "caprice" that have not been able to get rid of over. In the words of the companies, they were "aspirational products".

It seems that Samsung has changed this perspective a bit for the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the third iteration of his shell mobile, that is, that closes on himself on a horizontal axis. His brother, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, who closes as a book, still seems a more exceptional and difficult to adopt product.

One of the reasons why I perceive this change is for the price: Flip 3 costs 999 euros, which is no more than what other high-end mobiles of Samsung or Apple or Xiaomi cost. Pay almost 2,000 euros for a mobile phone whose operation does not seem to be all closed that it should be something that does not make sense for a normal consumer. But 1,000 euros? That pays many people every two or three years without almost disheveled. Envada that you give me.

The other reason is evident as soon as you take the phone. For example, when you realize that the outer screen is quite useful. I remind you that shell mobiles had a little pigeon to see the time and notifications and even change the music, if they were sufficiently advanced. And now all that can be done again.

I am one that you prefer not to get the phone from your pocket if you can when something sounds, and that's why I use a smart watch to filter the notifications: if you get to the clock it is because it is worth taking your phone. This is the logic in my opinion after this screen: You have the phone at the table, a WhatsApp message that you can ignore ... and you ignore it without opening the phone and possibly offering other notifications, entering other apps Or wasting time on Instagram or Twitter or Tiktok.

Another important point that made me understand that I could seriously use this phone away from work is that it works very fast and the software is much better adapted to the mobile, something that in its first models did not see it yet.

Nor is it that certain details are very useful, how to be able to bend the phone to see YouTube in small with him leaning on the table. I want to see the video all the big thing I can, so I prefer to use the whole screen and take it with your hand. And so a little everything. What's okay to leave the phone sitting on the table to make a group picture? Great, but I do not risk a ready and I steal it.

Almost that the best thing can bend is that it enters the pants without seeming that you are very happy to see your partner and you can take it without a cover. I still think that a case does not have you left over and Samsung has done a few beautiful well, but if you fall to the ground, although it will be abolished and scored and so on, the internal screen will not be built.

The screen, by the way, that it is covered with a screen saver that I do not recommend removing, is protected very well so that dust is not counted between the hinges when you close it (it was a problem with the first fold and samsung has made many advances To avoid any problem) and that has a little bad touch. It is the fault of the plastic with which it is done. Until the glass can not be folded in half, the folding mobiles will continue to have to use plastic on the screens and these will have a tact worse than those of the rest of the telephones.

At least, Flip 3 guts are very good. It has a processor a day, enough RAM and the Susodicha screen is large, fine (which helps the phone getting great with one hand) and it works even at 120Hz. I do not recommend doing this if you want the battery that does not last a sigh: with only 3.300mAh inside, it costs to reach at the end of the day without having to recharge it at once. It is perhaps its great stick, direct consequence of the party format of the phone and I hope that in the future it can be resolved in some way.

On a day to day, I stopped noticing the curious relief that generates the hinge in the part by which the mobile is bent, just in the middle of the screen. She looks at the naked eye and touches simple finger. When doing 'Scroll' on a web page or an app, the first times you will notice that it is there. The number 20, no longer.

An important paste that would put on the phone are the cameras. Samsung produces results above most of its competitors in the high range and I would say that only Google and Apple surpass them in photography. With Flip 3, however, it seems that they have been cut and, instead of integrating S21 sensors, they have maintained exactly the same as those of the previous model of the FLIP range.

To be able to get a selfie using the camera and exterior screens is a funny detail that serves to boast of the phone a couple of times until your friends call you heavy.

Once you have gone over this mincia, you realize that the camera is far behind what is expected of a thousand euro phone. Nothing of dramatic zooms or gigantic lenses. I do not know if it is a format limitation or that Samsung has decided to shorten here to adjust to the price they wanted, but it is a shame that a phone so good and that finally works as it should be short at one of the critical points to be able Recommend it.

It's not that I do the same photos as a telephone of 300 euros, because the result can be very good if you have a well-lit scene. If you ask you to make flowers in dark, backlit or in rapid movements, you will be more annoyed. You will have a lot of noise in all the photos. If you have pets, get ready for your hair to seem sewing needles as much as it processes it. The faces do not seem natural because it softens a lot of skin defects. And, this being something typical of Samsung, the colors are very saturated.

But let's be honest: If you propose to buy this phone, it is not because I have a hallucinating cameras or a battery that lasts all day. What you want is to take it out of your pocket and let people flip. And I understand, comrade.

Not once of which I have taken on the mobile in the writing of the world while analyzing it, nor, there has not been a partner who has not asked me about him. That if it works, that if I can bend it, that if how much it costs, etcetera.

It is clear that Samsung is what he wants with folding phones right now and that is why he does not make them as useful phones or powerful or polyvalent as his Galaxy S21; But Flip 3 is a demonstration that they are no longer just a whim: they work very well.

They are still limited by their factor. A mobile that is part in half has it complicated to have a large battery, but if in the next version of the Flip Samsung family mans to put some much more capable cameras, we may be before a mobile that could be recommended to any arranged to spend a thousand euros on a phone.

Be sure. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 has some limitations as a telephone, but its ease of use and the likement that gives 'split it' in half, to which you have to add the possible changes to the better in your way of using the phone, may be enough To justify your purchase. If you have or want to spend a thousand euros.

Date Of Update: 05 September 2021, 06:01

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