The Brexit enlarges the division in families and in political parties

The daily british decry the "humiliation" and "ambush" that was suffered by Johnson in LuxemburgoCameron is positioned in favour of a second referendum Brex

The Brexit enlarges the division in families and in political parties
The daily british decry the "humiliation" and "ambush" that was suffered by Johnson in LuxemburgoCameron is positioned in favour of a second referendum BrexitLas latest possibilities that we are the "premier" to achieve the Brexit October 31

The Uk is today a country more broken than ever. People intellectually outstanding you argue with aplomb and apparent conviction exactly the opposite about the same topic. And the positions seem set in stone, although you will knowing any exception. Boris Johnson lost the support of his brother, who left the Government for this crisis. In contrast, his father, Stanley Johnson, he has expressed on multiple occasions his europeanism, confesses now openly that he has crossed the line and is on the side of his son, the prime minister.

The writer Henry Porter, columnist for "The Guardian" notes that 52 percent of young people do not know what they are going to vote in the upcoming election and says that it gives him hopes of change. Although, given that the most support to the permanence, was among the young people, that more than half do not know what they are going to vote may not be a fact so positive. Porter says that grows the concern of the people for the immediate problems, and shows his despair at the inability of the Labour Party to present valid alternatives. "Jeremy Corbyn is a marxist classic, and his right hand, John McDonnell, is leninist. They combine very well", he with the face of despair.

The only example of unity occurs in the liberaldemócratas, that this week they held their conference. In it, its new leader, Jo Swinson, has promised to withdraw the request for application of article 50 of the EU Treaty, which was invoked to set in motion the withdrawal. Lord Razzall, a former treasurer of the party, explains that in order to win they need 35 percent of the vote, and the polls give them this week the 25 and the second place ahead of labour. "We have to get the other 10 of those labour who do not want to Corbyn and the conservatives that are supporters of stay".

But the division is enlarged in families and in other political parties. The labour mp Stephen Kinnock warned Corbyn Thursday that up to 30 mps are ready to support Johnson against any agreement that you present to the Camera even though his party did not do so. Kinnock is a person is especially relevant in the party: he is the son of Neil Kinnock, former leader and vice-president of the European Commission. Stephen is married with the former prime minister Danish Helle Thorning-Schmidt.


On the other hand, the thing is worse. As David says Campbell, editor of "Everyman's Library", Boris Johnson has been thrown out the window three hundred years of history conservative. In a week he has lost a Churchill, Nicky Soames, and the duke of Wellington, Charles Wellington, has been removed in the game which is always played and he was a deputy in the European Parliament.

But the Government continues to have broad support. Charles Moore, former editor of "The Daily Telegraph" and official biographer of Lady Thatcher -has already handed over to his publisher the third and last volume - believes that labour and liberaldemócratas "they are afraid of the ballot box" which creates the strange situation that "those who accuse the Government of violating democracy by having settled office the period of sessions, the longest since the Second World War are the same that are not allowed to vote to citizens".

And that is the next stop on the march to the end date of the Brexit.

At the beginning of the next week we will know the resolution of the Supreme Court on the lawsuits against the suspension of Parliament. Justice scotland ruled that it was illegal and the british that it was legal, the reason they have ended up in the Supreme court of new creation. But even if it is a court with only a decade old, it still has quirks unimaginable in any other country. The president, lady Hale, demanded last Wednesday the Government's representation that the prime minister will send a written statement of what you will do when you receive the statement. In any other judicial system is unimaginable that ask for that the defendant. If you fail to comply with a judgment or attempted to vadearla, the convicted person would have to deal again with the Justice. But that may not be what determines if he is guilty or not. In any case, looks bad for the Government.

The Uk is actually today the kingdom split in two. They all say that they want an agreement, but it is still unlikely to achieve one. And if there is no one here to 31 October, does not understand why he would pull his pants the European Union and to grant yet another postponement. It is equally unlikely that an agreement is reached for the next 31 January. And then there will be the added cost of three more months of paralysis for all.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2019, 05:01

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