The Game Awards 2021: It Takes Two Chosen 'Best Video Game'

It Takes Two, the video game of action and adventures developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronci Arts, has received the award in the game catego

The Game Awards 2021: It Takes Two Chosen 'Best Video Game'

It Takes Two, the video game of action and adventures developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronci Arts, has received the award in the game category of the year at The Game Awards 2021, one of the five awards to which he aspired in this edition.

The Game Awards 2021, founded by the Geoff Keighley businessman and six years ago, have been delivered during the morning of this Friday at the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles (United States), where a total of 26 prizes were delivered and had great IT PROTAGONISM IT TAKES TWO.

The founder of Hazelight Studios, Josef Fares, was in charge of collecting the Best Video Game award for this adventure and cooperation game that star in two characters, Cody and May, who must overcome a series of tests to prevent their marriage to finish .

In addition to this distinction, IT Takes It Two figured as a winner in other categories, such as Best Family Game and Best Multiplayer Game. Together with Forza Horizon 5, it was the title that received a greater number of recognition along the gala.

This racing videogame developed by Playground Games and distributed by Xbox Game Studios received the three prizes on which it was a nominated: Best Sound Design, Best Sports / Career Set and Innovation Award Access.

Other titles that sounded on more than one occasion during the Game Awards Gala 2021 were Deathloop, in the best direction category and better artistic direction; Final Fantasy XIV, in a better game in constant evolution and support to the community; And Kena: Bridge of Spirits, unless indie and better indie debut.

The award for the best narrative fell on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, the best soundtrack and music was for the Japanese composer Keiichi Okabe for his work for Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139, and the best performance for Maggie Robertson, which embodies the character of Lady Dimitresc at Resident Evil Village.

Likewise, the most impact game award for the year has been for Life Is Strange: True Colors, while Genshin Impact has been recognized as a better mobile game; Resident Evil 4, as best game VR / AR; Rorthin, as a better action game; and Metroid Dread, as a better action / adventure game.

Finally, the creators of Tales of Arise collected the prize in the category of Best Role Game, Guilty Gear -Strive- as Best Fighting Game, Age of Empires IV as Best Sunman / Strategy Game, and the most expected title fell In the hands of Elden Ring.

The 'Esports', video game competitions, were also the great protagonists of the night and, specifically, it was the title of League of Legends that repeated up to two occasions in different categories.

This videogame developed by Riot Games received the award for the best game 'esport' of the year, an acknowledgment for which it competed with titles of the size of Valorant (Riot Games), CS: Go and Dota2, both from Valve, and Call of Duty (Activision).

In addition, the Championship 2021 League of Legends World Championship, whose final took place on November 6 in the city of Reykjavik (Iceland), received the prize for the best 'Esport' event.

The Ukrainian player Oleksandr 'S1MPLE' Kostyliev, 24, was consecrated as the best ESPORT Athlete, Natus Vincere (CS: Go) was recognized as the owner of the best ESPORT team, while the best coach of these virtual sports competitions was Kim "Kkoma" Jeong-Gyun.

Game of the year

Better address

Better support.

Best Indie.

Better indie debut

Best narrative

Better Art Direction

Best Sonora Band.

Best sound design

Best Performance

Impact games

Best Community Support

Best mobile game

Best game actually virtual

Best action game

Best action game / adventure

Best role game

Best fighting game

Best family game

Best sports or driving game

Best game Simulator or strategy

Best multiplayer

Most expected game

Innovation in accessibility

Content creator of the year

Mejor of sports

Mejor Athlete Sports


Best coach ESPORTS.


Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 12:58

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