The best moments of Rajoy in the anthill

Mariano Rajoy is missing him. A nostalgia shared even by the detractors of him. Because, beyond the political aspects, who has not missed any disconcerting

The best moments of Rajoy in the anthill

Mariano Rajoy is missing him. A nostalgia shared even by the detractors of him. Because, beyond the political aspects, who has not missed any disconcerting statement in the last times? The Chuches, the neighbor and the mayor, that 'live the wine! Therefore, and for much more, the visit of Him to El Anthillo next Thursday, December 2, is an event expected by many.

Rajoy returns. To the Pablo Motorcycle program. It will be the third appearance of it on antenna set 3, this time to present the new book of him, adult policy, which goes on sale that same day. It is the second book that the former Government president has written since he regained his life as a property registrar in the Mercantile Registry. Precisely, his last step by the anthill was at the end of 2019 to present another book, a better Spain, while his first visit occurred in the 2016 elections, those that Rajoy won and that the dessert was the end of his career Politics after the motion of censorship.

Although Mariano Rajoy is not Will Smith, his visits to the anthill also left a few moments to remember.

Rajoy's visit to El Anthillo on December 10, 2019 was the most enjoyable to date. Disposy of the Moncloa, he was more Marian than ever, without the ties imposed by the position. Relaxed, he did not hesitate to accept the presenter's invitation to leave the set and go to a bar close to Atresmedia's studios to take the reeds and converse placidly live. "I'm going to have a beer like the one I took on the motion of censorship," the former president said to that eight-hour meal that took place in a restaurant near Congress while the debate of the censorship was celebrated. . However, bikes did not fulfill Rajoy's desire and ended up asking for beer without alcohol.

And he spoke again about his enclosure in that restaurant near the congress: "The only thing I remember is that I had a great time. But there are people who do not like that you have a good time. I like to see people Happy, if you are positive, you can even with the toughest things. Laughing is very important. " Of course, he defended the absence of him in the debate, making him already in the morning, when the presence of him was necessary.

Another juicy moment was when the presenter gave him to choose between Felipe González and José María Aznar. "Step word", he just answered Mariano Rajoy, two words that said a lot. Or when the mattress theme came out that Pedro Sánchez changed as soon as he stepped on the Moncloa: "I would have gone better with my mattress because you had hit some good qualities."

The polishs to the current president of the government followed with a mesura but without pause. He did get the fang on a occasion to reflect on the motion of censorship: "We were aware that they were going to do it. After the 2016 elections, the PSOE let us rule because Rubalcaba, Javier Fernández, Susana Díaz and company did not want to agree With independence. Then, Pedro Sánchez left, but then he returned the motion. They did what they did not ask before: to ally with the independence. The most relevant thing was that once again in Spain he bet on extremism and by a government I could not govern. "

The first time Mariano Rajoy was peeked by the anthill was on June 22, 2016. Then he arrived as President of the Government in Functions and candidate by the Popular Party and the interview gave less game, especially since the presenter opted for entertaining al Guest instead of putting him in any kind of squeeze.

This thus started the interview:

Pablo Motos.- Have you ever danced the anthem merengue from the PP in private?

Mariano Rajoy.- "No, I have left it for Moragas, which is the one who invented it."

As Esther Mucientes summarized in his chronicle: "Rajoy had a good time until with the ants, and that while doing his individual questions (that if he has been lost in the Moncloa, that if he has finished a conversation with his wife with a" Because I am the president and point ball "...) the president thought that the means they were appointed -'corriere from the will be of the ear'- they were up to real. 'Of the brand have said?'. If Rajoy does not demonstrate to be Rajoy, it's not Rajoy ".

At the time president did not mind addressing one of his mythical phrases, in particular that of "is the neighbor who chooses the mayor and is the mayor who wants neighbors the mayor". The confession of him was the following: "I remember the first part because it is so, it is the neighbor who chooses the mayor, but from the other party is that I do not know what I said."

The anthill team prepared that day a tailored challenge of the guest: get on a treadmill and at the same time demonstrate its knowledge about Spanish geography. And Rajoy embroidered it. With the habitual tone of him, despite going at a speed of 7 km / h and with a slope of 4.5 degrees, Rajoy was giving names of localities of the Valencian Community and the province of Málaga.

And he also talked about that helicopter accident he suffered with Esperanza Aguirre.

Motorcycle.- If you tell you that if you climb a helicopter I would have an absolute majority, would it go up?

Rajoy.- You can live without riding helicopter.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 10:57

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