The eleven questions of Citizens on the sleep problems by Pedro Sánchez

All against Sanchez: "How Are you going to sleep knowing that we are going to elections?"Sanchez: "No he will sleep easy with a we Can in the Government" T

The eleven questions of Citizens on the sleep problems by Pedro Sánchez
All against Sanchez: "How Are you going to sleep knowing that we are going to elections?"Sanchez: "No he will sleep easy with a we Can in the Government"

The certainty that there will be elections in the next November 10 have turned on the electoral machinery of all political parties. Although they may deny it, each intervention and each initiative are measures to try to come out ahead in this second round at the polls.

Yesterday, the secretary-general of the PSOE , Pedro Sanchez , he tried to justify in The Sixth his rejection of a coalition government with Can that had already accepted in July. According to him, if the companions of the rows of Pablo Iglesias had entered the Council of Ministers, "no he will sleep for the night."

The victimhood displayed yesterday by Sanchez in "Al rojo vivo" has not deployed in the Citizens (Cs), who has registered today a battery of questions to the Government full of irony to the "sleep problems" of the socialist candidate to the Presidency.

1. The negotiations

"What's your opinion of the Government that the candidate proposed by the head of State, mr. Pedro Sánchez, has been sharing ministries and armchairs for six months with a party that does not allow you to sleep easy?".

In the first of the eleven questions, to which Cs request government response, in writing, the liberal party is evidence of the inconsistency between the negotiations undertaken by Sanchez from the 28-A with United we Can and your statement now, after having blamed the opposition to the full of the repeat election, that he could not "sleep at night" with them in the executive. The leader of the PSOE came to propose to Can a vice-president for Irene Montero and other three ministries, but after he rejected offers very similar purple for "loss of confidence".

2. Covenants autonomic

"to what degree will keep you from sleeping to the president the Governments of the seven autonomous communities in which rules with that game that you remove the sleep? Do you think the Government that the conscience of the president Sanchez is, perhaps, more pointed than those of Maria Chivite, Ximo Puig, Javier Lambán, or Francina Armengol?".

The PSOE is governing in a coalition with United we Can —and with other parties in some cases, such as in Navarra and Valencia— in up to seven autonomous communities. Programs we Can not diverge from one territory to another territory, so that Cs is wondering why the socialists have been sealed coalition governments with them at the regional level, but they can't replicate them at the national level. An argument also used by Churches in their negotiations with Sanchez.

3. EH Bildu

"do you Think this Government that the president of Navarre sleeping well at night with Otegui as a partner of government ?".

The "pact of shame," as defined in his day Rivera, the Government of Navarre , is the occasion of a question on an individual basis. This time not concerned about the reconciliation of the dream of the president of the Government on functions, but the chief Executive navarro, the socialist María Chivite . In the Foral Community won the elections the coalition constitutionalist Navarra Sum , but the PSN preferred to ally with the nationalists of Geroa Bai , and with the radical left. To top it all off, the arithmetic demanded by the abstention of EH Bildu —a coalition heir to the outlawed Batasuna— and it does depend on the legislature of the "abertzales".

4. Impuestazos

"do you Believe the Government that the unemployed, the self-employed, the spaniards who arrive just to the end of the month or the mothers and fathers sleep well when Sanchez refuses to accept the proposal of Citizens not to onto loaded more taxes and maintains the idea of we Can increase to 30,000 million in spending and more than seven impuestazos ?".

The State Budget agreed upon between the PSOE and we Can and lying by the Congress provided for an increase of taxes that is "a swath" to the families, according to Cs. The liberals demanded Sanchez as a condition to refrain at his inauguration that he would renounce the "impuestazos", but the chief Executive in functions desoyó this and the other two requests for the Cs.

5. Tributes to eta

"what bothered the president of the Government that have been held under its mandate, more than two hundred tributes to eta ?".

Citizens has spent years demanding, in vain, to prohibit by law the tributes to eta.

6. Alsasua

"did You remove the dream of this Government, the welfare of the civil guards stationed in Alsasua ?".

The assault on two civil guards and their partners in Alsasua (Navarre) led him to Cs two years later to celebrate an event in the town in tribute and defense of the Civil Guard . According to the socialist spokeswoman in the Senate, Ander Gil , the liberals had only gone there to "stir up hatred".

7. Catalan constitutionalists

"do you think this Government that the Catalan constitutionalists have reason to sleep well with his inaction on the rebellion of Torra or when the Government denies that there is indoctrination or spy on the children in the schools of Catalonia? Do you confirm, to the contrary, that Torra sleep to loose leg after his refusal to apply the 155 before his call to disobedience?".

The president of Cs requested in the penultimate session of control to the Government a meeting to address a possible new application of article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia . is Quim Torra has repeatedly threatened to "heat the street" and not "comply" with the sentencing of the ringleaders of the "procés" , but there is no government response.

8. The purge of Edmundo Bal

"what bothered mr. Sánchez be dismissed by the State attorney Edmundo Bal knowing that he defended the truth of the evidence in the trial of the coup in Catalonia, and nothing more than for CKD and JxCat support him in Congress?".

In Cs are convinced that the purging of one of his signings star, the State attorney Edmundo Bal, hidden political motivations. The liberals consider the fact that the Law of the State not include violence in his indictment or that no member of the Government to discard a future pardon to political prisoners is due to a negotiation with the independents.

9. The rapporteur

"did You remove the dream have accepted the figure of the "rapporteur" in Catalonia?".

The Government came to accept the existence of a "rapporteur" in his conversations with the Generalitat , a sort of mediator that is only used normally in a conflict between two different States, and that caused outrage among the own socialist ranks. Resigned Soraya Rodriguez —now in the European Parliament with Cs— and were very critical of socialist historical as well as Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra .

10. The "police abuse"

"did You remove the sleep have endorsed the law of "police abuse" in Navarra and in the Basque Country ?".

The basque Parliament and the navarre, with the support of the PES and PSN, passed separate laws, which provide that a parliamentary commission to judge whether there was "police abuse" in his efforts to combat the terrorist activity of ETA. Cs argues that this should be decided by judges and not by politicians, and both laws are currently under consideration in the Constitutional Court .

11. Harassment in the Pride

"did You remove the dream to have justified the violence to representatives of other political formations, such as those who were reprimanded in Madrid the day of the Pride ?".

Citizens was very critical of the minister of the Interior in functions, Fernando Grande-Marlaska , by claiming that agreeing directly or indirectly with the "far-right" , was to have "consequences". The members of Cs who came to the launch of the Pride LGBTI in Madrid were reprimanded and harassed, to the point that they had to be escorted by the Police out of the demonstration to avoid greater evils.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2019, 02:01

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