The emergence of Errejón for the 10-N buried United we Can

Errejón is studying to extend his candidacy beyond Madrid at the expense of IglesiasIglesias: "no one can wonder that Sanchez preferred to make a pact with Err

The emergence of Errejón for the 10-N buried United we Can
Errejón is studying to extend his candidacy beyond Madrid at the expense of IglesiasIglesias: "no one can wonder that Sanchez preferred to make a pact with Errejón"

United we Can is not going to remain nothing more than the name . But certainly not the romantic idea of a political space of unity of political forces to the left of the PSOE. The hegemony of Can led to that formula. The risk of not doing so was the irrelevance or disappearance. Now, the fracture of the formation abode favourable divisions at the allies.

The decision of Íñigo Errejón be submitted to the elections of 10 November has been the last straw to crack this political space. While the former number two of we Can dissects the electoral map to see where you can translate their applications beyond Madrid, Paul Churches is to close the way of water that is open to the candidacy of their former colleague, .

The main concern was the case of Compromís in the Valencian Community. The organization was divided between those who prefer to reissue the pact of 2016 with United we Can and those who opt for Errejón. The own Churches spoke this weekend with the vice-president of the regional government, Monica Oltra, to assess the situation. She was in favor of adding with Churches. He had come to express publicly. And We were confident. Noting that the movement of Errejón "has split into two Compromís", but pointing out that the conglomerate nationalist valencian "has never decided something with Oltra against".

That confidence faded the stroke of a pen. The Memo, majority party within Compromís, it was gambling openly for the first option with public statements of charges such as Joan Baldoví. The Initiative had voices like that of their leader, Monica Oltra, who up until yesterday seemed to stay in favor of going with Pablo Iglesias and even suggested a sum of the three left-wing forces. Finally, in the meetings of the respective parties before the Executive board jointly, as much Initiative as the Bloc is inclined by Errejón. In the formation of Oltra there was a vote in which 23 members, three have supported the competition with Can, two abstained and the rest has been preferred Over Madrid. In the Memo did not make or missing and the decision was taken for assent.

The formula

Now, Compromís you must define the formula, which may not be the of an electoral coalition but to keep the marks of each party in their territory and carry out the campaign together to identify the unit. is Also submitted the decision to a query to the databases in which ask you for an alliance of all the forces (Over Madrid, we Can and Compromís) and, if this is not possible, if you confirm to go with Errejón. For Compromís, it is essential to form then own group in Congress. A goal that is deemed more feasible from the hand of Errejón.

Many voices in the formation valencia have had doubts about the best option. But the discourse that has prevailed is to create a new space in the that not between the debate over who is to blame for the repetition of the elections. That is to say, to move away from confrontation national between PSOE and we Can understand that the mark of the purple is more worn.

If Compromís there was division, which was resolved through the decision of their organs, in Equo what has been produced is a "fracture". Recognized it yesterday in raw form to the deputy of the party ecosocialista in the Congress, Juantxo López de Uralde. "Equo has an agreement approved by its assembly of be in the space of United we Can, our space has always been United we Can", defended yesterday the deputy in an interview on TVE. That was the co-founder and training director of Greenpeace insisted to be next to Churches is "space is good". Spoke bluntly of division, as a result of the presence this Sunday at the assembly of More Madrid of a figure as relevant as that of Inés Sabanés. The former United Left is part of Equo but she was a spokesperson for More Madrid. The training will consult this week to their home bases how to proceed in its policy of alliances. is In we Can assume with great probability Equo "will be" with Íñigo Errejón , but some game people will stick with them. As is the case of the own Uralde.

you Know that Errejón has stedfastly also in Catalonia, but here stress that they do not see any option that can add to the common. "It is very complicated that Ada go with Errejón. It would be a disappointment", they explain from we Can. Affect both in the political as in the personal relationship between the mayor of Barcelona and Churches is good, and you remember that the leader of we Can made a "great effort" to that in the general is to integrate people of Colau.

The margin of fruition or not some of these agreements, Errejón and yours are still determining where they will bid . Don't stop to recognize what accelerated the process and insist on their willingness "not to diminish the support to the block progressive". The nominations in provinces small are discarded, and only valued the large and medium-sized businesses. These are precisely the provinces that United We had seats in the 28-A.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 09:01

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