The monster to the abyss

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The monster to the abyss
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The novels of Jim Thompson are characterized for show to unscrupulous criminals who were capable of any thing so that it will not stop. Their stories repeated the same pattern: when they were to be discovered, they would return to kill . In the throes the end of the trial against Ana Julia Quezada there remains the question of where it could have come in their cruelty to such of get away with it. It was difficult, but I tried until the last moment.

it All started last week with the declaration of the own accused. For nearly three hours answered to questions from the prosecutor about the case, and your defense attorney about her life in Burgos. Your testimony was very accurate in details, safe but confused and vague in the important. He remembered with total sharpness of the "macaroni with tuna" that they ate that day, but his voice became breathy and sollozante when the question was most uncomfortable. is Left holders incredible, as they left the t-shirt of Gabriel for that it would be discovered . As surprising revelations could only be, as it proved, one more of their many lies.

Two weeks of trial led to much. Dozens of witnesses went through the room of the Provincial court of Almeria to tell what they saw or discovered. Family, civil guards, and scientific experts have put against the ropes to a Ana Julia unperturbed. Only seemed to show the true feelings when his daughter Judith testified by videoconference. The accused was under the huge monitor of the room, almost touching the screen. A daughter who did not want to see his mother, but whose image came to his side.

Each day he repeated the same ritual at the end of the day. When the judge Dodero was completed each session, Ana Julia was included in his upholstered chair in red and showed the hands of the agents guarding her. Then, over the murmur of the audience emptied the hall could be heard clearly the rustling of a few wives clutching their dolls. Lasted a blink, it was barely perceptible, but at the same time he predicted a future that is not so different to your present . A hell that has built herself stone by stone, lie to lie.

The jury drank of the fountains of the office of the Prosecutor at the time of issuing its verdict. The role of Elena Fernandez in this case has been beyond reproach, with a great profusion of data, details and intentionality in every one of their questions to witnesses and accused. An almost artisanal, made with few means, without making any noise, but more complete than some doctoral theses.

Ana Julia heard the long verdict of the jury as if that's not outside with her. As in every session, it was with the back straight, arms relaxed, and the tired eyelids. Perhaps he expected, or maybe not wanted to look at the audience.

The parents of Gabriel, were present during the reading of the verdict.

If you looking for something that would indicate that Ana Julia felt something more than fatigue, has not been found . Quezada was not turned. The output Patricia and Angel said a few words to the media. "We have won", could be summed up. A victory sad about something that never should have happened.

at The same time, Ana Julia went back to the prison of El Acebuche. The van that he had put on the sirens and jumped all speed limits while motorcycles of the police, cut streets and roundabouts. Were in a hurry to end it all and leave the killer in a cell for the next twenty-five years.

Ana Julia has completed the trial as it began, remains an enigma wrapped in ice. is No one understands why you acted as you did, or what they hoped to get . Only the prosecutor Fernandez in his final allegation made in an exercise of empathy by putting oneself in the mind of the accused. "If I kill the child eliminated the emotional link between father and child and also the parent joint to the child, and so I can restart my relationship," she said, voice tense. Even if that is the reason of all this nightmare, if someone is able to get to those ends by pure selfishness, escapes all understanding.

Claudio Cerdán

Date Of Update: 22 September 2019, 01:01

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