Agency: Trump due $1M tax credit for Chicago skyscraper

A tax agency in Illinois has ruled that Donald Trump was entitled to a $1million refund on his 2011 tax bill. However, local officials are trying block the refund.

Agency: Trump due $1M tax credit for Chicago skyscraper

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that at issue is the Cook County Board of Review's estimation of the value of the the Trump International Hotel & Tower's rooms and retail space. The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board voted 5 to 1 in favor of lowering the assessment for the building's commercial properties.

Trump is now owed $1.03million by the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Property Taxes, and many other government agencies. In an attempt to block the refund, the Cook County State's attorney has filed a lawsuit at the Illinois Appellate Court.

This latest chapter is part of a long-running legal dispute over Trump's tax bills. It began more than 12 years ago, and has resulted in more than $14 Million in tax breaks for Trump. This dispute also involves a former president, who is currently involved in a number of legal battles, as well as a Chicago alderman, whose own legal problems have been making headlines in Chicago since months.

Alderman Edward M. Burke was indicted for federal charges of preventing businesses from receiving city permits if they didn't hire the former Klafter & Burke law firm. He has pleaded guilty and is currently awaiting trial.

It's been a long-running dispute about the high-rise building's tax bills. The state agency initially rejected Trump's argument about the value of the vacant stores because he couldn't find tenants to rent them. The state agency's hearing officer rejected Trump's claim that the vacant store at the building was of no value since he could not lease them. A staff member wrote later that Trump was entitled for a refund.

Trump's absence caused the agency to delay action on the case. In June, the agency voted to lower the assessment for the commercial property.

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