Bathing fun: cooling off for four-legged friends: why a dog pool is helpful in summer

Most dogs love to play with or swim in water.

Bathing fun: cooling off for four-legged friends: why a dog pool is helpful in summer

Most dogs love to play with or swim in water. However, there is a shortage of suitable bathing lakes, especially in big cities, so that the animals really have to struggle with the heat in the warm summer months - and that is not without risk: Above 35 degrees, dogs with particularly thick fur have problems cooling down their bodies. Your help is needed here. With a pet-friendly pool for the garden, terrace or balcony, for example, you can support your pet in the heat. In the following we present different models and tell you the most important (purchase) criteria.

1. GoStock

The GoStock dog pool is made from tough PVC composite fabric, which the manufacturer claims is non-toxic, durable and scratch-resistant. An additional wooden board (0.58 cm thick) was incorporated into the floor, which is intended to give the pool more stability. In addition, the material should be non-slip and wear-resistant, so that your pet cannot slip on it when jumping in. The construction works without an air pump, since the dog pool only has to be unfolded. The water can be drained off via a large valve.

2. Mindfulness

The Lunaoo dog pool also has additional reinforcement with a built-in fiber board. And the floor is also made of non-slip material, so your pet (or child) has a secure grip when jumping in. The pool can also be folded here to guarantee easy assembly and disassembly. Depending on the breed of the four-legged friend, a different size is recommended - in this case you can choose between S, L and XL, so that large dogs also fit in.

3. Zoofari

The dog pool from Zoofari, a Lidl brand, is available in the dimensions 120 x 30 centimeters and is also foldable. Thanks to the non-slip floor and stable wall construction, your four-legged friend should be able to bathe in it safely. It even comes with a carry/storage bag for safe transport and storage, as well as a repair kit (four patches and glue). The pool is made of elastic plastic and fiberboard, so it can be easily folded.

4. Toozey

The Toozey dog ​​pool is available in five different sizes and two different colours. Durable non-slip PVC (with industrial strength) was also used here to give the pool more stability. The pool can be folded and - according to the manufacturer - also easily cleaned. The basin empties in no time at all via a large drain valve. And should the material break anyway, the holes can be patched with the patches provided.

Even if most models hardly differ from each other - at least visually - you should consider the following (purchase) criteria before buying a dog pool:

The MaterialA normal paddling pool wouldn't stand up to your pet's claws for long, which is why a dog pool is (mostly) made of scratch-resistant and durable PVC. In addition, the floor should be reinforced and the material – at least on the ground – should be non-slip. So your four-legged friend can splash around in it as he pleases without damaging the pool.

The sizeSince most dogs jump into the pool unabashedly, the side walls should not only be stable - the height must also be chosen wisely before purchasing. Small dogs tend to need a low model in order to be able to jump in and out without any problems, while large dogs tend to need a high one. Not because they can jump higher, but because more water fits in.

Tip: To determine the ideal height of a dog pool, measure your dog from the lowest point under his stomach or chest to the ground.

The WeightFor the dog, it doesn't matter how heavy his pool is. However, if you have to set it up and take it down regularly, the weight is a significant factor - especially if you have to carry the dog pool over longer distances. Without water, most models weigh between three and five kilograms, which always depends on the manufacturer and the size of the dog pool.

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