Bavaria: Summer holidays cause traffic jams on the motorways

It will be the expected traffic jam weekend.

Bavaria: Summer holidays cause traffic jams on the motorways

It will be the expected traffic jam weekend. Now that there are school holidays all over Germany, drivers have to be patient on many roads. In the south, Autobahn 8 is the well-known focal point, but travelers will have to be patient elsewhere.

Munich (dpa / lby) - With Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the last two federal states have now started the summer holidays - and that is also noticeable on the streets. At the weekend, the ADAC reported traffic jams and slow traffic on the autobahns in Germany and in some neighboring countries. "It was the expected wave of travel," said a spokesman. The situation eased on Sunday.

Long traffic jams on the trunk roads had already occurred on Friday due to the start of the holiday season in southern Germany. A second wave of travel then came from Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, while those returning from vacation from Scandinavia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also ensured that the streets were full.

Traffic jams formed on Friday, among other things, on the Autobahn 7 near Nersingen: According to the ADAC, there was a half-hour delay here. On the A9 near Pfaffenhofen, drivers had to allow 40 minutes more - progress was slow here over a length of 16 kilometers. There were also multiple traffic jams on the A8: the travel from Munich to Salzburg was slow.

According to the car club, there were also larger traffic jams on Saturday in the north on the A1 between Bremen and Lübeck – over a distance of 20 kilometers. Traffic on the A7 in the direction of Hamburg was also slow. There were also increasing delays on the A24 between Kremmen and Neuruppin in Brandenburg: there was a 19-kilometre traffic jam here. Travelers again had to expect longer waiting times on the A8 - the travel between Munich and Salzburg caused traffic to slow down over a distance of 22 kilometers on Saturday.

According to the ADAC, the situation on the trunk roads eased on Sunday. Dense tourist traffic nevertheless led to sluggish traffic on the A1 in the direction of Hamburg: here the traffic between Seevetal-Hittfeld and Hamburg-Stillhorn came to a standstill over a length of twelve kilometers. Drivers on the A8 also had to reckon with longer waiting times - travel between the Hofoldinger Forst region and Bad Aibling in Upper Bavaria was slow to roll.

However, especially on Sunday afternoon, there are again many travelers on the streets, said the ADAC spokesman. Holidaymakers should therefore, if possible, start their journey in the early hours of the morning or switch to alternative routes.

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