Company. Switzerland: The first "yes" to all marriages

After waiting for several months, the first couple of same-sex was able to receive the ring this Friday in Switzerland.

Company. Switzerland: The first "yes" to all marriages

After waiting for several months, the first couple of same-sex was able to receive the ring this Friday in Switzerland. In a referendum held last September, the country adopted universal marriage.

Aline, 46, was one of the first brides. Laure, 45, was also among the first. They have been together for 21 years. Their marriage took place under the elegant molded ceilings at the Palais Eynard, Geneva. Aline and Laure, who travelled with around fifteen friends to the "seat of the city administration", held hands during the ceremony and exchanged vows nourished from their long-lasting relationship and their love. .

In Switzerland, it was time for marriage to be perfectly equal

Marie BarbeyChpuis, who was unable to attend the historic ceremony in person, said: "I now have to have the immense pleasure to announcing to you that your are officially married." According to tradition, the brides shook hands and received loud applause. Their gold rings, which were from their "registered partnerships" (Pacs France, Quebec civil union concluded in 2003) were kept by them.

It's very moving. It's a powerful moment and sends a strong message to society: love and acceptance are possible, the mayor said to AFP. She stressed that it was time for Switzerland to make marriage completely egalitarian, highlighting both the historical aspects of the country and the institution of marriage.

Aline and Laure were greeted by many journalists after the ceremony. "It's a wonderful moment, to be able put this in the history books, to have that visibility," explained Laure. He explained to his wife that while marriage for all took longer in Switzerland, but is now "done" and has a large majority of people saying yes.

In a referendum held on September 26, 2021 by the Swiss, the Swiss overwhelmingly voted yes to marriage for all. This result shattered the opposition (64.1%) who see it as a threat the Swiss' well-being. 'child. All of the country's cantons, even the most conservative, voted for it.

Switzerland was the last country in Western Europe that took the plunge. The Netherlands was the first country to do this in 2001. The new law grants them new rights. It allows same-sex couples to create a civil pact within the country, and permits them to adopt a child together.

We want to live our lives simply and as others do.

After unifying Aline and Laure and Xavier, the mayor of Geneva did so with Daniel, 54, an interior designer and Xavier (51, stylist). They have been together for 15 years and have worked together. "We know there is a section of the population that voted against marriage for all Editor's Note. We hope (...) that this will allow us to live our lives simply and like everyone else," a Xavier said to the media.

In a 19th-century living room, around 70 people were present, and the couple exchanged vows. Classical music played in the background. Arm in arm, the spouses embraced and enjoyed champagne and cake. "Thanks to Switzerland. Finally, the father of Xavier was launched.

Although homosexuality was made illegal in Switzerland in 1942, various municipalities and cantonal police maintained registers of homosexuals.

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