Derby County: Derby County fans are 'ecstatic!' club saved after takeover

Fans of Derby County have been praying for a miracle after months of uncertainty and turmoil.

Derby County: Derby County fans are 'ecstatic!' club saved after takeover

Fans of Derby County have been praying for a miracle after months of uncertainty and turmoil. The club now has a new owner, and is being saved from administration.

On Friday, the Rams' purchase by David Clowes, a local property developer, was completed. This ended a nine-month-long administration nightmare for League One club.

Mr Clowes is a Derby fan for over 50 years and has provided a loan to the club in order to help them start the next season.

Clowes Developments was his company that purchased the business. This happened after Chris Kirchner's proposed takeover collapsed.

Fans expressed their joy at the news that the transfer embargo was lifted, meaning that the club can sign new players.

Rich Orme (58), a season ticket holder who has been attending Derby County games for 54 year, said he was "ecstatic" to hear the announcement.

While on holiday with his family and friends in south France, Mr Orme and the son of his wife "jumped fully-clothed into their apartment's swimming pool" when he heard the news.

He told BBC News that he was "absolutely thrilled" "The last few months have been horrible. We have had a dark cloud over our heads for months and it has been unending.

"Everytime you feel like a deal is close to being completed, it hasn’t happened. It's amazing to finally see it through. It makes me so happy. It's like an immense weight has been lifted.

Originally from Derby, Mr Orme now lives in Shrewsbury and travels with his two sons, Archie (22 years old) and Harvey (20 years). He added that "We spent most of our holiday in France refreshing Twitter, and Friday afternoon I was completely defeated."

"The new owner seems to be a local guy and is a humble man." His statements sound very reassuring, and there don't seem any red flags. He will support the academy and get more people to learn football.

"Now, I am optimistic about the future and look forward to returning to Pride Park next year!"

Gemma Szrejder from Derby is "looking forward" to the club's future.

The 24-year old said, "I can't believe that it's actually happened." It was at that point when I thought there wouldn't be light at the end.

It's a great relief for Derby fans, staff and all those associated with the club. I look forward to the future and the possibility of rebuilding from the mess left by the previous owners.

"It doesn't matter what league we are in next season, just knowing that the club will be safe is all that matters.

"I cannot wait to be able to see friends again and have a half-time beer in the stadium next year. Thank you, Mr David Clowes!"

Sunil Jalporte was at Edgbaston for the cricket on Friday, and was constantly checking his phone to see the latest updates.

The 36-year old said, "I am so relieved. It didn't seem possible with each passing deadline. It was quiet for most of the day, but it is great to finally hear the good news.

"In general, we are pleased with the news over the last few days. However, it was not what we expected on Thursday. It is amazing to finally see it through.

"Now it's time to start planning for next season. It will be fascinating to see what plans are being made behind closed doors now that the takeover is complete.

There are rumours of certain players being lined-up, but for now having a club to support it is the most important thing.

"It feels like the club can finally move forward now, and I look forward to the next season. This will give the club an enormous boost."

Isaac Hanlon (23), who travels from Stafford to Pride Park, stated: "After what feels as the longest 10 months in my life, this was one of the most memorable days for me as a Derby County supporter."

"I have hated football for the past one year. Now I can't wait until Pride Park to see them again without worrying that it may be the last time they play."

David Clowes bought the club, Mr Hanlon said that he was delighted to buy it. He is an avid supporter of the club.

He said, "I'm so glad we've been purchased by a local owner who knows the club inside and out."

It's a shame that this has come at such a high cost in time and resources. We've also lost some promising players as well as our manager. It's now time to look forward and into the future.

After a string of financial difficulties, Mel Morris, the former owner, placed the Rams into administration in September 2021.

It was costly for staff to wait for new ownership. The Rams were also hit with points penalties, which resulted in their relegation from Championship.

Wayne Rooney left then three days before pre-season began. Only five players from the first team are still on the books for next season due to financial restrictions.

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