Eric Adams, winner of the Democratic primary to become New York City's mayor, pledged Wednesday to lead the city into a new era in safety and prosperity.


Adams stated that New York will be a model for America's cities, on CBS This Morning. "Because it is run by someone who knows how to manage this city. I'm a leader.

Adams, the Brooklyn borough president beat a large Democratic field to win New York's first major race that used ranked choice voting. The latest tabulations revealed that Adams was ahead of Kathryn Garcia, the former city sanitation commissioner, by 8,426 votes. This is just over 1 percentage point.

The race for Adams was based on the results of the June 22 primary mail-in ballots that were added Tuesday to the vote count by the Associated Press.

Garcia conceded Wednesday to Adams and Maya Wiley, a civil-rights attorney, was third in the primary vote total.

If Adams wins the November general election, Adams will become the nation's second Black mayor.

Adams, 60, a moderate Democrat, opposes the "defund police" movement, but acknowledges the reality of abuse, such as he faced as a teenager, when he was beaten up by officers.

Adams stated on CBS that Adams was assaulted and arrested after being taken into custody. Adams said on CBS that Adams didn't say "Woe is Me" but instead, "Why not me?" I was a police officer. I am a victim of crime and understand the abuses committed by police officers. I know how to turn New York around, as well as America, around.

Adams was asked what he would tell officers angry about calls for defunding of their departments. Adams replied, "I say this to my officers. If you don’t want to be out on the streets any more, then get off mine streets." Adams also said that if they didn't like government's actions, it wouldn't matter if you weren't going to protect my citizens. "No."

He said, "I'm going have the best officers." They'll have my back, but I'm going to have their backs."

Adams is expected to win the general election against Republican Curtis Sliwa, despite the fact that Democrats are 7 to 1.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2021, 18:46

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