Naomi Judd is the country music matriarch of The Judds and has died at 76

Naomi Judd, a member of country music duo The Judds that won numerous Grammys, has died at 76.

Naomi Judd is the country music matriarch of The Judds and has died at 76

Naomi Judd, a member of country music duo The Judds that won numerous Grammys, has died at 76.

Judd's two daughters, Wynonna Judd (country singer) and Ashley Judd (actress), confirmed the death of the artist in a statement issued on Saturday. "Today, we sisters suffered a tragedy. They released a statement saying that they lost their beautiful mother to the illness of mental illness. We are devastated. We are going through profound grief. However, we know that her public loved us as much as she loved us. We are still in uncharted territory."

Naomi Judd was a member and performer of The Judds together with Wynonna. She performed as one the most popular mother-daughter acts of country music until the late 1990s when the group stopped performing. Some of the Judds' greatest hits include 1984's "Mama He's crazy", which was awarded their first Grammy Award. 1985's"Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days") and 1990's"Love Can Build a Bridge" were also winners.

Last year, The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. They were scheduled to be inducted on Sunday. A final tour was also announced by the group, which is scheduled to start in September. Judd stated that the fans were always my family of choice in a statement to announce the tour. "I love them very much, so I'm eager to belt out our hits again and reconnect with them."

Naomi Judd was born Diana Ellen Judd in Ashland on January 11, 1946. Wynonna was born the week after her high school graduation. In the mid 1960s she moved to Los Angeles, according to the New York Times. There, she worked as a model, secretary, and then returned to Kentucky with her other daughter Ashley. Wynonna and she began singing casually together.

Wynonna Judd explained to Scott Simon that it was "a natural progression of Mom listening to my voice and humming along," Wynonna said. "All of the sudden, before I even know what's happening, she has attached her vocally to my voice, and it's almost as if we're one."

In 1979, the family moved to Nashville, Tenn. Wynonna and Naomi pursued music careers. Judd stated that they moved into a motel and all slept in the same room and ate crackers and bologna. Judd and Naomi signed a deal at RCA Records in 1984. The Judds rose quickly to stardom in country music thanks to their strong mother-daughter relationship, striking red hair, and harmony vocals. Between 1984 and 1991, the group released six studio albums, earning 20 Top Ten hits and five Grammy Awards. They also received nine Country Music Association awards.

After Naomi Judd was diagnosed as having hepatitis C, the Judds stopped performing in 1990s. Wynonna took a solo career. Judd stated to NPR that doctors had all predicted that he would die within three years. This was 1990. "I told them that I was not going to kick the bucket. I feel very healthy, vibrant, and happy.

They performed together occasionally over the years, most recently at 2022 CMT Awards when they sang "Love Can Build A Bridge". Naomi Judd started writing self-help books for children and adults in her later years.

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