Police end their investigation into harassment claims against Patrick Grady

An investigation by police into sexual harassment allegations against Patrick Grady, a Glasgow MP, has been canceled.

Police end their investigation into harassment claims against Patrick Grady

An investigation by police into sexual harassment allegations against Patrick Grady, a Glasgow MP, has been canceled.

After newspapers reported that officers were going to examine claims against Mr Grady, Mr Grady resigned from his SNP membership.

After speaking with the victim, police have concluded that they will not take any further action.

BBC Scotland reached out to the SNP for comments.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed last week that the allegation of sexual assault was made on 22 Juni and submitted online by a third-party.

The incident concerned an incident that occurred in October 2016, at Folgate Street, London.

A spokesperson for the force said that officers had conducted inquiries and spoken to the victim. At this point, there will be no more police action.

After he was found out to have made a sexual advances to a teenager SNP staff member, the Glasgow North MP was removed from parliament for two days.

The party's former chief whip said to the House of Commons that he was "profoundly regrettable" after an independent panel discovered that he touched and stroked his colleague's neck, hair, and back during a 2016 social event at a London bar.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that the SNP's Westminster Group had questions to answer about its handling of Mr Grady's harassment complaint.

Ms. Sturgeon stated that she had confidence in Ian Blackford, her party's Westminster leader, but added that a victim who doesn't feel supported was "by definition unsupported".

It was suggested that Mr Grady be suspended from Parliament for two days. However, it became clear that Mr Blackford had asked his party's MPs "give as much support to the MP as possible" after audio of a meeting of the SNP group was leaked to The Daily Mail.

Later, Mr Grady's victim told BBC Scotland that his party was trying to close ranks and discredit him to minimize the fallout from this case. They were more interested in finding out the source of the audio leak than in addressing the issues it raised.

He dismissed Mr Blackford’s apology for what was said at the meeting and his "regret” that the victim felt unsupported, as a "cop-out" and a “publicity stunt” that was done in order to protect the politician’s reputation.

Responding, Mr Blackford stated that he would meet with the victim and added: "If the complainant feels hurt, then I am sorry."

It wasn't clear exactly what Patrick Grady meant when he said that he had "stepped out" of the party.

Did he suspend himself or end his membership? This could have been a significant difference in the admission process, should he wish to be re-admitted.

If Grady continues to be on the outside, it will spell doom for his Westminster career. The next general election candidate selection is expected soon.

SNP members will be happy that the investigation was completed quickly and without any further action. However, this is not the end of the matter. An external review of party's complaints process has been promised.

Opposition politicians condemned the handling.

Craig Hoy, MSP of the Scottish Conservatives, said that it was appalling that Nicola Sturgeon or Ian Blackford still treat a disgraced MP more sympathetically than the victim of sexual harassment.

Ian Blackford should also be fired, Mr Hoy said. "So victims can have confidence that they will be taken seriously in future."

Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, also demanded that Mr Blackford resign.

He stated that Ian Blackford had never shown any leadership.

"He supported Patrick Grady with all his heart, but he did not support the victim. He allowed SNP whips act menacingly and used intimidation to intimidate him. Ian Blackford must be fired."

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