Reshuffle: The triple puzzle that awaits Macron & Borne

After the time for consultations, the trial-by-fire: Emmanuel Macron, Elisabeth Borne will reshuffle their government.

Reshuffle: The triple puzzle that awaits Macron & Borne

After the time for consultations, the trial-by-fire: Emmanuel Macron, Elisabeth Borne will reshuffle their government. This is a delicate exercise that takes into account the results from the legislative elections...and thorny personal matters.

After two weeks of being unable to vote in legislative elections, which saw it lose its absolute majority, the Assembly's Assembly must now be reelected. The executive must get on the right track and keep its promise to the French that it would act swiftly for their purchasing power. What is the promise? A "Government of Action" This Friday, July 1, a heavyweight in government elicited the need for above all "competent ministers" who can "mastery parliament" and where compromises can be made. What are the facts? It will cause a triple headache to the executive...

Jupiter warned them: Four ministers from the Borne government were to leave after they lost in the legislative election. Three women were struck by fate: Amelie De Montchalin at Ecological Transformation, Brigitte Bourguignon, Health, and Justine Benin, Sea. His ministry was taken over by the National Assembly presidency. The result is that not only must the executive find replacements, but also the parity of his government has been severely damaged. Two of the four ministries, Health and Ecological Transition, also promise to be at the forefront from the very beginning (or even the first weeks). The five-year term. Casting will be closely monitored.

It is not only parity that will be examined, but also the balance between forces, or the political mix. An executive who is having difficulty in the National Assembly will attempt to find a position on his right with Philippe Juvin (ex-candidate for the LR primary for Health). Or, on the left, an EELV who is ready to join Ecology's majority?

If the president wants to keep loyal followers, he can always count upon the unfilled positions in the bag to fill the gap: Housing, Industry and Transport, Citizenship, Digital Citizenship, Tourism, or Rurality are all available positions for Ministers or Secretaries of State that are waiting to find happy takes!

Open to opposition...and assure partners! Even if Emmanuel Macron is unable to get an absolute majority in Assembly, it's because he has the MoDem (48 Deputies) or the Horizons party by Edouard Philippe (28) to count on. At the risk of becoming rebels within the majority, partners will need to be taken care of in the composition and operation of the government.

These cases will not be easy to resolve. It is more difficult than ever to decide whether Damien Abad should be kept in Solidarity while the Paris prosecutor's offices opens an investigation into attempted rape following a complaint by a woman against him regarding alleged events at a party in 2010. The ex-LR's entourage, which was a choice taker on the right (nothing more than the boss of the LR deputy members in the Assembly during previous magistracy), let us know this Friday that he was "fully to his job".

The situation is extremely critical because it is paired with the case against Secretary of State Chrysoula Zigaroulou, a gynecologist-by-profession, which was subject to three complaints: two for rape, and one for "gynecological abuse".

After receiving two rape allegations against Chrysoula Zigaropoulou, the Paris prosecutor's Office opened an investigation. According to "Marianne", the weekly that reported the case, the alleged acts were committed while she was practicing her profession of gynecologist. Brigade for the repression delinquency against persons (BRDP) was entrusted with the investigation.

In a press release, her lawyer sent to AFP last Friday, the Secretary of State stated that "the serious accusations against me, relating medical clinical examinations performed in order to diagnose the disease of my patients were unacceptable and revolting".

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