Review of 'Monsters at Work Episodes 1 and 2

Many Pixar films have received follow-ups or had their fans asking for them. 2001's Monsters, Inc.

Review of 'Monsters at Work Episodes 1 and 2

is a rare distinction in Pixar’s catalog. It fits into both of those categories. It did get a prequel with Monsters University but it took 20 years and a streaming platform for the audience to see what happened in Monstropolis. Monsters at Work appeared, and it was there. Will Pixar's true first series scare viewers away? Or does it stay the landing? Let's see!

Monsters at Work starts right where Monsters, Inc. left it. It follows its story one day after the power plant changed its source of power from screams into laughs. The first episode features Tylor Tuskman (Ben Feldman), a man who only wants to scare Monsters Inc. He realizes that scaring is no longer the best way to go and he decides to visit the Monsters Incorporated Facilities Team. He meets a bunch of misfits, and the story continues. The second episode sees Tylor trying escape MIFT from a strange initiation ritual that scares him (kinda ironic, isn’t it?). The factory situation causes Tylor's efforts to stop at a halt. Tylor is forced to reevaluate his decision on whether he wants to stay with the group.

It's an understatement to say I was excited about Monsters at WorkMonsters, Inc. is among my top five Pixar films, while Monsters University has been severely underrated. Despite this, I was concerned about the content and structure of Monsters at Work as it would be Pixar's first foray into episodic formats. These concerns were both a spinoff and a sequel and they weighed heavily on my initial excitement for the show. I was able to temper my expectations. I'm happy to report that these concerns disappeared almost as soon as the show began.

It was like I was five again. I was instantly glued to my TV. It's always fun to go back to the worlds that you grew up with. I was elated by the callbacks and the show's introduction. I was able to get over the initial nostalgia of seeing everyone again, but I also remembered another concern: How will the series use Mike (Billy Crystal), and Sulley(John Goodman). There was always the possibility of seeing familiar faces, even with all the new characters. It is up to you to decide if they are a good fit and worth your emotional investment. The answer is, thankfully, a resounding "YES!"

From what these episodes show, Mike and Sulley appear to be playing supporting roles throughout the series. It seems to be working well so far. It was a perfect balance of the original cast and the new cast. The new cast is also impressive in the first two episodes. Tylor Tuskman is a captivating character. The animation is another aspect that isn't surprising. It retains the same style as the original Monsters, Inc., but has been updated with some important areas.

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